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Younger Students

Based on extensive experience with children of preschool and school age, I came to the conclusion that the preschooler, and sometimes 1-2 classes a student is very difficult to take course material and to be almost stationary able tool for 45 minutes lesson. Baby-preschooler gets tired quickly when performing tasks that can easily handle at […]

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Different Amulets

Many people use amulets it good luck to attract positive spiritual energy. Here we will mention some of the amulets more used by people worldwide: 1. Crystal. One thinks that certain materials, as the natural crystal increases positive the energy spiritual, therefore the amulets for the good luck or the symbols done of this material […]

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Alternative Society

For a composer who made a called music ‘ ‘ The Nmeros’ ‘ , citing diverse numbers as if the same ones they invaded the sertes of our conscience, provoking hallucinations, perhaps had something emblematic also in number 21, by the way, it also made a called music Century XXI. But as well as it […]

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Diverse Factors

Therefore the character is formed through diverse factors, such as the trends, social and physiological factors and is revealed by the man, voluntarily, in sight of the values for it received or elaborated. The manifest character through social activities, with moral and ethical implications. When the individual is deceptive, steals, sequestra, kills, among others, shows […]

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