Managing Director

A BlackBerry is useful for a Managing Director who is on the road a lot. An internal service employees, however, does not need him. Video conferences are extremely practical for international companies with many branches. You can sit across from the colleagues or business partners, without that it has taken a step out of the Office. Accounts for travel. This saves time and money. You must turn his brain for all the purchases above all and check which technical innovations to the company fit, “so the advice from Zaboji. The fundamental criticism of technology, which opposes the Internet neural cultural pessimism was inappropriate.

Although more and more debate artists such as Nicholas Carr and Jaron Lanier would jump on the bandwagon. The positions of these complainers were not particularly original. NZZ blogger Nico Luchsinger has written a nice piece. He deals with the new book by Nicholas Carr, the shallows”. Carr feels like the FAZ Publisher Frank Schirrmacher, that someone or something Brain influence. Also the author of tech did the Internet as the main culprits. It lead to distraction and superficial learning.

Dozens trials, Carr has collected, to prove that the Internet actually newly linked our synapses. It is proved, namely, that the Internet encourages fast kursorisches reading; our attention will constantly distracted by links to other content; the contemplative examination of a text is therefore”a dying culture technique, according to Luchsinger. For five centuries, the linear, literary mind was the Centre of art, science and society. “But he could soon be consigned to the past,” Carr says. According to pessimistic he judged the project by Google to digitize as many books: by you do book texts searchable by keyword, the actual efficiency of the book for a deep knowledge and opinion be destroyed. When such statements not only conceding a disturbingly naive in Carr and Larkin commented ideologically charged cultural pessimism.

Color Line Arena Hamburg

The pop star parade on May 17, 2009 in the color line will be arena Hamburg on the 17.05.09 in the color line last arena Hamburg after the huge successes of years now already for the fifth time of the great NDR 90,3 Schlager Starparade”instead. In times in which fewer and fewer German radio music, the great pop star parades set a signal for the hit. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well. The event technology is has grown in recent years. A remote see mature stage with professional sound and light equipment and two large video walls are an integral part of any pop star parade. The visitors can enjoy the hits of the biggest stars and of course sing all live.: Roland Kaiser, Nik P, Claudia Jung, G. G.

Anderson, Kristina Bach, Jennie, wind, Michael Holm, DJ otzi, Rosanna Rocci, Michael Morgan, Fernando Express, SEMINO Rossi and Helene Fischer. Moderator: Wido Rottger radio NDR 90,3 everyone this trendy artists is an approximately 30-minute program to the best type. For pop fans a must. And there Listening is also hungry and thirsty, of course also not neglected the “treats” and is well catered for sustenance. The marathon hit fireworks display starts at 14: 00. Intake is at 12:30, the end is scheduled for around 21: 00. For the party’s Interior, there is standing room tickets for only 31,-. Seat tickets for the musical family day cost between 41,-to 61,-to order by phone at: 01805 / 57 00 00 (0.14 per min., mobile phone rates may vary) as well as all known ticket agencies. Order address on the Internet: source: Manni Schulte marketing service


Advances in laser technology have allowed to acquire an excellent recording on laser diskah.Osobennoe attention should be paid to such modern things as electronic music and VSTi (vst Instruments), where the recording is sound and his playing is balanced intertwined, complementing and enhancing each other. Starting from the 60th of the 20 th century, the technical process improvement makes it possible to penetrate electronics in virtually all areas of employment and human creativity. Is no exception, and music. Special opportunity to make sound recordings and on the basis of forming new music on the same instrument, allowed jump-start the development of electronic music – the appearance of a synthesizer. In the 70th years of the company Moog produced polyphonic synthesizer, and later the people beheld small in size but with huge capabilities of the device, which produces a sound and recorded it in internal memory for later use. Synthesizers next generation is already owned in his personal arsenal of computer chips and software that enabled create electronic music, even by amateurs. The use of special software or vst – plug-ins allow to recreate and record on a personal computer or synthesizer sounds of the diverse musical instruments, the so-called VSTi (virtual instruments). This has enabled much of at least modest conditions, not the level of the recording studio, electronic music form, adding special sound effects on the sounding VSTi.

This will open opportunities for mad creators of music, sometimes even without a musical education and musical notation, you can write a normal electronic remixes of well-known tunes. Quite simply write the melody and using VSTi add club sound and various sound effects. Remixes began to be very popular genre of musical creativity among young people, taking the first of its ease and accessibility. Of course, if viewed from a professional point of view, we can contend for a long time, it is necessary if electronic music with real art. But at all times the music was divided into two main streams: the soul and body. And specifically for electronic music meets the body could not be better, because its goal is not to awaken a person of strong feelings and do not give to feel the harmony with the universe, although for some fans of electronic music and Such feelings are not uncommon. Electronic music – is to start the music for entertainment. One can only fantasize what new features for recording will teach us the future, but the capacity of our already simply provide great opportunities for the creation of each person.

The Program

The front design is adapted to the latest new models from Mazda. The large lower air intake gives the Mazda2 a friendly smile. The sockets of the Fog lights (standard from the trim level TE) have been redesigned. In the GTA’s top model, there are new 16-inch alloy wheels and the color palette was also refreshed. New upholstery for the seats are used in the Interior. A part of the centre console now shines in piano black finish. Scratch firmer plastics are used on the dashboard.

Otherwise, nothing serious has changed on the optics. But, under the sheet metal dress, the Mazda2 can refer to a clearly improved landing gear. Bumps on the road to be noticeably better cushioned and as comfort increases significantly. Trump card: Improved ride comfort that is all beautiful to look at, but substantially contributing more to the comfort, are the changes to the chassis. Without to put on weight, the stiffness of the body has been further increased. Front and rear have been adjusted accordingly. Thanks to amended fixtures and a lowered spring rate of rear shock-absorber, bumps and irregularities are absorbed better.

Increase the travel comfort for passengers, especially in the rear, essential. Refresh is also available for the Interior. The seats get new upholstery. The plastic on the dashboard was upgraded quality, he is now scratch-resistant. What would top gasoline a model-facelift without changes to the engine line-up now also available with four-speed automatic? But here is the Mazda2 through serious changes. The engines keep their power and can come up with a slightly lower consumption. However, they meet all the emission standard Euro 5. The three gasoline engines in the program make 75, 84 and 102 horsepower. As a diesel variant is a 1.6-liter common rail engine with 95 Horsepower available. The average consumption is moving between 4.2 and 6.3 litres fuel per 100 kilometres.

Yasni Search

Frankfurt, December 14, 2010: The Personensuchmaschine first presents the most wanted persons and concepts of the year 2010. As the world’s only person search Yasni offers the Internet-wide search by persons pursuant to terms such as location, occupation, or qualification. Yasni can therefore present a ranking of the most searched terms in connection with people for the year 2010. While other search engines more often stars and starlets looking political and current issues dominate people search first. “In addition to positive events, such as the World Cup in South Africa or the Eurovision Song Contest are therefore serious topics such as love parade Duisburg” or Kachelmann process “at the top of the search terms. Jorg Kachelmann itself is undisputed leader of most wanted persons 2010 on first.

The common search underscores the wide public interest in the process to the weather presenter to witness Claudia also spelt. The love parade tragedy, however, washed the Organizer Rainer Schaller, as well as the Mayor of Duisburg Adolf Sauerland in the Top10 of the most wanted persons. “” Also, a look at the top 10 of the search terms shows that the subject of data protection and services such as Facebook “and Google Street view” German Internet users have strongly engaged in last year. The most wanted persons 2010 1 Jorg Kachelmann of 2. Lena Meyer Landrut 3.

Rainer Schaller of 4 Angela Merkel, 5. Adolf Sauerland 6 Daniela Katzenberger 7 Claudia spelt 8 Christian Wulff of 9 Chelsea 10 Menowin Frohlich the most searched terms 2010 1 Kachelmann process of 2. Google Street view 3. Eurovision 4. love parade Duisburg of 5 Facebook 6 Berlin 7 social media 8 data protection 9 World Cup South Africa 10 Stuttgart 21 Yasni is the first service, Internet-far right individuals to find and to be found even better, as well as to the background research by people. Within a few seconds first searches the entire Internet with its services to the people search names and terms. Registered users can control their reputation, even with an own Expose. Ego-marketing and maintenance of own reputation in the Internet win according to current Studies on increasing importance. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation. Contact: Florian Schutz Manager social media & PR Tel: + 49 (0) 177-2382665 blog: Facebook: Twitter:


It is an intelligence strong related to the left side of the brain is one of more common intelligences. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. Logical Inteligncia: People with this profile of intelligence have one high capacity of memory and a great talent to deal with mathematics and logic in general. I also know one gentleman illiterate who makes mathematical calculations faster of what somebody with a calculator in hands! The ones that possesss this type of intelligence have easiness to find solution of complex problems, having the capacity to divide these problems in lesser problems and to go deciding until arriving the final reply. Are organized, disciplined people and if they detach in mathematical games as the Domin. It is an intelligence strong related to the right side of the brain. Motor Inteligncia: People with this type of intelligence possess a great talent in corporal expression and have an amazing notion of space, distance and depth. The olmpicos esportistas if fit in this type of intelligence, therefore, they have a control on the body biggest that the normal one, being capable to carry through complex, gracious movements or then strong with enormous precision and easiness.

It is an intelligence related to the cerebellum that is the portion of the brain that controls the voluntary movements of the body. He is one of the types of intelligence directly related to the coordination and motor capacity. Space Inteligncia: People with this profile of intelligence have an enormous easiness to create, to imagine and to draw images 2D and 3D. They have a great capacity of creation in general but mainly she has an enormous talent for the graphical art. People with this profile of intelligence have as main characteristics the creativity and sensitivity, being capable to imagine, to create and to enxergar things that who does not have this type of developed intelligence, in general, does not obtain.


Paronomasia or paranomasia Game of words that is realised joining similar words that are only distinguished of others by a few phonemes. Of means it arrives Romans, of average down, rosemaries. (Lope de Vega, century XVII) I, rower of boats, ramera of men romera of souls, rimera of verses, Ramona, to serve to them. (Gloria Strong) 25. Perfrasis or circumlocution the perfrasis or circumlocution is a figure that eludes the direct word and alludes to the object by means of a roundup.

Thus, perifrsticamente, we alluded to Lope de Vega calling it the Fnix of the Spanish talents (Carreter, 1995, 11). The perfrasis can affect whole orations, to paragraphs and complete writings. 26. Polisndeton Consiste of the reiterated use of conjunctions. Normally, this image looks for an effect of prolongation in the time.

27. Affectation Consists of attributing to qualities to something or somebody that does not correspond with their nature. It is possible to be realised of diverse ways, for example: Personification: It consists of attributing human qualities to inanimate beings, or are animal or things: The hemp twisted with rough moaning, enroscando itself slowly on itself. The threads mounted some on others, complaining the violent tension. Cosificacin: Also call reificacin, consists of attributing qualities of object to an alive being. It is a procedure used mainly in the aesthetic vanguardista of the expresionismo of century XX, but also his it used previously. The Renaissance poetry, for example, transforms to the woman into an authentic object of luxury composed of precious matters. Later, during the Baroque one, the cosificacin was used rather like satirical mechanism to degrade or to disillusion: If not to duer his face to me with Filena, nor with its teeth it eats and its dress the three parts steals its husband to him, and the fourth makeup clips to him, If it finds out with him eats and with him it has dinner, but underneath I milk badly fulfilled all their bulk hides, reduced to chapinzanco and bun by battlement, Why you are frightened, Fabio, that embraced his wife looks for, it announces and it, if, it undresses, it is descasado? If accounts by woman which composes the woman, you do not lay down to your side the woman, but the bundle that is put.


For it the frustration of these necessities leads to the lack of adaptation and the serious psicopatologias. 4. Jorge Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. Necessity of auto-esteem: They are the related necessities with the way for which the individual if sees and if it evaluates. They involve the auto-appreciation, the autoconfiana, the necessity of social approval and of respect, status, I sanction and consideration, reliable before the world, independence and autonomy. The satisfaction of these necessities leads the autoconfiana feelings, reputation, of value, force, sanctions, to be able, capacity and utility.

Its frustration can produce feelings of inferiority, weakness, dependence and abandonment that, in turn, can lead to it I discourage or the compensatory activities. 5. Necessities of auto-accomplishment: They are the necessities raised human beings more and that they are in the top of the hierarchy. They are the necessities of each person to carry through its proper potential and of autodesenvolver, using continuously talentos, carrying through its potential. This if generally express trend through the impulse of the person to be overcome always more than what it is and to come to be everything what it can be. According to theory of the hierarchy of necessities of Maslow, it estimates the following aspects: 1.

When an inferior level of necessities is only satisfied or adequately taken care of it is that the level immediately more raised appears in the behavior. In other terms, when a necessity of lower level is taken care of, it leaves of being motivadora, giving chance so that a raised level more can be developed. 2. Nor all the people obtain to arrive at the top of the pyramid of necessities. Some people? favours ace life circumstances? they arrive if to worry strong about auto-accomplishment necessities; others park in the necessities of esteem; others still in the social necessities, while many others are busy exclusively with physiological necessities of security and, without they obtain to satisfy them adequately.

The Unexpected

Such terms are not on to the characteristics of the object, but yes the qualities or the disposals of the citizen, either that one that produce, either that one that judges the beauty. What he is beautiful is defined by the way as learn we it, analyzing the conscience of that he pronounces a taste judgment. Soon, the beauty is something as such reveals for us, we perceive that it, that is on to the directions, to the recognition of a pleasure, is predominant idea in diverse philosophical environments. In a similar way, it is in philosophical environments as such, that advances the idea of the Sublime one. 3 the SUBLIME one IS the ECHO OF a GREAT SOUL the Sublime one is a effect of the art (not a natural phenomenon), for whose accomplishment definitive rules concur and that it has as end the attainment of the pleasure. It is what it affirms Pseudo-Longino, the first author to write on Sublime still at the time alexandrina.

Longino places in first plan in the process of the creation artistic the moment of the enthusiasm: the Sublime one is, for it, something that livens up the poetical speech of inside for is and drags the listeners or readers to the ecstasy. As it affirms Pseudo-Longino (century I, Of the Sublime one), ' ' … the Sublime one does not take the listeners to the persuasion, but to the dither: because the unexpected jump that it provokes always prevails above all what it convinces or that agrada' '. The first seiscentistas reflections are still mentioned to one ' ' Sublime&#039 style; ' e, therefore, to a rhetorical procedure appropriate to the heroic arguments and express through a raised language, capable to make with that noblemen try themselves passions. According to Longino, five productive sources of the Sublime one, five categories that as have estimated common and basic the linguistic talent, without which exist if cannot make nothing.


How To leave the Monotony? Been thankful by the life that God has given you, and it associates the monotony with the things that you have and beams; it watches with gratitude because others lack the talents that you have, scalos benefit and hazlo of the most effective way. It is easy to fall in the monotony when there are goals, illusions dreams, and reasons no to live. The monotony is lent for the depression, the flojera and the mediocrity. And it brings consequently, the frustration, bitterness and homes remainders. Other leaders such as Charlotte Hornets offer similar insights. Possibly, you are attemped to look for guilty of this situation, is very simple to fall in the trap to blame to the other by the monotony that these living, or to reject to the pair because it is not what you hoped.

But, of whom it is the fault? There is some person in charge? Probably, the responsibility is totally yours, thus better will be that you assume your responsibility and you look for solutions, without blaming to others by the situation. Advice to avoid the monotony You never enter a routine of activities. If those activities are necessary to complete, are variations of schedules, changes the methods of accomplishments. You do not use the same route to arrive at your work. You do not turn into monotony a pleasant long walk. It listens to other channels of radio or television that are different from the customary thing. It changes the order of your office, room, dormitory and cooks, acomdalos of different way (you will feel that these arriving in another place) Invntate eaten different, reads, asks, watches in the Internet on the preparation of different types from food, will fascinate this experience to you.

And you will forget the monotony. It visits a dear being or a friendship that you have. It recovers the illusion to live, ponte I put, vulvete important for you mism@ and are rewarding activities You do not stagnate in the past, tour to the present and enjoys the life because she is short. That the monotony does not stop to you, obtains your dreams lives your yearnings, fulfills your goals, Happy and you are done happy to that they surround to you that for that you were disead@ What so if you put in practice these advice and you send your commentaries to me informing to me into the results, hazlo!