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Angel Miguel

But, the gift, worries us the future, or constrange us passed. Therefore the basic virtue is the aptitude to live the current moment fully: That your proper being in the action, as the mother is in the son: either this your word regarding the virtue! ' ' (BARRENECHEA, of Angel Miguel. Nietzsche and Freedom P. […]

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For the profit of the goals and objectives in our lives, congruence between which tenth, we thought and we do he is essential. When what you say it does not agree and so beams you lose energy, you lose credibility. When what you ask to him to the Universe with your words this misty reason […]

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Decorate Small Departments

Curtains for you! You do not have to live with blinds standard. Year a dramatic touch and obtains more comfortable atmospheres with the curtains. It takes into account the tricks that can do with the curtains so that its space is seen greater. It even hangs them outside the window or where there are no […]

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The Trajectory

The trajectory of Zulma Lobato in the world of the chimento, began in a cable channel of the news. By his bad image and terrible performance in the song one became pearlite of almost all the dedicated programs to collect the peculiarities of tele. The last week, the journalist of spectacles Susana Roccasalvo in its […]

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If not yet you have no plan for September, you do not lose the Merc, supervisory celebration of Barcelona. This celebration, that dismisses of explosive form the summer and gives the welcome to the autumn, goes back to 1871 and takes place every year the 24 of September. The Merc is a festival of festivales. […]

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