“FELTEN group provides new product on Best Practice Day advantage in production management at the 25.10.2012 in the Gelsenkirchener Veltins-arena before the FELTEN group puts on its best Practice Day” on October 25, 2012 in the Gelsenkirchener Veltins arena a new module PILOT Scheduler “to the detailed planning of the production. The lean production approach creates this solution significantly shorter lead times, reduced inventories substantially and leads to significant savings in the fixed and variable costs. A complete representation of the production belongs to the range of PILOT Scheduler”in its current state, as well as in the perspective. Since this solution takes into account more than 2,400 different parameters with more than 4,000 properties in the areas of resources, processes, order processing, raw material and quality, makes PILOT Scheduler”from all standard situations typical in the production. This creates the advantage that normally no additional programming is required, to individual requirements in the software to take over. Also arise significant advantages in the synchronization of the entire production process.

Traditional ERP or MES systems can not reliably fulfil this task, therefore it is typically one of the biggest challenges for the production planning. She is in PILOT Scheduler standard features “through a specially developed and applied very complex scheduling logic. As a result, this leads to a significant reduction in turnaround times and inventory levels. Also accelerates the intelligent scheduling logic of the PILOT module with its numerous best practice parameters the production process by, for example, calculations with limited resources or bottleneck calculations are performed. Necessary changes in the processes of that may arise, for example, on the part of the customer or supplier but have also internal causes such as employee or machine failures, are calculated in seconds. Using the logic of this planning, the solution allows also an optimal Timing of upgrading, not to obstruct the flow of production. Also a Visual management of the detailed planning of the production belongs to the other main functions of PILOT Scheduler”. This represented the entire production process from the customer order to delivery in Gantt charts.

This also applies to the visualization of the preview in the emerging problems such as delays in delivery are instantly recognizable. In addition, the accompanying information can be displayed. This glimpse into the future can be adjusted for several months. PILOT Scheduler”provides a simple integration, because this solution uses existing interfaces and thus provides easy connection to all common databases. No integration problems arise even in heterogeneous system environments. In addition, many ERP interfaces are about to SAP and other market-established business systems.

Children Photo Album Made Of Wood By Aldecor

The Aldecor factory enlarged its product range and presents another wood album. Wood albums by Aldecor – gifts with style and class by Aldecor wood albums are made lovingly crafted. The factory uses stored over several years, Scandinavian beech and other precious woods. A treatment with “Liberon” provides for an Antikisierung effect. The fittings are made of hand-forged brass, that is subjected to an artificial ageing process.

Copper rivets completes the work of art. Wood and fittings have a patina this that lends lovable charm albums. In other manufacturing, we use matrices, with which the photo subject in the solvent printing on the cover of the album of wood is applied. The artisanal procedure is carried out by experienced professionals. The natural material wood and high-quality processing guarantee that each photo album from the House of Aldecor is unique. In the Interior of the wood album 50 or 100 pages of black cardboard square provide own Photos. White tissue paper separates the embossed cardboard pages. The motif on the cover underscores the character of a special photo album.

The symbolism of the DAISY is of special importance the daisies in the plant world. It is one of the first signs of spring and stands for the awakening of nature after the long winter. The flowering plant under the name Tausendschon or Daisy is known. The petals allure since time immemorial and plucking off the guessing game associated: he loves me, he loves me not… Braided to wreaths, the Daisy embellished the plug-in and braided hairstyles for young girls in the spring. In addition, the DAISY is very healthy: it is edible and increases the immune power. As a decoration, which is suitable for human consumption, it embellished many foods and is also good in a tossed salad. Aldecor translates the meaning of Daisy in artisan manner. The motif on the cover of the new album of wood shows the popular plant, bound with white tape to a bouquet, in enchanting colors on a background with wood grain. The plant motif so effectively highlights the appearance of the album. The wood album with daisies on the lid is suitable as a gift for many occasions. Neutral and yet meaningful to hold the Daisy album as a gift for your loved ones, as a photo album, presented at the time of the first falling in love, or both on the album dear memories. For the storage and protection is a separately available wooden box. The daisy motif on the guestbook in the wood of Aldecor can be found except on the wood album. Find more products lovingly handmade in our online shop. We offer also the possibility to place your own photos on the cover alongside numerous finished motifs for the design of a wooden album. The delivery time is then correspondingly longer, for a very special gift the wait worth it however. Easy ordering and All wood albums with prefabricated motif are fast delivery, although manufactured in hand work, ready for shipment by the RAM pressure within 24 hours. Aldecor scores not just with creativity and technically sophisticated products, but also with very fast, customer-friendly delivery.

How Can You Improve Your Career? The Role As A

Discover the possibilities of successful leadership if you are staying within your career already for a long time in the business world, the set is certainly already once you will encounter: leading instead of managing. But what should a leader actually do, if he’s not managed? Of course, this administrative affairs are essential, are essential but not for a good leader. This article describes the roles of important leader, which use no time cards or performance surveys. Leader are a young account manager wanted to motivate their employees. But her problem is that she knew what the employees from her holding: you was someone without experience. But she went to every employee and asked them to teach her the respective job so that she all know. She showed that she is ready to work in all sectors and to help. This motivated their employees very and for this reason they worked harder than before.

Leader care good leadership training can help that Their methods improve supervisors to identify limits appropriate work with. This can simple techniques, such as e.g. MBWA or management by walking around. Such techniques allow it to be present the supervisors for employees and as a result you can interact with them. Thus, the Chief signaled that he actively cares the employees.

This property is very valuable, because a personal connection is priceless. Leader trainers are the leadership training focuses on the role of the coach. He must prepare the game plan. The leader must be able to find the right person for each function to good interim speeches and he must motivate the team, even if the field is muddy and discouraged the score. This Trainer position includes so motivation skills and the ability for individual training of employees. Managers need to know how they communicate adequately praise and censure, and she must discover the best in every employee and continue to develop. Even if a Midfielder with pure talent thrilled it is the coach who developed the team turns out the individual skills, so that the Championship can be won. Leader listen to the supervisors must have an open ear for its employees in everyday work even in stressful times always and foresee also upcoming needs and fears. You must speak directly to the employee and ask if there is something, which is why you must take your time and would have to listen to. Often, employees need to just talk their frustrations of the soul there is often no direct solution to the problem. It must be understood as a process of listening and understanding. They gain confidence if they are successful. It shows so that leaders manage, lead, listen and train must. Solid leadership training helps to learn them with important skills that allow them to put together a working team from the excellent results may result. For more information: programmes/executiveeducation/eol.