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The 26 of April of 2009 announced that three weeks before a lymphatic cancer had been detected to him and that will have to be put under a chemotherapy treatment, although affirmed that its working cycle would not fall. It added that already a tumor had been extirpated him, and that, given to the size and the situation, has a high percentage of treatment The certain thing, it she comments as, the Chiefs of State of nations of Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East sent their congratulations to the new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff by their triumph in the second return of the general elections of this Sunday. Cuba, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia and Nicaragua, among others, emphasized the importance that the election of Rousseff has for the union of the region Dilma Rousseff overcame to the conservative Jose Serra by 12 points and it became the first Female leader of State of republican history of the country. Venezuela sent to him already congratulations by his triumph and president Hugo Chavez said that that the new president of Brazil will be a great figure in the South-American continent. The victory of Rousseff ” it is also guarantee of which the process of Union of the towns of our region it will follow consolidndose” , The Colombian agent chief executive, Juan Manuel Holy, talked by telephone with Rousseff and he offered its congratulations to him, as well as the success of the Brazilian elections stood out. Nicaragua also expressed its satisfaction by this triumph through its president Daniel Grouse who said: that a name of all the militants of the Sandinista Front of National Liberation, to name his, name mine, the dear elect president of Brazil companion Dilma Rousseff” , By all means, the president of the United States (EE.UU.), Barack Obama, congratulated to Rousseff by his historical triumph like first Brazilian female leader of State. ” We congratulate to the elect president, Dilma Rousseff, by its victory.

Also we congratulated to million of Brazilian that exerted their right to voto” , it maintains an official notice issued by the White House. It adds in addition the indicated source of intelligence to us, that the European continent also one pronounced by the triumph of Rousseff and countries like France, Portugal, Spain and the European Commission offered congratulation words to the new president and the town of Brazil. It is possible to remember, that Dilma caused a revolution in the power sector that helped to defeat the candidate of Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Its work caused that it later proposed it to Lula for cabinet minister-head. In the cabinet a species of coordination of ministries, Dilma gave to samples of determination and ability to work, allies with an acute political perception. Its work made him gain credentials like candidate of the PT and an ample coalition of parties for the succession of Lula in 2010 Really, the candidate of the Party of the Workers, Dilma Rousseff, has obtained 55.


Moreover, a child can be harmed in its affective-sexual development when, when presenting incapacity to feed themselves or if to tie with the figure materna (in view of that in some deficiencies, the interaction mother-baby is harmed by internments would move away that it from the mother, or by an incapacity of the child to suck maternal milk, for example), it if it moves away or it is moved away from the mother. Older children also would be being harmed when, attitudes of superprotection of the parents, whom they look to exclusively keep them under its cares or of rejection of the familiar way, would be segregating these children of the social environment. Also, attitudes as these, can the same make it difficult to the deficient a identification with models of sex. In accordance with Scabello et al. (in prelo), the sexuality in the people with deficiency would also involve questions as the personal hygiene and the control of the sphincters; the hormonais, anatomical and physiological alterations; the sexual exhibitionism, games or tricks; namoro, the affectivity, the pleasure, the genital conscience, the identification of sort and the affective and sexual orientation; the sexual abuse, between many other aspects. But, as already we said, many myths, are associates to the sexuality of the deficient, or more specifically, deficient intellectual.

The idea of that the deficient one is assexuado, for example, would be, according to MAYAN (2007), strengthening the stigma of ' ' perpetual criana' ' seems to explain the necessity of the people in keeping it as dependents, infantile and immature, making it difficult the affective development of the same ones. This idea would finish for distorting that the real necessities of the individual, feeding its dependence and unreliability, as well as its ' ' neutralidade' ' front to the sexual questions. We believe that many of these myths are refractory to the change for the lack of quarrel regarding the concepts and implied diverse situations in the same.

Futurelight DMH

Futurelight presents brightness, which convinced Waldbuttelbrunn 22 February 2013: brightness that convinced: thanks to its 150 Watt-COB-LED module he can wits not only traditional spots with 575 and 700 watts. Considering also the weight (only 14 kg) and the total connected load of 210 Watts into consideration, the Futurelight DMH-150 makes the competition quite old. The DMH-150 comes with 8 colors and 7 rotating and static gobos, which are very easy to change via slot-in. There is also an effect wheel 3 – and 8-facet-prism with a frost filter. The prisms are moving in both directions at variable speed. A motorized focus completes the look, the spotlight has a viewing angle of 14. Predestined for the larger stage for a wireless DMX control, the DMH-150 has a built-in W-DMX receiver. The number of the position circles can be select via the menu between 21, 23 and 24 channels.

Mains connection via PowerCon socket and RDM (remote device Management) is also on board. The DMH-150 predestined for the larger stage in the indoor and outdoor use, especially when attention must be paid to factors such as power consumption and ceiling load. It will be presented for the first time at PLS in Frankfurt and is already available. The little brother to the Futurelight DMH-150 will be presented also a smaller variant called DMH-60. The DMH-60 is equipped with a 60-watt LED. Differences from the DMH-150 are in addition to the lower light output of waiver of static gobos and a different effect wheel: waiting for the DMH-60 3-facet prism, 3D-Prisma and frost filter. Otherwise, the DMH-60 is somewhat lightweight: he can be controlled either 14 or 12 DMX channels and only 10.