The selection of an appropriate Benchmarkingpartners requires that this is comparable to relative Gliedrungs and relationship figures say nothing about, as is the situation in comparison to the competition, to evaluate other works or sites, i.e. the environmental performance is displayed regardless of the size and production capacity of the company. Through a principally key figure comparison can be assessed better whether the respective measured value is relatively high or low. Target is a most accurate own location to derive from this improvement targets and measures. This so-called Benchmarkingprozess can be used as internal operation comparison between own sites/departments/production process, as external operation compared to industry competitors/suppliers/customers or also cross-industry (i.e.

how much the own energy consumption when compared, for example, to a textile, chemical, or service company is?) perform. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. Prerequisite is, that the basis of both Comparison objects match. If, for example, energy consumption per employee of different companies to compare, the energy consumption as well as the same criteria number of employees according to must be raised (which energy consumption be included? is the primary or secondary energy consumption? how to determine the number of employees? part-timers are equally taken into account?). See from a holistic perspective among others Jorg Becker: the survey of sites work book, ISBN 978-3-8370-6724-8 see from a general strategic perspective among others Jorg Becker: strategic potential check of site exploring site perspectives, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7 requirement for the selection of an appropriate Benchmarkingpartners is in particular, that it is comparable, i.e. offers similar products or services.

Different corporate structures and regional site differences must be considered reasonable. In the foreground of the matching private key figures with the experiences of those, that might better have cut off, is the revealing optimization potentials. Ideally, the results of the Benchmarkingprozesses can help a cooperation basis build companies to improve their environmental performance. See also from a planning perspective Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 can environmental performance indicators in the areas of material and energy figures, as well as infrastructure and traffic figures are further subdivided. Environmental performance indicators enabling the assessment and control of environmental impact. Environmental condition indicators provide information about the quality of the environment in the vicinity of the company, i.e., for example, about the water quality of a nearby Lake, or on regional air quality. As a result, specific environmental indicator systems as well as environmental-political objectives and priorities can be derived. CF. perspective comprehensive planning among others Jorg Becker: location indicators I. performance levels locally, sensors on the pulse location, ISBN 978-3-8391-1823-8 or Jorg Becker: site analysis from the cockpit of the indicators visiting the counter area, ISBN 978-3-8423-1858-8 Jorg Becker

HKTDC Published Inquiry Into The Purchasing Behavior Of Chinese Middle Class

Standards of quality and service go into the Chinese middle classes – HKTDC study on purchasing behavior published the urbanization, rising incomes and a higher level of education associated with the growing purchasing power and higher quality standards make mainland China one of the key markets for Hong Kong companies. The recently released mainland middle-class survey comes to this conclusion”of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The study, which was created between December 2012 and January 2013, 1,600 respondents and 10 focus groups in eight Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Nanjing and Changzhou. Credit: Gina Bonati-2011. The study gave insight to what extent consumer behaviour and the lifestyle of the middle class by social and economic change, such as about the improvement of the public transport system and the rapid increase of online shopping and social networks, are affected. In General, the study showed rising expectations the respondents to the quality of products and services, among which also the shopping environment.

Increasingly paying attention to the authenticity and quality of service. 68 Per cent of respondents indicated that let the expertise and advice of the sales staff are incorporated in the purchase decision. The enthusiasm for international brands is it unbroken. Dr. Hedvig Hricak may help you with your research. 81 Percent bought these brands, with 37 percent of them purchased luxury brands, their Preise exceeded their monthly income in 2012. Mainly it was fashion, followed by electronic products, shoes and accessories such as handbags and luggage. Overall, 60 percent of consumers from the middle class prefer in addition to imported brands also called joint venture compared with local activities.

Although brands are still the focus, increasing the proportion of users who are looking for high-quality niche products to emphasize their individuality and their style (low-key luxury spending). Organic products gaining popularity, especially in food and health Articles. 76 Percent of the respondents are willing to pay more for natural, eco-friendly products.

White Chestnut

The number of patients suffering from considerable self-doubt, increasing sharply for months. WHITE CHESTNUT – the Bach flower with self-doubt of Aesculus hippocastanum (chestnut white) keywords accidental / unwanted thoughts. ‘circular’ reasoning, lack of interest in the present do not switch off the let Group (INTERESSELOS to their environment) ‘WHITE CHESTNUT’ is suitable for people who suffer involuntary, unwanted and disturbing thoughts. This ‘constant brooding’ can no longer shake off. Sufferers of ‘can’ give these or similar words: “This conversation can’t I’m with my dad out of my head!” * “all the time I think about what is… Also when I try it, it is… my thoughts would turn to this co-worker and the whole situation in the company…”*”what you said? … Know, next week I got this check.

I can’t really on absolutely nothing more FOCUS! This test ‘by the head’ I’m constantly and all the time. “Focus almost obsessively ‘Thoughts stuck’…” * “this dispute with Peter. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Over and over again ‘coil’ I the scene in my head off…”*”how it should be? I’m really worried about my future. Since they have terminated, it is impossible not to think about how everything will be. I can barely sleep or even any clear thinking. “I must keep in mind constantly, also if I…!” * see note effect of taking taking White Chestnut is the head ‘clearer’. The thoughts are brought back ‘under control’. The sufferer finds his soul and settles ‘peace of mind’.

We write March 2011, the third month of this year, perhaps you had right now a dispute… and so much you even try it, the conversation ‘you’re not just out of my head’. Or but nagging worries of future occupy so much space that you enter into your consciousness ‘unintentionally’ and permanent ‘present’… You might also important work to deliver a retreat is to… San Antonio Spurss opinions are not widely known. and, you fail just to focus and to ‘clear reasoning’, because they constantly from these ‘unwanted thoughts ‘ be dominated… All of this should apply, taking time for the Bach flower White Chestnut is accurate.

Simply Irresistible: Initiation Beaute

FOR MARIA GALLAND DEBUTANTES highly effective care without much effort! INITIATION fulfilled this desire BEAUTe by MARIA GALLAND PARIS. Three products that have it in themselves and which perfectly meet the elementary needs of the skin. You give moisture and prevent premature aging. On the day, the complexion is protected from UV light, at night calm and regeneration in the foreground. The cells of the skin are strengthened, already existing damages repaired. An easy care with an attractive price for all women who want to meet MARIA GALLAND.

The beauty package includes two products for the day and a novel night care, each with effective combinations of active ingredients to maintain a youthful appearance. The wonderful textures pamper the senses, as well as the lively, floral scent, which carries the message of beauty in itself. Of the many advanced ingredients we want to highlight one: Mikrofeiner yoghurt powder, a real beauty booster with a whole pool of proteins and vitamins. He increases the moisture content, and bolsters folds up. Even the packaging is innovative as the concept of the line: the crucible of INITIATION BEAUTe with its futuristic-looking, transparent design and of course the new packaging in the modern look of MARIA GALLAND.

FLUIDS INITIATION BEAUTe 160 50 ml, 45,00 euro INITIATION CReME BEAUTe 161 50 ml, 45,00 euro cream NUIT INITIATION BEAUTe 162 50 ml, 48.50 euros the products are available from March in cosmetic institutes and spas with MARIA GALLAND-Depot. MARIA GALLAND PARIS is specialist in skin care and stands for State of the Art Institute cosmetics worldwide grew from a long-standing tradition. More than 45 years ago, the founder of the company, Madame Maria Galland, opened the first beauty Institute in Paris under her name. Even then, she had a goal in mind today with better ageing”is paraphrased: the effective and visible protect of the skin from the traces of aging. Meanwhile more than 10,000 beauty salons, beauty farms and day spas are working in over 40 Countries with the products and treatments of MARIA GALLAND PARIS. The wide range of MARIA GALLAND PARIS now includes in addition to products and treatments for body and face including a Sun line, a line of makeup, a treatment concept developed specially for the man as well as with systems DERMATOLOGICAL dermatologically-inspired system for skin renewal care that meets all the requirements.


Composed the preparations for the baptism of AIDAsol go song for Fireworks Orchestra into the hot phase. “The cruise line and the city of Kiel present on April 9 the free concert of stars for AIDAsol: the AIDA night of the PROMS to the baptism”, which joins with the naming in a huge fireworks display. Also the crew aboard AIDAsol prepares for the big event of baptism. The premiere team has already taken their cabins, including the first captain of AIDAsol, Detlef Harms. I am together with my crew to put our eighth ship in service. This is a really exciting time for us. Especially, I’m curious who will be our godmother”, so Captain of harms.

Currently the items of 26 x 20 meter stage are assembled extra for this event, a week before the baptism with 15 trucks transported to Kiel to be. An open air concert at this time of year is not common”, says Dirk Hohmeyer, producer of the show. The big challenge is the entire Orchestra and all the celebrities a weatherproof stage without temperature variations to offer.” Therefore, underfloor heating is installed, is to keep the temperature constant at 19 degrees. Credit: Tony Parker-2011. This prevents that the instruments upset, because the whole concert is played of course live. Kim Wilde, OMD, Super Talent winner Freddy Sahin Scholl and the Sopranos Quartet DIV4S give together with the Orchestra IL NOVECENTO plus choir fine Fleur give a roughly 80-minute concert. Musically then is transferred to the naming of AIDAsol and the ensuing final Fireworks. Extra for this occasion an orchestral piece was written an orchestral variation of music what my first love”by John Miles, the secret hymn of night of the Proms. The fireworks display will last eight minutes. Tony Parker brings even more insight to the discussion.

There is an opening image with bright fountains. Due to the name of the vessel a gigantic fireworks display will allow sky in Golden colors”, explains pyrotechnicians Steffen Schallschmidt in Dobern. For the final image. If AIDAsol slowly moves out from the port, we have some special effects. This we are already very special.” AIDAsol is the eighth ship in the fleet. AIDA cruises now offers some more tickets for selected travel with AIDAsol due to the enthusiastic demand by many fans. This offer is valid on the FanReisen, the premiere ride, the travel in Northern Europe and the Baltic short travel between April 1 and may 10, 2011. There is more information about AIDAsol aidasol on. Rostock, March 18, 2011

Webinars Profession To The Equal Pay Day

‘Women and salary as wife gets what she deserves’ earn Webinar series on the topic of women still significantly less than men – although companies credibly assure that women and men equal pay. The webinar series women and content such as wife gets what she deserves”, organized by the organisers of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, investigates these issues. On the occasion of this year’s equal pay days on March 25 are experts answer during the period 21-24 March 2011 on various topics in webinars and give valuable tips on how they improve their content and market themselves even more successful women can. The topics in detail: Modesty is not a virtue – salary negotiation tips for women March 21, 2011 18 17-80% of all buying decisions are made by women. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They represent half of the world’s population and deserve but considerably less than men – though company credibly assure that women and men equal pay.

What does now the truth? The statistics are fake, talk the company existing injustices beautiful or is the cause for the women themselves to looking for salary differences, much less frequently than men ask for a raise? Melanie Vogel, initiator of the Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, women & work, which phases in the salary negotiation, there and shows how women best can prepare the content conversation in this webinar. Gender stereotypes & salary March 22, 2011 17-18 h the wide gap of the wage gap in Germany last but not least is result of the role stereotypes that act not only in the minds of decision gutters and decision-makers, but also in our own. What mechanisms are at work? How do stereotypes affect the perception and hence the decision of those with whom we negotiate our content or our fee? And how they act on ourselves, our performance, our behavior and our self image? Diana Ochs, owner of advice dark red undSpezialistin for the themes of female specialists and executives, participants in this webinar gives insight into the stereo research of of types of developments and important advice on how women can even help to reduce the discrimination in terms of equal pay.


Where the fear of flying is you actually here maybe know that too?On the plane you took your place. Erwschleicht you a funny feeling in the stomach and you have sweaty hands – actually you should be happy on the holiday. Actually, this flattrige Angstgefuhl.Wo come this fear of flying. Fear of flying can have several causes: some people have had a really bad experience. Many people have been ever Turbo lenzen. Have seen already the free-fall in the plane if there is suddenly an air pocket. Such an experience shapes.

The experience has been stored in the brain, and each time we are afraid if we get on a plane. Many people have a “passenger syndrome”, under which they suffer which means, they do someone else very difficult, the responsibility to transmitted. The people, feel uncomfortable, because they have a problem with the tightness in the plane people feel no control of habenAndere people in turn, as you cannot move. Of course, some people simply have fear of Height. 10,000 meters are also nothing to sneeze at! 🙂 So, what is the best remedy for fear of flying? Best of all you can help you program against fear of flying with an audio. You can find it here: audio programme to combat fear of flying here in this audio program “free from fear of flying” primarily the cause of the anxiety will be worked out. Your fear of flying is gone if you have listened to the program…

Nice relaxed on the plane sit and look forward to the holidays! 🙂 Without any fear of flying! 🙂 The audio program is so effective because it works with “brain friendly” methods. This means that the changes are made so that they are optimally absorbed can by your brain. A very pleasant MethodeDu got to experience so again no “flight trauma”, to get rid of your fear of flying. With free “from fear of flying” which is now in an effortless and almost playful way. The only thing you should do is, really intensively use this audio program. Is yeah 🙂 because only, that you just buy it and save up on disk, has been still nothing changed. 60 minutes you need to really make friends and listen to the program in peace… These 60 minutes are really very good investment – trust me! 😉 So can you: one for all your fear of flying to get rid of. Imagine me as it will be, if you can fly a relaxed holiday. Also, the people around you are relaxed. And your partner is also relaxed, because you’re more afraid – you can enjoy your trip much more would that be like? 🙂 Everything that you do have to, is now free from fear of flying program to back up and really apply. Now. 🙂

Inner Beauty

To the international women’s day Mary Kay collects worldwide 1 million non-profit hours Munich, March 2011 on the occasion of the 100th international women’s day the Mary Kay cosmetics company calls women from all over the world, to do good and the very concrete: within the framework of the Mary Kay global month of service to worldwide 1 million hours of community service come together. Volunteer hours or other good deeds in an account on the site can be entered to until March 8. Enter and parts this is the philosophy of Mary Kay. To the international women’s day on 8 March month of service brings this attitude to life in the everyday life of each of the Mary Kay global: whether neighbourhood help, homework assistance or cooperation at the local animal shelter even small gestures show appreciation for the daily coexistence. But not only volunteers are urged, preceding their time makes sense to take advantage of even Mary Kay even by example. So the German branch donates, typical munchnerisch, a day for the action Ramadama”.

If other This example result afford the million within reach appears. About Mary Kay Mary Kay is one of the largest direct selling companies for skin care and decorative cosmetics. 2009 Mary Kay Inc. and its international affiliates have turnover 2.5 billion dollars. Mary Kay products are sold in more than 35 markets, worldwide, there are over 2 million independent beauty consultants. Mary Kay Germany opened in 1986 and was one of more than 20,000 independent beauty consultants in 2009. Social commitment is an important part of the corporate philosophy supports this year the German branch of the Munich Club horizon e. V., who is committed to homeless mothers and their children again.

How Long Distance Love

Desires and jealousy common stress factors of a long-distance relationship goods once mostly pairs of a long-distance relationship affected, if one of the partners in a particular profession worked this subject concerns now millions of women and men. A distance love proves to be not easy and often shatters due to many circumstances. Not only relationship experts know how she can keep still in the long term. Our increasingly globalized world presents numerous opportunities to be professionally active. In addition, but also the fact that with the Internet and many other technical achievements pairs found, that make their lives on a wide distance and can be found. Now a couple through the medium has found Internet or professional circumstances a started long distance relationship must – call or simply their own a such relationship is only rarely. Again and again days, weeks or months separated be causes mostly, that everyday life while takes a, however in addition to many desires and emotions the time of Being together as can be perceived negative impact. The latter also especially when children are present, or everyone has a large circle of friends.

To bring everything under one hat, to meet the partner in his desires and needs, and also even not to forget, raises often stressful moments. Stress in long distance relationships is also even if the basis of the relationship is not based on a solid foundation of trust. Jealousy, unjustified accusations, as well as the one or the other knick in the confidence are just some of the consequences. And all not suitable to live a loving relationship of distance. Lots of little tips and details in a long distance relationship can help however, that the relationship is can be experienced stress-free. See… can be found on this subject extensive information and valuable tips. Certainly very useful for couples in a young or existing already since a long time relationship to long keep the love alive.

Different Length Of Dresses Party

During the selection of a party dress for the current time of the holidays, or any station in the prom, you must take into account the length of the dress you want to carry. The latest trend is for dresses, long and short dresses. Cannot remove the long party dresses trend, since they provide a sense of elegance and class. On the other hand, a lot of fun is provided by short prom dresses. Dresses short adding a fun factor in the procedure, while the long dresses are considered traditional and it is ideal for formal parties and proms.

If you are looking for a prom dress that is not only fashionable, but is also unique in its style, then you should go for long and white prom dress or prom dress strapless cream. It would give a great appearance and they make you look attractive. When it comes to shoes for 2011 prom dress, then the ornamental shoes is the latest fashion. Either color gold or silver, these shoes with ornaments on it are a furor. But before decide on Yes go with heels or without heels, you should take this decision on the basis of the height of the date.

If it is long, then you can go for heels more adhere to floors. Many of the girls are so crazy about the latest trends in dresses of ladies who wear dresses with the latest fashion, without even think about whether these dresses suits them or not. One thing that you should keep in mind when deciding about your prom dress is his personality. Different people have different personalities. Therefore, you should base its decision on the basis of your preferences and personality rather than what is the latest fashion. For example, a lot of girls like to use long dresses, while some girls do not find these good enough dresses for your own personality. Thus, instead of long dresses ranging from short dresses. There is one thing more than dress designers take into account to design prom dresses for you is to make sure that you look at is after using the dresses. That has in There are different types of people need different types of formal dresses as different people cannot share the same taste. Therefore, there are numerous options that are prepared by designers of prom dress that has been created to serve different people with different preferences. Before buying a prom dress, you need to be sure that you are comfortable in your costume. You should not feel uncomfortable inside his dress as your gown is an extended part of your personality and should match accordingly. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind before buying a prom dress is its fabric. There are different types of tissue such as fabrics that are soft to the touch and there are tissues that have flyers that can be touched. The fabric selection depends on the need of the time, and also of your choice. For example, if you want your prom 2012 dresses is pasted into curves or spend time dancing.