Talent Human

Pay attention to your inner life so that you can guide you for intuition, rather than interpretations imposed from the outside about what you want or don’t want. A good management fully aware, which represents the human capital of the company, the human talent that it manifests itself and therefore must be very careful that this is not wasted, wasted, as much in the companies in the country, especially in SMEs. Hence, our interest that tracked over the company, its management with this responsibility and is known to use capital properly human having. Respect of that Gabriela Toro who opts to specializing in quality management and productivity of the University of Carabobo Faces says, the challenge faced with this reality, is not based on a mere measurement and monitoring, should develop tools, techniques, models, systems and philosophies of work enabling responsible for training to achieve real human capital management and develop the talent that the organisation has, What sometimes is limited to a change of name of the area, leaving aside the fundamental structural part of this new philosophy of development for staff. Adds bull in your opinion, which remember, that Human Capital is the set of knowledge, attitude and skills aptitudinales that a person possesses, and personally, I qualify it in two: 1. Human Capital in use, which is the one with which the person produces a benefit that pays him off economically. 2 Human capital potential, that is used unless it generates no economic benefit, however, is livelihood of human capital of use. Human talent is that capital that produces or is capable of producing, through daily operations or innovation, the highest benefits for both the person and the company which offers its services. Be considered, that organizations have sacrificed the experience accumulated by having people who have lower salaries and this increases the hidden costs, understanding these as one who is reflected as an expense that is rise, due to waste, rework (commonly not quantified), hours extras (even those that are not paid staff), poor organizational climate, low coverage of fulfillment of the job profiles.

New Millionaires

Statistics tell us that every day they arrive to the new web surfers with a desire to enter into this wonderful world and with the conviction of convertirsen in the new millionaires in the network, since this platform moves billions of dollars a year and each day grows with more strength, but most arrive with a band in the eyes and very probably direct iran to failurethey pose no strategies, they do not investigate enough market niche, do not investigate on how the advertising world on the internet, without knowing that there is infinite powerful tools, believing that it is just to do and already, and don’t you know that when the web is ready it is when the real work begins and why many fail in the attempt, others are bored of not seeing the results. Else fijarsen in beautiful or ugly that can be leaving aside the internal and external optimization that many designers are totally unaware, not indexed your pages in search engines, they do nothing to position themselves, and believe me there are plenty of powerful tools for monetizing your website either sponsored or free. We came with very good business ideas but we don’t know how proporcinarlas to be esparsan as a virus and can enjoy a quality of absolute life, rookies well investigated its market, seek expert advise them, tools are quite economic electronics that help us to enlarge the panorama, and very fast place to shoot your business online on autopilot. JULIAN BOLAnOS original author and source of the article.

Discovering New Talents

It was held in Barcelona Gamelab, a cycle of conferences and exhibitions that serves as meeting for major developers of video games. Many of the representatives have made Scouts looking for talent. The most sought after profiles are young newly hatched design or study of professional and specialized graduate with work experience. Gamelab is much more than a cycle of conferences and exhibitions for gamers. It is a meeting with representatives of major developers, who often act as Scouts in search of young talents in the game programming, the dream of many who grew up to the sound of the ocarina from The Legend of Zelda or the psychedelic world of Super Mario Bros. Ubisoft Barcelona has tapped the fair to collect resumes of attendees looking for an opportunity to devote himself to his passion, as in David, producer of Ubisoft Spain has stated: we have some vacancies that we want to cover, but we also seek to take advantage of meetings like this for discovering new talent.

The profiles most sought to enter the video game industry are young newly hatched design or study of professional and specialized graduate with work experience. Essential Darnes requirement is quite clear: passion for video games, since it is a discipline to which spends too much time, so there must be motivation beyond money. An industry complicated there who believes that the reality of the industry is a little different, and that experience takes precedence over the interest or training. Daniel Alonso, a student of Pompeu Fabra, has commented that engage in the creation of video games is complicated: no experience do not give you work and if you don’t work you don’t have experience. For this reason, many students who want to steer its future employment in this industry, created a video game as a project of end of study that serves as a professional business card. Microsoft has also tapped Gamelab to open doors to self-taught developers futures with the publication of a kit to create applications for Kinect. Given its popularity, it has launched a contest open until August 17, with the prize of a visit to the Microsoft campus in Seattle (USA).UU.). Source of the news: discovering new talent in video games