The next day Tuesday 2 and up to next Sunday, August 7, Huelva is dressed in festivals with the celebration of the Fiestas Colombinas, the first with which the city pays tribute to those sailors and navigators of Huelva who participated in discovery more Universal de la Historia. From Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the best located in the city hotels in Huelva, you can tell them how to get to the Fairgrounds, where you can find the booths and penalties as well as amusement park.At the gates of the Columbian can be your booking accessing the booking engine of our web site, with the best available rate. BOOKING at the HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO celebration date coincides with the first days of August, older pre-eminently in Huelva days that commemorates the moment in which left the three caravels from the port of Palos de la Frontera, the order of Cristobal Colon to his great adventure feat. Also can view this link the poster of bulls for these dates, which will be held in the Plaza de Toros de la Merced..

Jazz Opera And Flamenco Come Together This Week In The Alcazar Of Seville

Them inform you of weekly programming within the cycle which is held every year during the summer nights in Seville under the title of nights in the gardens of the Real Alcazar.Jazz, opera and flamenco come together this week in the Alcazar of Seville request information at the hotel reception, since this important monumental complex is easily accessible from our hotels in Seville. Programming for the week of 22 to 28 August 22 August: 650 Aniv..


Starts the VII edition of the Corral de Comedias in the known ancient Hotel Triana, next to one of our hotels in Seville, Hotel Monte Triana.Comedy and theatre in this emblematic place Triana retrieves the theatrical atmosphere of the corrales de comedias de Sevilla. Therefore, the representations will make that be a leap in time, returning to the so-called Spanish golden century. Wind South Theatre, responsible for this Edition, which has already reached the seven years of life, matches again their representations with the start of the fiesta grande of the Triana district: the candle of Santiago and Santa Ana, which I have already spoken on this corporate BLOG and that you stay tuned in the coming days. The representations that will be at the scene of the old Triana Hotel are as follows: measure for measure, Shakespeare’s play, adapted and directed by the young Sevillian Antonio Raposo and represented by the theatre company Juglaria. On 18 and 19 July the precious ridiculous, the work of Moliere, directed by Jorge Cuadrelli and represented by the actors in the company Ekilateatro. July 20. Lyric Gala of Opera and Zarzuela, with the lyrical company of Andalusia. Zarzuela on July 22 and copla on July 23. All functions begin at 22: 00. Tickets cost between 8 and 10 euros

Little Mermaid

Front of the palace was a large garden, it grew fiery red and dark blue trees, their fruit glittered with gold, flowers – a hot fire, and the stems and leaves fluttered incessantly. The land was completely fine sand, but blue as brimstone flames. All smacked down there in a peculiar blue – it was the time to think, if not standing on the bottom sea, and air aloft, and the sky you have, not only over his head, but under his feet in no wind from the bottom you could see the sun, it seemed a purple flower, which pours from the cup of light. Each princess was in the garden of my job, here they can dig and plant whatever you want. One flower beds arranged themselves in the form of a whale, the other it occurred to her bed looking mermaid, and the youngest had her flower bed, a round like the sun, and flowers planted on it, such as red, as it itself.

A strange child had this little mermaid, the quiet, pensive. Other sisters adorn themselves in different varieties, which are found on ships sunk, and she just loved, and that the flowers are bright red as the sun up there, but still beautiful marble statue. It was a beautiful boy, carved out of pure white stone, and descended to the bottom of the sea after a shipwreck. Near the Little Mermaid statue planted a pink weeping willow, she grew luxuriantly and hung their branches over the statue to the blue sandy bottom, where they received purple shadow in harmony zyblyuschayasya swaying branches, and this seemed the tip of the roots and fawn upon each other.