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Colombia Tourism

Colombia is a country with great beauty and world-famous attractions, this country has a very effective tourism promotion policy since it has despite of living in an internal conflict (which an is not resolved) have been able to promote their various destinations with great results. It should be noted that the internal conflict (guerrilla) zones […]

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Cali Colombia Antonio

The third city in Colombia and the world capital of the sauce is what tourists are in the head, when they come to Cali, with its pleasant climate to enjoy the nights, good food and an impressive artistic scene. Cali, capital of Valle del Cauca, geographically important as industrial power in the southwest of Colombia, […]

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Unforgettable Province

For that they love the tourism ventures, they found in mendocina geography a privilege place to practice the great amount of disciplines that are within this special category of the tourism mountains, the valleys, the guns, the boisterous rivers and the calm dams wonderfully lend for the practice of the sport, causing an unforgettable landscape. […]

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