Cervantes Institute

Banus port is a restaurant of Spanish kitchen specialized in fish and seafood, located in the Rue Ibn Handal, in front of the Club of Tennis. The decoration is a fusion of property and Riyadh, elegant and subtle, and it is distributed in three different rooms: Andalusian, Eastern and traditional. The menu offers fish and seafood of excellent quality and made by chef fes Noureddine, awarded by several European restaurants. The prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere relaxed and is distinguished. Bars of covers Without a doubt, the best corner where to have drinks, to dance to they are of Latin music, song, jazz, Sephardic music and other Mediterranean and Caribbean rates are the Warehouse in the Marrakesh Place, in the district of Gueliz. This bar offers a great variety of beers and cocktails, besides Spanish covers and plates.

Also, every day there is music in direct and, the week ends, a fantastic spectacle of music in direct, with the spectacular voice of the Sevillan singer Alicia Murillo and the set led by the pianist Hassan Meskaouni. Cultural leisure and activities the Cervantes Institute of Marrakesh she is one of the six you soothe of this institution in Morocco. In the Institute innumerable cultural and didactic activities are celebrated, like factories, conferences, courses, hearing, seminaries and round tables. Also, it also offers artistic activities and of entertainment, like projection of films, concerts, exhibitions, literary plays or recitales. In addition, the library multimedia of the center offers the opportunity to accede to a great variety of films, books and music. The Spaniards and Spaniards who decide to visit Marrakesh or to even reside in the Ocher City have countless opportunities to enjoy gastronomical, tourist, cultural and playful the supply with Hispanic character that offers the city. The hotels in Marrakesh are economic and of great quality, and many of typical riads of Marrakesh have Spanish proprietors and offer a comfortable, cosy and even peculiarly Hispanic atmosphere.

The Combination

Consequently, the combined number 639 of the fourth group of numbers from 30 to 36 the number of numbers involved-35. Thus, the combination of ICG participates 639 numbers – the numbers C and INC – C2 numbers with the numbers: 4,5,6,16,35. 4. Construction of an algorithm the modeling of combinations and sequences of five numbers from 36 numbers in = 376 992 options. According to the results we can construct an algorithm to produce numbers and ICG INC numbers and sequences of five numbers from 36 numbers in these one of the combinations = 376 992 combinations.

1.Rasschet numerical parameters for the game: to determine the 5 numbers from 36 numbers = 376 992 combinations. 2. Create a group in numerical sequence numbers from 1 to 36 numbers. 3.Po these groups of numbers up combination of numbers, which are formed from all the variants of the 5 numbers in = 376 992 combinations. 4.Sostavit model combinations of 5 numbers of combinations of numbers in groups of numbers, as well as their constituent sub-model combinations of numbers. 5.Raschitat numerical parameters for these models, combinations of groups of numbers and patterns of combinations of sub-numbers.

6.Po received data to determine the arithmetic mean of the repetitions to 36 1nomera numbers, combinations of these models numbers. 7. Define a model combination of groups of numbers. 8. Define the model in its sub-combinations of numbers. 8. Determine the sequence of 5 numbers out of 36 numbers for a combination of sub-model calculated the numbers of a = 376 992 option.

Olympic Games

The set or comprensorio has 211 tracks, with a length overall of 400 km. At this time it is quite easy perhaps to find flights cheap to Pisa, and is worth the trouble to visit some Roman ruin from way the tracks. Salt Lake City, EE.UU. 2002 Capital and major city of the state of Utah, are right to the south-east of the Great Salty Lake (Great Salt Lake). of more quality of the world of the ski is proud to have one of snow dust, with an average of 13 meters of thickness every winter. With four ski resorts of world-wide class – High, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude, to few minutes of the international airport, Salt Lake are one of the cities of ski of first of the EE.UU. Nagano, Japan 1998 Japan has quickly become one of the destinies of more attractive sport of winter. He is not surprising, because it counts with more than 400 areas of ski, great volumes of dust snow and one fascinating cultural adventure, including the Buddhist temple Zenkoji, one of the most important of Japan and center of peregrination.

The Earth of extreme and sushi has been anfitriona of the Olympic Games of winter twice, and there are zones of ski in the four main islands of Japan. But the most known they are in Hokkaido, Nagano and Niigata. Lillehammer, Norway 1994 One of the older and prestigious destinies of winter of Norway, Lillehammer, is full of opportunities stops the ski and snowboard. Given the high degree of preoccupation by the environment of its citizens, the City council and the Ministry of the Environment they determined that the Olympic Games would have to be " policy example ambiental". Nordseter and Sjusjen have become two of the best destinies of basic ski of the north of Europe, with approximately 350 kilometers of prepared tracks, including forests and lands of mountain.


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never became involved with none another woman! _ I must answer frankly or use a subterfuge? I study in the capital, I go to the beach, the cinema, to the soccer, normal routine. If to say that not, I will be lying and if to say that yes, I can consider one braggart, depraved and cynical. Then, what to say? _ Desculpe, if I was indiscreet. I was same a silly one! _ Does not have importance, in its real direction.