Luna Lovegood

Of the newcomers, my favorite character – Luna Lovegood (Polumna). Do you still have some work? – I had some time assistant researcher at the "International Amnesty", but I do not think I could make worthy contribution to the work, because I totally disorganized (just look at my desk on the main page). The longest work, which I did, until it became a writer, was teaching. I have taught French and English in Scotland in Portugal. When you want to become a writer? – Always … As soon as she learned that there are writers, just wanted to be one of them.

I have the right character. I am quite happy when left alone in a room and think up something. You are something other than Harry Potter, writing? – Yes, very much. I think it will never be published (but you will not lose much, I assure you). The first thing I wrote a rabbit with stories about a rabbit called Rabbit. I wrote to her in age from six to nine years.

Then, when I was eleven, I wrote a story about seven cursed diamonds and people have them. Since I wrote many: the stories, the pieces of stories for adults, and the like. Can I be your pen pal? – I've got a few pen pals over the past few years (I'm afraid I was a little precarious, when worked hard books) and even though I really like it, I'm afraid I can not get more. Jessica and David took the first place: your pleasure may be millions of pen pals, but those millions will never replace the mother's attention, and this for me is paramount.

The Windows

In a conversation flashed some of the terms of the law. – What happened to machine? – I do not know. By the time I was drinking wine. – You have not heard, as the factory engine? – On the street singing and shouting everywhere. However, the car was right behind me and I probably needed to hear, if it tried to make.

– How long you were there? – No more than two or three minutes. I paid and went into a side street toward the subway. – And through the windows could not see who is in the car? – In addition to the windshield, all the rest were heavily tinted. So I only saw the driver's seat. – Thank you for your story – said Bourque, rising from his chair .- photos I take with me, but today the film as true to your editor. 'Is he a good memory – he thought in surprise Heron .- He did not even write down what look like students.

Probably in a folder mounted recorder. " – I was glad to help you – he said .- Though I never knew what happened there? – You – a journalist, and in my plans are not included in order to learn about it now the whole town, – he smiled a detective. – I hope you will enlighten me when you finish it? – If this is possible, I promise that you'll be the first of the newsmen who know about it.

Internet Shakespeare

Radlova: "When's so sad, the joy will be the way." But only in sonnet 29 of Shakespeare's no longer sad, and bitter. And this, purported ills Nothing yet trimm'd – decorated (which is consistent even with the above "translation" into modern English) in jollity The fact that the translation of the word – jollity – not so simple, already indicates the absence of all known author of the translation, "Winter's Tale" an accurate translation of words Florizel in a scene that in different editions of the play is somehow different: Apprehend Nothing but jollity. These words immediately follow the words of Perdita, accurately translated T.Schepkinoy-Kupernik: Oh, it would be for that! Inequality afraid. By the greatness of your fears are not used, and I shudder at the thought Well what, since your father is accidentally picked up at our wilderness, how are you? Ye gods! What would he think about having met his son in such a sorry state? What would? And, my, borrowed splendor, I had glanced at the face of harsh? Italicized words Florizel T.Schepkina-Kupernik translated as: "Do not be afraid." That is, literally, these words can be translated as: the concept of danger is absurd. Exactly "Danger." At the end of the second stage of the second act of the tragedy "King Lear" and Kent says: Nothing almost sees miracles But misery.

In the second stage of the second act of the play "The Comedy of Errors" on a word meaning nothing points and Lucian: Why, headstrong liberty is lash'd with woe: There's nothing situate under heaven's eye. LS said ill-posed it in his translation: not good when we are too free – it is dangerous, look at the whole world: That someone showered with jeers and that "danger" of which Shakespeare wrote in Sonnet 66. Thus, the exact meaning of the third row is the original the following: Danger and pursued troubles, decorated with jeers. The second line of the sonnet Shakespeare pointed to one of them – the beggar. On the second sonnet Shakespeare pointed out in 70: a crow – the crow." That is how it's done to this day, the opponents Shakespeare is not capable of honest debate to refute his arguments, resorting to his favorite device labeling and shedding ridicule.

And it is a danger that people carried in his works Shakespeare makes it so hate the English. Therefore, in the eleventh line of the sonnet Shakespeare looks at herself and sees "the simple truth under the alias Cully." That is, these words simply cover their direct meaning: I (William Shakespeare) – simple Truth under the pseudonym of Cully. In the tragedy "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare wrote: The whole life of each must be a fortress and the whole armor of the soul to keep himself from harm. (III.3, translation Lozinskii) And although the author of this article, of course, and not hold a candle W. Shakespeare, to keep himself from harm, and he wants to. But in the circumstances to keep himself from the vengeance of the English, he can only only one way – by showing that the risk of his life only from the British and could come as soon as possible more people. Therefore, the author hopes that it will not accuse anyone that this note, he will score the entire Internet.

Christmas Festival

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