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While large companies fell at the end of the nineties regarding their people management strategies, the vision that emerges from the thirteenth annual survey of CEOs of PricewaterhouseCoopers, presented in Davos, suggests that the Presidents and CEOs of companies are giving priority in their agendas to issues closely related to the human factor, as a means for recovery and growth. The research, based on in-depth interviews with 1,198 executives from 52 countries, detected some areas particularly affected by the recession, weak. In this sense, the vast majority of the consulted CEOs, namely 79% of them, claimed to that they will review the way in which their organizations have managed its human capital during the economic crisis-induced change. The motivation of the employees was a factor mentioned by 75% of respondents, as an area where investment should be increased and that needs to be reinforced. 59% Said it would make changes aimed at more flexible working hours, while 55% would revise their mobility patterns in terms of your personal travel, per diem, international commissions, etc. While the vast majority of Presidents and CEOs who were consulted believes that the existence of a talented work force, professional and well qualified is something critical to maintain the future competitiveness of their companies, only 20% of them, thinks that its management has been effective in this regard and that it has contributed to the creation of a skilled workforce.

Other findings released earlier, showed that more than 39% of the consulted CEOs, recognized the importance of having the right people in the right job and hoped to increase its payroll in the next 12 months. Having said this, 48% of them stated however, having reduced the number of employees over the past year. On the other hand, and as a recognition of the new skills required in emerging environments, more than 77% of them, intends to increase its investment in training and development. In this sense, raise some questions about whether human capital managers are prepared to properly advise their organizations during and after an economic recovery. For this is necessary to convert to human resource management as a strategic business partner and break with his role operating / administrative. Know the business environment, figures that are handled, final customers who are services or products, but before everything, know and live the strategic planning of the company to be able to design effective actions that generate alignment and synergy between all people, to the corporate strategy.

Life Under Control

A productive life is a true reflection of a purpose strong and adhering to the will of an individual. Our everyday perception of events indicates that the circumstances of a man in this universe are changing and always offer challenges and unforeseen situations. Precisely because of this many people go through a temporary disorientation and rather than dig in on a specific purpose as few goals and objectives is concerned, allow that an apparent conspiracy of events are removed from the game leaving those weak purposes that went to a certain place and end up partially or totally abandoning dreams and many of them are committed to suffer a serious depression. In previous articles define our mind as the composition of two fundamental parts which are: the conscious part that through the five senses takes recognition of the medium that I live and whose fundamental function is to think and our unconscious or subconscious part which is formally defined as a program of repeated thoughts and acts and/or intense emotions that executes actions in any human being and which obliges follow them doing. Well the unconscious part as indicates this definition atua as head of our behavior and controls our actions and reactions to events and events of daily life in more than 95%. For this reason although life give us from the outside or better say outside of our mind a wide range of positive or negative developments finally is in us pass by them by selecting the best that we can offer and discarding what they want us to affect our behavior and our emotional and mental peace. Every day we’re getting a series of information in words, images, sounds and feelings. But much of this information is unintentional. I.e. of the media: tv, radio, newspapers, and negative people that influence our environment ambient work, personal and family.


The theme of the wealth has been a quite controversial topic because for years has been considered that prosperity is almost synonymous with sin for many people, this has caused many people to have feelings of guilt preventing them to experience a life full of material achievements. It is mentioned that some people relate poverty almost as a virtue, that is a wrong concept, and while you follow with this partnership its life will be destined to experience shortages. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt you learn the essential concepts so that you can get rid of sins that prevent a lifetime of material achievements, by reading this book you will learn techniques that will enable you to act with great power and thus achieve all of the goals you want. that this is vital information. Education plays a crucial role to achieve that people practice concepts that will help them to have a consciousness of abundance, the problem has been that current teachings are not geared to transmit to people timely knowledge that enable them to real triumphs. As second factor see the attitude, this is transcendental, without attitude and desire for change, we are not facing the possibility of improving our lives, for example I have visited rural areas of my country and I find that people has large plots in their homes that have no crops or fruit trees, vegetables, or basic grains and have over 30 years of living in that placeWe also see the dirt, if we seek labor for certain activities is not quiet many people in their homes, pitifully in underdeveloped countries has been with appalling practices of everything giving people for nothing, this is a harmful practice, persons become dependent and do not want to make any effort to get out of the situation in which they are, this is not a generalized assertion because also be hardworking people and they really want to overcome and no doubt succeed. .


THE DANCE OF THE DOVES. SELECTED BY CONTEST INTERNATIONAL FOR POETS AND CONTEMPORARY STORYTELLERS 2007 ANTHOLOGY PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE FOUR WINDS. Buenos Aires 2007. Lili revolved, her skirt curled like the wings of doves who continued their vertiginous warpage. Their hands they fell light sowing the seeds that would feed the more astute and hasty.

Those moments were the happiest day, then came the obligations of the orphanage, the toilet, studies, rigid discipline. The only thing that disturbed in its flight of freedom was the gaze of a beggar who used to curl up in the driveway that gave to the courtyard of the convent and looked at her shocked. The image of Lili giving feed the pigeons while executing his dance from an ungraspable and mysterious music fascinated him. But she was still with her ritual, knew that it was harmless. When the church bells sounded at noon ended the magic of the game. Father Jaime was down from the Tower, where it had its rooms, took her hand and together they were going to the meeting of the other orphan, it was time for lunch. The beggar felt that opacaba the Sun, the day was losing its luster, pigeons no longer danced, wandered without direction, emitting irritating sounds to then take shelter on the roof of the orphanage and the dome of the Church. The years passed, the beggar saw the splendor of the girl in his youth, their games with the pigeons seemed a beautiful painting of the spring. But there was something discordant in this series of images that he had observed for years, when father Jaime came to find it already not took her hand and she conveyed the rigidity of a statue, submissive I was going along with him, the darkness of the day began at that moment.

Mushroom Sauce

Very good day greetings to all, he was looking for a good recipe and after finding it I wanted to share with you, is why today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for gnocchi in mushroom sauce, an excellent choice to learn how to cook easy recipes and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 6 to 8 people. Ingredients for the recipe for gnocchi in mushroom sauce: gnocchi dough 1 kilo of boiled potato 1 pinch of grated nutmeg 2 tablespoons salt 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups of sauce bechamel 100 grams of dried mushrooms 1 egg preparation of gnocchi recipe at mushroom sauce: in a bowl, place made cooked potato pureeAdd flour, egg, nutmeg, salt, knead well and form rolls not so thick, that are cut into pieces of two fingers wide, more or less. Pass the fork to form hairlines, then add them in boiling water and when begin to float to remove them. Add the dried mushrooms previously hydrated, chopped or blended to the bechamel sauce. Mix well. Serve with the sauce, Sprinkle cheese, it can be accompanied with grated cheese. Sauces recipes, are a few of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy delicious easy recipes as the sauces for meat and the ribs with barbecue sauce.

Classical Ballet

Dance is the most beautiful expression of the man and one of the most sensitive within the disciplines of art, arises from the beginnings of the human being as an element of their rituals and ceremonies divine, so we understand a medium in which it is expressed both his feelings as needs to say something and a search. First as an offering to their gods and commemoration events in primitive life, dance has been always reflecting what happens to man as a being within a space, tribe, village, city, country, continent, was, etc, of their customs within a set of people that dance is culture of groups of people. But it is also at the same time (as mentioned at the top of this text) and why, talven a discipline of art, reflection and mirror of what happens to the interior and spiritual world of every human being. Expressing and releasing the feelings of every being with the opinion of the body. This dance always in all epochs of the evolution of the history of man, from the time primitive as we have mentioned, time Antigua, half time, contemporary era until today, living par wing with the changes of man this dance with him and clear also taking various changes in herself.

Already with the Greeks appear the first signs of dance as an enjoyment and goze to observe, the first dancers to say somehow, at the end of middle ages with rey Luis XV sets to place highest of all Classical Ballet (that is born in the Renaissance in Italy) with this fact leaves a throne for the cmo classical ballet dance more beautiful and prevailing by a few centuries, place that was changing over time, but until now, and recognize other dances to ballet as the basis of all the dances, so it was born as a response to so much beauty in the contemporary era and as a nearest amanner and real of what happens to the man dance contemporana and expresano more the reality of life that it offers classical ballet. Must not set aside not forget that inside toso these sucesoso and in time emerge the other dances as important as the mentioned jazz, hip hop, break dance, salsa, merengue, tango, tap, etc. Dancing for the man is a gift, which seeks expression and Liberation, want to always dance and is one of the forms of goze and most pleasant happiness along with be a reflection of our history on mankind. In order to understand more about how to make nueas friends, we invite you to visit this page: all about dance and dance

Thoughts Of Abundance

Abundance of having more than enough, I rough everything called love, peace, money, harmony, health, etc. Not just thinking, but feeling them that are a truth for you. It is making a habit replaced a thought not wanted, by one desired; Remember that what most think is what you get as a result. The mind does not express mere thoughts, but its conclusions or mental belief for example repeat and continually affirm the sentence of all men are equal or are all infidels, believe it or not, you’re doing yours in thinking about it, and it expresses your experience, ie you have experiences of infidelity. I invite you to not participate in that kind of comments and changes to the correct direction as I love thinking that my partner wants me, me values and respects all moment has more strength than the opposite. In the case of love when you’re waiting to meet a couple in, keep in your master thought thinking that my ideal partner is already in my experience, is an extraordinary being who loves me as I am, with whom I share moments of happiness and well-being until you feel the presence of that someone at your side. Do not put you name, it will only be present and you know it to identify.

To feel strength in health, I have absolute dominion over my body experience, I know and I feel that my body works perfectly in line with my feelings of good is important that what you think is the same thing you do, to obtain the correct result. If you just think about it, you don’t feel it and also you’re repeating all that you feel bad, it is obvious that the reason will take as truth what more repeat and that’s what you’ll experience. We are individuals of habits, then considered to be making a habit thinking correct you, when you walk step-by-step repeated mentally I have, I can I have, I can I have, I can the insistence and persistence will enter into your feeling, to convince you that you have and you can. If you feel distressed and although appearances show an uproar and confusion, have confidence I just cannot express the good in all times all is peace and harmony in me in this whole situation I know that there is something good for me. When there is a little doubt, it is because you have fear of not achieving it, delete it confirming that you all can and there is nothing that opposes the good you are. Please present your issues you manage them, you are not dependent on third parties. And this holds true for all because we are individuals = individual. The thoughts of abundance works only when you want the good and right thing, because it is the only thing that exists as real. Please, check it.

Net Globe Alexander

The composer and singer of success Alexander Saucers were born in Uberlndia, Minas Gerais, in 8 of January of 1976. Its career had beginning in 1989, when it mounted together with its brother Fernando and its Juliano cousin the group Alone Pra Contrariar, also known as SPC. Moreover, the singer is son of musicians. The first album of the band was called ' ' That Amor&#039 Is called; ' after diverse successes, the SPC had great repercussion, also in some Latin countries. With all exposition, Alexander Saucers was invited by Gloria Estefan to record music ' ' Santo&#039 saint; '. After much success to the side of the band and seven records, Alexander initiated its alone career in 2001.

Its first album if called ' ' It is For Amor' ' gained a version in Portuguese and Spaniard. The work was more come back toward an international career. The song ' ' Usted If Me Llev There Vida' ' if it became sonorous track of the novel Port of the Miracles, of the Net Globe, relieving to the singer still more success. For not obtaining to conciliate the alone work and Alone the Pra To oppose, Alexander left the group in 2002. After the Grammy of 2002 for ' ' Engineering of Som' ' prize in the Latin Music Awards of ' ' Better Artist of the Ano' ' in 2001. The album ' ' My Life My Msica' ' it was launched. In 2003, it worked world-wide with ' ' Estrella Guia' ' , that it counted on the participation of Alejandro Sanz in one of the bands.

At the same time, the artist sang ' ' Girl of Ipanema' ' for George W. Bush in the commemoration of the month of Hispanic Independence in the United States. In way the great success in some places it world, Alexander launched ' ' In High; ' , in 2004 e, later, in 2005, ' ' My Samba' '. In the year of 2007, &#039 carried through a dream with the album; ' intitled the Un dolo' ' , composition only for musics of Julio Iglesias. COMPACT DISC and DVD ' ' In Casa' ' it was launched in 2008. Two years later, ' ' More Alm' ' &#039 gains prominence with its songs; ' I Am the Samba' ' , ' ' Who is Voc' ' ' ' Error meu' '. The album had its continuation with ' ' More Beyond – To the Vivo' '. Very talentoso, the Mineirinho, as well as is known, makes one deserved success in some places of the world. If to want to know more regarding its career, enter in a site of letters of musics as and see all the letters of musics of Alexander Saucers.