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In the Dallas area there are many talent agencies representing some of the best talent in the United States, working hard to find jobs for their clients.

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Carlos Hernandez

When the clock gives the four in the morning, tamborileros and flautistas disguised of ” charivari” they start up with night lights put in the head. The night of Tuesday is spent mainly to ” Guggemuusige” , that fills the city with their unexpected cacophonies. In the city of Basel we found one of most […]

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Assessorship Director

The Director will take the demonstration for the patio of fbrica.’ ‘ Of: Head of Production Stops: Master ‘ ‘ In the friday, to the 17 hours, the Director, for the first time in 78 years, goes to appear in the refectory of the plant to film Halley, the famous scientist and its team naked. […]

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Perpassados for the cold sword of the capitalism. Reduced mere the parts of reproduction and the famous and tipsy consumers. Mutilated so that let us fit in this system Space for the integral man does not exist. We live the time of the reducionismo. The time of ‘ ‘ it makes of conta’ ‘ of […]

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