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It is what makes us get up and go ahead. Knowledge aims to take charge. Spiritual knowledge simplifies us, makes us singles, removes us attachments, poses, pretensions, dogmas, fears, leaves us with what is, leaves us in a creative vacuum, a vacuum of egos and full of truth. Without human integrity and moral development is no nothing. The development of humanity has reached a point in which already cannot continue only through material and technological development.

A turn is prevailing in the current educational system. The alternative is the holistic education. For the third semester the most shocking was able to do a trial of the twelve books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, not only to know his work but working with her was something that truly opened and allowed that fall many twenties. It is amazing to meet someone who has that possibility of production bibliography with a few years and that also focus very well on the terms that he defines as education holistic, spirituality, perennial philosophy, among everything what is the topic. Ideas such as the teacher must demonstrate love, compassion and confidence and that the student will be mirror of those virtues. That the educator holistic is the embodiment of mind, spirit and body, that spiritual practice allows yeast to the conscience.

As educators we should nurture the multiple intelligences of students, be and teach them to be meta-cognitive, that we must be developers of talent, apply the contemplation and also work on own spiritual aspirations. And the idea of sculpting the statue itself, from make aware of things that are not right and look inward. Already for the fourth semester experience to speak of holistic education to people from a company that has nothing to do with education and that they have been interested, opens us other great opportunities. But what I will leave more trace is without doubt the fact of having been elected to participate in the Mexican Congress of holistic education. Sincerely this action has left marked my experience in expertise, with fear of speaking to not say things that I could complicate to defend an exhibition that had chosen and that was honestly very rewarding. The preparation of the item, work as a team with my co-workers and know that we can do it despite everything and conditions that were presented. And thus now the challenge is to do what I must to apply everything I have seen and hope to learn from this beautiful experience. I must say that despite harsh moments during the third semester in relation to make or not a Colloquy in San Luis Potosi, that made us grow more and see things from another point of view. Master’s degree in holistic education by Adelita sources.

United States

Walter Russel had begun to carve very little before receiving commissioned to sculpt the monument to Mark Twain, at the age of fifty-six years was a renowned painter but not a sculptor really. The contest had been desert because the difficulty of the project – sculpt figures 28 – imposed to the great talents of sculpture in the United States who believed that I could not do it. I had never done something like this with success. The Memorial received more lit praise from Rudyard Kipling, John Masefield, George Bernard Shaw and other English writers to the point that caused the British Government to acquire a replica of the monument which was located at the Victoria Embankment Gardens. 3 -Inspiration: inspiration comes only to those who seek it with humility toward his own achievement and that you Revere everything created.

With love for your work, love for life and reverence for the universal force that gives you unlimited power, just by asking, you can do everything what you propose. Flashes of inspiration come only to those who connected in the universe and harmonize with its rhythms in communion with him. The inspiration and intuition are the language of light through which men and God inter – communicate. For even more opinions, read materials from star actress. The universe does not grant favors on the few who selects as its interpreters. But upside down.

The universe gives to those who not being elected, they ask. The plug that connects is the desire. Edison wanted to be informed of how use the idea that gave us the electric light bulb. Enclosed in your inner Temple, he received flashes that were approaching him little by little the requested response. Ask and you will receive. Up to you ask. I cannot give you specific recipes to ignite your spark inner fire to enlighten you the way towards you. I can only indicate it to you and tell you that there is.

Recognizing Favorite

* DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE AND BETTER? TRANSFORMS TU be and really different * Elizabeth Polack do not you think that it is more convenient that you build a world VISION that you support and you grant resources and tools? STEP 2: Recognizing the TERRITORIOLa technique of the lista:Te promise that this is funny! 1 Make a list of 10 to 20 features of your personality that you like it, for example: sense of humor, determination, love of family, desire to serve. 2. Select 4 or 5 of your personality favorite features 3. Referring you to these 4 or 5 characteristics of your personality, make a list of 10 to 20 ways of expressing these features you enjoy: for example: write, talk, go with my hiking friends. 4. In the preceding list, choose 4 or 5 favorite 5. Write a statement or account of your VISION of the IDEAL world.

Type this vision in the present tense and in terms of how you want to be. 6 Put all of this together in a complete sentence in the following format: the purpose of my life is to use my (Insert here your favorite personality traits) in (Insert here your favorite ways to express your personality traits) to (Insert here your vision of ideal world). STEP 3: DIFFERENTIATE and define: capabilities and TALENTOSTus talents have to do with your abilities, and something your recognition of your capabilities is very important, for it is the previous year. The recognition of yourself, live in the internal conversation that you explain yourself and the world. And that connects you or not, your possibilities and options. Talents have, skills definitely Yes; the key to them is the conversation you have with yourself. What generates opportunity and opens up possibilities is the approach you choose to have. When TU change by inside your life changed by outside * everything what you need and you need already lives in you * opens your perception to all what already are * enabling the process questions: what goals have earrings at this time? what talent you need to develop to achieve it? where you’ve been arrested? what you has distracted? STEP 4: Overcoming the STALEMATE in the expression of your TALENTS which was the objective with which you dramatically just a few seconds before you dock?In relation to the stagnation can choose to think about: * the road of success is BORDERED of TEMPTING places for parking * towards where ibas before stopping you? what internal conversation made you stop you? did or perhaps your vision of the world? how can re-connecting with your internal resources to continue toward your goal? do you think if this stagnation thing use to develop your talents? STEP 5: Develop your TALENTS and put them to the service of your OBJETIVOSLa key for generating options and possibilities, creating opportunities is: develop TUS TALENTOSAMARTE TUCONSTRUIR trust INQUEBRANTABLECONOCERTESABERTE CAPAZENFOCARTE in your OBJETIVOSVIGILAR TU conversation INTERNACREAR habits that support your development and all this are called BEHAVIORS of success.You have them, they are within you, waiting to bloom like majestic forests, perfect setting of your road to success.

The Size

Visions and small missions, low impact, low fruit are what we invent us, who are born in our own intelligence, influenced by our flesh and our short reasoning. Of the always supereminentes, extraordinarily powerful, are stamped by the overwhelming victory over all the difficulties and obstacles. Jorge Perez shines more light on the discussion. The of the are full of grace, full of love, full of power in the spirit and filled with all the necessary resources to write great stories. Larry Culp has many thoughts on the issue. Therefore, if the vision and mission that you and I will develop come from the most high God, you and I can be like Paul. He was the son of a great merchant, belonged to oligarchy of the Jewish people, he had great credentials, known as the more the law of God, he had special talents that God had put in his couple life still end and he had put them to work for another very different.

He had the most valuable citizens in the era that was the Roman. It had everything to be great but he had chosen to be religious and atrabilious, until God changed him his vision. You and I are also rich because our father is the owner of everything in the universe, belong to the oligarchy because God has appointed us Kings and priests; We have talents that no one has because God made us a unique and unrepeatable design, our best credentials because we know not only writing but we can hear, save and obey every word that comes out of your mouth. We have everything you need to be big and do phenomenal things. Up to us to decide if we ignore and go after the vision and mission that God gives us or foreclose our Ministry, our gifts and our lives running behind the medallions of copper for our own purposes. That light to be the size of Paul, will have to be willing to say yes, when Dios show us everything that we will have to suffer for his name! In 2 Corinthians 11, he tells us just some tidbits that suffered: are they Ministers of Christ? (As if you were crazy I speak).

Jose Moreno Villa

The poems of spine are written with lightness and grace playful, next to the deployed by Jose Moreno Villa and Ramon Gomez de la Serna who joined many ties of affinity. Stephanie Ruhle addresses the importance of the matter here. Spine art passes from the verses of his scripts and thresholds, to the prose of his bird Pinto, Moon of cups, Madrid, Romea, comedian, Ganivet Bandit Luis Candelas: the man and the work, among other books. In 1935 he was prosecuted for publishing, El Liberal in Bilbao, the Hitler case. Supporter of the implication of the writer in politics, Antonio Espina militated in Azana, Republican left party. He was civil Governor of Avila and later of the Balearic Islands, already in the beginning of 1936. At the end of the war was sentenced to death, but the sentence was then commuted le. Thus begins a painful and silent war, which ends with an exile in Mexico. Collaborates in Spanish exile literary magazines: reality /Revista of ideas, the Spains, the sixties, horseback riding, Iberian community and the Spanish novel.

In the constituent Assembly of the Ateneo Spanish of Mexico, he became Secretary of the literature section. Returned to Spain, in 1960, lives a particular internal exile with some collaborations in ABC, who signed with the pseudonym of Simon de Atocha and the pages of the Revista de Occidente, in his second season. In recent years reissued soul Garibay (1964) and the comic genius and other essays (1965), both in Chile and compilation, both of old articles and poems. He published a history of the Spanish press the fourth power, full of tasty reflections and charged of political intent. Solo, he saw in any gathering of the lion coffee and sometimes in the company of Francisco Ayala and Jose Bergamin. Antonio Espina died in Madrid on February 12, 1972.

The verse of Antonio Espina admires and am amazed by the reality of his living presence. Thorn, purges, wraps objects that look at the pictures of his thought – by squeezing its contour finely to reduce it to the strict, precise, fair expression. Had said that the verse of Antonio Espina had schottische rhythm: and added by Marichalar – schottische atop a brick. Antonio Espina has the great joy of being great, authentic, spontaneous, immediate. And then: writing, writing for writing: literary art. And besides having talent. The literary talent of thorn is to miss all the great espontaneidades of his poetic invention, in prose and verse, which gives the art of spine that flavor of authenticity, of pure poetry. The literary art of thorn is a very fine skin. The artist is inhibited, escapes, disappears, for which art and only art your art – is. And is that, as our poet brilliantly said: that he loves the paradox, it stays. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it.

Love Is A Privilege

Love and love have become topical. Every day and at all times I can realise I series of difficulties that we have in this great privilege that life gives us. As human beings we are hopelessly to link us with others, who may be partners, children, parents, friends. What really moves us in life for the construction of a prosperous and positive life is our ability to love. Love actually is a great privilege. However, it seems that we want to influence this love of different ways and details that are in relationships, mainly on the couple. Couples and love and indifference seem to be a constant. Love the couple and be in balance with that love is one of the fundamental factors of success in couples l.

When this love becomes unrequited love life becomes grey, we feel that we cannot respond with the same strength and vigour. But it is indisputable that the privilege of loving a couple has to do with appreciation. Appreciate what the couple if it does for us. Appreciate their details. Appreciate your words. Appreciate it with all his good disposition making to run this couple. Without, however, beyond of being attentive to the positive side, some people focus on what your partner can not provide them. For being so attentive to their shortcomings they forget their successes and then demanding become to change your partner.

Conflicts come and go because the couple does not behave as we hope, as we wish, as we need to. And then, the privilege of loving the couple becomes a battle field. El privilegio de amar is not only towards the couple, also need to focus on the person. El privilegio de amar who we are with everything and what we have and don’t have, that if it is a privilege and a value. Be aware that this love that gives me my own person is a tribute to life, relationship and their own conditions. Having the privilege of loving the person that I am fills me with strength, of force, of self-esteem, of power. Besides that I am then able to accept the other, my partner as it is. In my particular point of view, having the privilege of loving and being loved is one of the most rewarding experiences that exists. Know that we are important for our love; but also correspond to this interest. El privilegio de amar is double track. I give and I am also willing to receive. I receive and I am willing to give. Because in life there is always a correspondence. To the extent that I am more able to appreciate my own life, appreciate my feelings, trust my talent and above all my ability and privilege of expressing love; to that extent I can have a relationship of quality. And if love is a privilege, then because deliver your love, your feelings to someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Thank you for reading me and writing me. Recover your trust in love, but especially in the personal love. In Cecreto we have all the resources so you can redirect your life after a very troubled love. You can also get our newsletter: the ten commandments of the life partner.

Karl Menniger

But while greater awareness, knowledge, contact and personal experience with the purpose of life identified, deeper will be the motivation, expectancy, appetite, the urgency and determination to advance towards the achievement of the meaning of life which we have assumed. Purpose prints to life an incentive and a sense of urgency to live according to that meaning. Tony Parker has much experience in this field. A purpose of life moves us also to establish priorities and to live with a deliberate approach, with the certainty to be living the life we want to live, and with the conviction of not wasting life. A sense of life to this life of enthusiasm and passion, which results in excitement with a sense of direction. A meaning of life provides a sense of well-being and fullness and profoundly affects the way we live, while it serves as a point of support for the development of our potential as human beings. This meaning comes alive to the extent that awareness of who you are: needs, talents, abilities, skills, dreams, and the needs of the environment that surrounds him. This crossing activates your sense of destiny.

3. I will try to eliminate the negative of my life. I adopt the problems as positive opportunities to grow? Attitudes are more important than the facts, said Dr. Karl Menniger. Also, William James narrows, the great discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by modifying the attitudes of his mind. The attitude with which assumes the life every day is the most important decision that can be taken each morning when you wake up. His attitude influences their actions and these results. They are not the circumstances that we are going through or events that we think that determine the results, the attitude with which we react is that makes the difference. Attitude is a mental choice, is an attitude towards life.

Pedro Roldan

He was born in 1601 and died in 1667; He was a rigorously contemporary Velazquez and Rembrandt. Towards the forty years was consecrated, especially in Madrid, to painting, and returned to his hometown in 1652. Perhaps the vision of works of art in the capital of Spain, would have matured and aerated her talent, because after your stay in Madrid sculptures show, in any case, an amplitude and an independence of what previously did; for example, the magnificent busts of Adam and Eve and the small and delicious Immaculate, in the Granada Cathedral. It is, in general, of small images that creates new types, with a harmonious balance between idealism and realism. By exception in this class of artists, he also sculpted in stone. Disciple of Cano was Pedro de Mena, Granada also, born in 1628. Mena entallo the choir of the Cathedral of Malaga, for which made the beautiful Medallion in relief of the Virgin with the child. Carver himself and inspired was also Pedro Roldan, antequerano, but who worked in Seville.

Yours is the magnificent altarpiece of the Church of the Hospital de Caridad de Sevilla. His daughter Louise (nicknamed the washer) was Carver and imaginera with a style of graceful femininity. However the subjects more sculpted into imagery are the Christ and the Virgin with child. The Christs. It seems that the representation of Christ on the cross is of Byzantine origin, where began to represent as well to explain the divine nature of Christ in times of the early heresies about the topic.

The figure of the crucified in the classical Romanesque period wood inherits the Byzantine model its deep symbolism of divinity. He tries to express Christ’s victory over death and, incidentally, the salvation of humanity. The Christ of Torres del Rio (Navarra) is shown in the attached photo. To do this, the body rests on the cross by four nails, adopting a symmetrical and perpendicular structure with arms extended horizontally and the vertical body without distortion except a slight flexion of the knees.

Santi Hernandez

Mischievous, ready and spontaneous. Marc Marquez just had to catch the point to the intermediate category, a new bike and his chief mechanic, Santi Hernandez, with which already it is understood perfectly. The rest comes from series: talent to go fast, intelligence to indicate how to tune his Suter, the ability to fly as the day, asphalt and its tires require at each time; finest in a few moments, more aggressive in others. In Indianapolis he played roll soft, without requiring too much to gums that summer his bike, because the terrain, dirty and slippery, not helped out of the Loft. A day before the race, Marquez ceded ground to the evidence: the title is possible. What am I going to say! It is pure reality. I only say that there are, he noted, smiling, after aiming the pole on Saturday, the fourth consecutive. Source of the news:: Marquez, much Marquez

The Results

So the answer the what I require? You will be more useful than the how I do it? 3. Focus on what is important in your spirit. Where your spirituality is manifested often happens that wins the largest number of people (including yourself!) A leader will be as effective as his discernment of placing their priorities. And of course, each path is different, however what is a priority for our spirit is reflected in the scope of our success. So that it builds not only strengthen your material stability but your spiritual stability conocerte guides you always to the right direction.

4. Keep your focus on enriching your strengths not to strengthen your weaknesses. Happens that one of the greatest horrors that many people make when working on his personal leadership is to pay more attention to strengthen their weaknesses vs. train through the practice aware that already dominate. Is student of what amaestras already! There is always a next level.

Each one an artist takes in its interior that manifests itself with a unique, in a unique style talent. If your primary focus is to strengthen your weaknesses, your weakness is strengthened, so it makes you weaker. Your weak side is not weak by chance. It is weak because it is less predominant in your actions and personality. And that opens the way to the complementation. Why? Your strength is the weakness of another. And in your way you are student of those others that what trainer and guide those, your not still dominate. Your strong (or more eloquent power) side is that bears any relation with your calling and purpose in life. It is your tool to leave footprint, your legacy, your contribution. Task for your Jornal: make a list of at least 5 topics/areas in your life that you tend to complicate. Get a list of results more desired on your ideal personal leadership. And you want to work commitment. Once complete list tuning by typing: in that way the answer of the first list can sabotage the results from your second list? What do need to? How do you aplicarias your strengths in the realization of what you want? Creates a list of 3 important achievements to perform in the next seven days by applying the four guides of the article. Integrates these four guides in your journal and you really treading immensely rewarding personal expansion lands. Remember that in leadership, there are no shortcuts and there is nothing complicated in mastery.