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Alexander Nemtsov

NEMETS and is now considered one of the most respected and "fashionable" today neofitsioznyh performers. ITS IN THEIR There is a well-founded belief that the V. and A. Nemec Voronezh originally stood on the very simple positions: in his case they have always been fans of their business, they are always the most important thing […]

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Profitable Blogs

In recent years, have become very popular to use blogs. Look at what is happening on the Internet. One in three tries to create a blog. A public people such as singers and politicians consider the blog one of the elements its image. In step with the times is the president of Russia, who also […]

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A Painful Return

Antonio is now 25 years old and all weekends must travel to a city in the interior of the country to play at a tourist restaurant with a musical ensemble (Creole) to accompany singers both from the capital and the place. Antonio travels with the musical ensemble that touches on the premises and that is […]

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The Maccabeas

When Antoco III, the Great one, wins the armies of the Ptolomeus, the Jews of apiam it to Jerusalem in this fight, according to Flvio Josefo1. The selucida party in Jerusalem is stronger of what the ptolomaico. Therefore, Jerusalem is contemplated a decree of Antoco III, in 197 B.C., that contains the following specifications: That […]

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Approaching Earth

And behold, one day, he did it. Fast forward to summer afternoon July 2007. E (Ye), the now 19-year-old boy and a student of meteorology Chinese University of Sun Yat-sen (Sun Yat-sen), bent over the table and stared peering into the black and white image of the starry space. The picture was taken earlier at […]

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