Whittaker Directs

Feldman (1998, p.292) says that the study of motivation is to determine why people seek to do certain things. Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. Refers to the study of the reasons that govern the actions of individuals, to know the by that of the vast majority of actions human, we understand the as, and if the reasons that originate a particular behavior, then, to exert some influence to cause or inhibit these reasons are known, may reinforce or remove the conduct giving rise to those reasons. 2 Whittaker & Whittaker (1991 p. 419)) refers to the motivation, as is a word used to understand the conditions or States that activate or energize the body, carrying behaviour directed towards specific objectives, means to driving energy that achieves that we want to do a predefined action specified, for example when I go to the field to enjoy the fresh airIt is an internal force that compels us to do so. 3 Lahey (1999 p. 411) says motivation refers to an internal state that activates and directs our thoughts, namely something that drives us to perform actions almost involuntarily.

4 Solana, Ricardo says: motivation is, in short, what makes an individual act and behave in a certain way. It is a combination of intellectual, psychological and physiological processes that decide, in a situation with which force It acts and which direction directs the energy. 5 Stoner, James says: the factors that cause, channelled and sustain human behavior in a particular, committed sense. 6 Koontz, Harold says: motivation is a generic term that applies to a wide series of impulses, desires, needs, desires, and similar forces. 2 This can determine: 1. the motivation is the tool that through observation and knowledge of the reasons for each individual, accomplished people to perform actions that generate results. These results will depend on the degree of knowledge and interpretation of the environment, and are influenced by the conduct.

Regional Director

It was the first time that Laura left Brazil. It are selected enters the colleagues of the company to make a training in the matrix, in Germany. It was radiating. She would be housed in a luxurious hotel and would pass the days having had theoretical and practical lessons in the headquarters and the laboratories of the company. It seemed a dream. When disembarking of the airplane, one waited van it. She was the last one of the group to arrive and some colleagues already were impatient with the delay, although all to know that Laura arrived of Latin America and its luggage delayed a little more than to be inspected others.

When entering in van it complimented smoothly to all and one sat down it the side of the driver, a high youngster young e. Laura felt exausta. They had been many flight hours. Everything what it wanted was to take a good bath and to sleep, but the first activity was one supper of confraternizao. The objective one was all also to know and to know the professors. Quickly, Laura made check-in the hotel, took a bath, if it arranged and it arrived If the company was not paying, I never would enter in a restaurant thus, thought Laura, astonished at the service. Who is the Brazilian? asked somebody in the group. I Am, I answered Laura, curious in knowing the reason of the interest.

One gentleman of sixty years, approximately high and apessoado well was come close to it and was presented as the Regional Director of Latin America. Its name was Gnter. It sat down the left side of Laura and the two had talked very during the supper. They had not only talked more because Laura quickly became the center of the attentions. Its intelligence, affection and the fact of being Brazilian had conquered to all.