Simon Esser

Absolution of the Brewers and Maltsters in Burgsteinfurt: beer from Germany must shy away from global competition. Around 7,000 brewers and Maltsters work between Flensburg and Berchtesgaden, as guardian of the German purity law. In the North Rhine-Westphalian breweries there are currently 99 young people who learn this interesting profession. 13 of them were now absolved of the Burgsteinfurter private brewery A. Rolinck befitting after passing trade. Simon Esser from the King brewery in Duisburg was especially honored for its outstanding exam results. At the beginning of the teaching we have tabled already the little finger our trainees”, says Thomas Bressem, technical director of the private brewery Rolinck. Absolution ceremony we now give the hand our new colleagues and record them in the Guild of brewers and Maltsters.” Since 1826, beer is brewed in Burgsteinfurt.

Today, the brewery comes with their 73 employees to 220,000 hectolitres total output in the year. It is important for us and at the same time an obligation to educate their own professional offspring.” Jurgen Witt of the brewery Association NRW is convinced: Brewers and Maltsters are needed in spite of automation in the future. The training period is now closed. Now it says to put what you learned into action.” The Managing Director is not arrived empty-handed Burgsteinfurt. For the three best-in-test there checks about 300, 200 and 100 euros.

Especially for Simon Esser from the King brewery, it was a day to shine, because he became best 98 points by the Audit Committee. We didn’t have that after the revision of the examination regulations two years ago still”, Oliver Landsberger praised Chairman of the Audit Committee in Dortmund, the excellent performances of the young man. It is now at the forefront in our list. The 22-year-old will work now until the summer in his former training company in Duisburg. Then I go to Weihenstephan, beverage and brewing study”, tells Simon Esser. What I’m going to make the five-year study, is still in the stars. But I’m staying in any case in the industry. The production of beer is my life.”

Restaurant Tip

Dine like a Nobel Laureate each year on December 10th, when awarded the Nobel prizes in Stockholm throughout Sweden holds its breath. If you have read about George Laughlin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. When receiving a large number of famous guests, everything must be just behind the scenes. The Stockholm noble restaurant Stadshuskallaren ensures an exclusive food and wine result in the evening to Chef de cuisine, Gunnar Eriksson. The meticulously planned dinner itself is determined by the Nobel Prize Committee. After the ceremony, it is possible to enjoy of the exquisite dishes to come even as a tourist. The travel portal reveals how Nobel Prize winners eat. Who is planning a trip to Stockholm, should mark the 10th December in the calendar.

On the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, State of emergency prevails in the city. Many scientists and prominent guests arrive to the Nobel award ceremony in the Konserthuset at the hotorget square and accept their honors. Already weeks in advance, begins in September, the planning of the exclusive dinner sequence. Is bias as one of each so extraneous detail, this lettuce leaf or an improperly placed garnish on plates, highest attention. The table decoration flies a day before the ceremony from San Remo. In the Italian spa town, Nobel had spent many winter and died there in 1896. The day of the Nobel award ceremony is an exciting event not only for the guests. As well, the entire kitchen and serving staff is under power.

Over 300 operations and upper, 30 chefs and 25 dishwasher be used. In addition, only five people just so are employed to open bottles of wine in the evening.


And up to here only we spoke of summer celebrations, also known like romeras and supervisory celebrations. But Galicia continues being very very traditional nun and this do that every week, in some of its thousands of parishes a celebration is celebrated in which the gastronomy mother country, the bagpipes and the wine reunite to foreign neighbors and. We do not forget either feudal Galicia the farmer, the Earth, the nobility and the castle. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boxing champion offers on the topic.. In the middle of August the revolt of ” is commemorated; irmandios” against the gentlemen of Moeche, in a celebration in which all the countrymen march at midnight against the medieval castle loaded with torches. Galicia also counts on very popular celebrations of Carnival (Entroido) in Vern and Laza (Ourense). Eva Andersson-Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue.

These celebrations are carried out by ” peliqueiros” , personages disguised with masks very characteristic and armed with a species of whip (sheepskin). To its step, doing to sound the cowbells that hang of their belt, ” peliqueiros” they stoke the public. One is apotropaico rite (that frightens the evil), that practices from time immemorial. On the occasion of the great celebrations of Galicia, some airline companies and establishments hotelkeepers offer supplies that include cheap flights more hotel. A good option to travel by the celebrations of Galicia, is to look for supplies of car rental to cross hidden places and to enjoy those of small towns and cities. For your next escape to the Galician Earth, you do not doubt in consulting online the best options and supplies to live an unforgettable experience.

The Music Of Erich Zann

The team was assembled bassist and owner of his own label 'Aaarrg' Ralph Hubert (Ralph Hubert). To record the first demo-tape Ralph invited some musicians from the group of Rage, in particular, Jorg Michael (Jorg Michael), strengthened the structure of Jochen Schroeder (Jochen Schroder), whose place will soon come from the Living death Kelh Reiner (Reiner Kelh) and Frank Fricke (Frank Fricke). Soon the group was left Peavy, as he decided to concentrate fully on the Rage. Output of the first album was a major event in the history of European trash, and the second plate has brought the team international recognition. Both discs are built on complex rhythmic and harmonic structures, while the second album, The Music Of Erich Zann, at the same melodic perfection is much more complicated debut. e with these questions. The concept album was put a literary work created by writer H. P.

Lovecraft. Around this album are actively circulating rumors that he will be the last. In early 1989, Mekong Delta have offered their reading of 'Concerto for Piano and Orchestra' little-known Spanish composer Ginesterry. Along with the 'Toccata' released their third album, which is not a musical embodiment of any concept. Plate contains several innovations. Appeared uncharacteristic of previous work 'Mekong Delta' acoustic party, thrash foundation here is combined with classic themes of hard-rock mid-70's.

In general, the sound came extremely emotional and causes the listener an unforgettable experience. The fourth album – Dances Of Death – confirmed the enormous potential of the musicians. Gorgeous techno-trash in the basis of which both his own material, and arrangements of the classics. At this time the play Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain '(Night On A Bare Mountain). In 1991, the veil of secrecy to the team slept slowly, and the band went into a small tour in Holland and Germany, playing in particular Depressive Age. To play songs from the band's album was real, the group maintained a session guitarist. The result of live performances was the live album Live at an exhibition. In 1992, on the shelves of music shops around the next album – Kaleidoscope. He helped the team gain new fans. On this album was done a cover version of the song Genesis 'Dance on a volcano'. When the staffing problems have been solved, followed by a two-year pause, during which came to light collection 'Classics', consisting of both the name of nothing but 'classical' treatments. In 1994 came the album 'Visions Fugitive', which is dominated by the 'Suite for Group and Orchestra'. There followed a lull in the ranks of the group for a period of two years. His end was marked by the album 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. This album was entirely instrumental, so Doug Lee was not mentioned in the booklet with the disc. The disc is conceptual and is a weighted processing of 'Pictures at an Exhibition' Hubert is so beloved by Mussorgsky. After the release, Mekong Delta took a break for a whole 10 years. The band recorded a new album Lurking Fear in 2007 alone. Albums of: 1987 – Mekong Delta 1988 – The Music of Erich Zann 1989 – Toccata (EP) 1989 – The Principle of Doubt 1990 – Dances of Death (and other Walking Shadows) 1991 – Live at an Exhibition 1992 – Kaleidoscope 1993 – Classics 1994 – Visions Fugitives 1996 – Pictures at an Exhibition 2007 – Lurking Fear

Current Budget Calculator

Just the new budget calculator has appeared, edited by the renowned Freiburger Fachverlag creativ collection GmbH. The decades established and reliable tool for advertising, media planning and budgeting becoming more and more especially in economically turbulent times meaning as a decision aid in all monetary aspects of the advertising industry. Who quickly and easily needs information about whether an additional advertising or marketing service in the budget fits, you will get realistic anytime, anywhere answers with this instrument. So the budget calculator not only in establishing the advertising budget proves its usefulness, but helps also to act in the short term or to respond to flexibly adapt a current budget, which can be decisive over the success or failure of a campaign. The clarity, ease of use and the content always up to date installed made the budget calculator to, what it is: the advertising tool that simply part. In the current issue are Prices and a range of regional and national print media containing as well the television and radio channels.

Also, you can find plenty of outdoor advertising, direct marketing and online advertising. In detail, the fees for the various areas of the advertising industry are also represented. The comprehensive and carefully researched data be compressed represented and all relevant information clearly and presented. Both the register and the typographic layout facilitate targeted access, so that the user demonstrably faster to the required planning data, than would be possible by electronic means. Using the integrated hub can at a glance the costs of major media and advertising materials capture, allowing realistic estimate virtually all Agency and production cost of catalogues and brochures. Also scopes, circulation figures and types of paper are taken into account. With its compact 22 pages, the budget calculator weighs barely 200 g and fits in any Briefcase. All data is valid for the entire German-speaking, regional differences were taken into account.

In addition, the rates for Austria are listed separately. Finally, it should be mentioned that the budget calculator anonymous index numbers or complicated price formulas without the data appear clear in euros.

Aprons Festival

Festival of good taste: four days gourmet festival in Berlin / catering locations by backing culinary delights include the beautiful things of in life. Who doesn’t like clean restaurants delicious dishes and matching wines to enjoy. \”But where this time?\” one wonders just in the big cities, which have to offer a wide range of restaurants and catering businesses. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Betty Reynolds and gain more knowledge.. Operators must offer a lot more today than the mere supply of their guests. San Antonio Spurs understands that this is vital information. The industry is built on attractive and concept strong performances and relies on innovative first, just in the outdoor area.

From July 30 to August 2 2009, taste of Berlin will therefore in Berlin the kick-off event\”held the first of a series of gourmet festivals in Germany. Others including real-estate developer, offer their opinions as well. The top restaurants in the capital and selected chefs of tasting menu of exquisite menus are offered in the summer garden of the fair cooking experience under the motto\”. This matching environment of culinary enjoyment is a highlight of the event. The catering service is mobile space solutions from Losberger supports, which stand for excellent locations anywhere in the world. \”The event idea in the Organizer is to combine the theme of cooking with individual taste sensations and the visitors enjoy with all senses\” to make tasty. Around 30 Berlin top chefs and restaurants offer starters, main courses and desserts in sample sizes from their exclusive menus.

In addition to these delights offered a rich program with wine tastings and cooking demonstrations by well known television chefs. Manufacturers and suppliers of special products around the theme of cooking are present on their stands. Selected musicians and artists create a cosy atmosphere. With the concept, it bridges the gap between fine cuisine and the atmosphere of a stylish Garden Festival. The summer garden is the perfect place for it. He combines the excellent infrastructure of the Messegesellschaft the pleasant character of a garden party.

World Championships

Media usage patterns of users has changed fundamentally in the past few years with far-reaching positive effects for the creativity in online marketing. This is reflected in the total share of global advertising expenditure: by 2009, according to the latest study by ZenithOptimedia, the advertising medium will grow online six times as fast as conventional media. The increasing number of broadband Internet connections, which grew last year alone in Germany by 18 percent, and rose to 60 per cent above average, resulted in, inter alia, that can retrieve user of individual, broadband content anytime, anywhere and perceive interactive activities. So the Internet – can accommodate three media use – not only more information, but also numerous creative new forms of advertising now. George Laughlin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Strongest trend above all others is the video ad, which is standard for the purchase decision of 2,6 times according to dynamic logic market is more effective than a static image. Portals such as YouTube and MySpace have long since recognized this, but more and more companies want to reach a new and especially young audience with creative video clips. The best example in Germany is the car manufacturer VW, with the viral marketing campaign for Horst Schlammer”, the first really successful and attention-grabbing communication should be a big brand in the Web 2.0 with over a million Videoviews launched in the month.

The figures show: video advertising is a serious business model on the Internet. A recent study on the subject of click-through rates noted recently that new formats such as video ads achieve above-average click numbers, while the classic formats such as banner ads have clearly falling numbers. Forecasts assume that video ads advertising spending will increase this year by 89 percent. In Europe, the advertising sales on the Internet with rich media formats of 230 million euros (2005) rose to 1.8 billion euros (DoubleClick study). Engagement marketing is the key for rich media formats, called dialog-based advertising, the user can interact with brand-related topics. The new forms of online advertising should move the consumers, to deal with the advertised product and context.

Users can get added value beyond pure product information about comprehensive content offerings and perceive the brand in a broader context. Advertisers have reversed the chance to fill product-related themes or trends, to position themselves as experts, and to extend that brand awareness and image. At the same time valuable data about the target group can be through interactions such as winning games win and use it for further dialog-based marketing activities. Dance to L.A. with the campaign”or the World Championships for women”special of the sporting goods manufacturer Nike and Jo brand have realized already corresponding concepts.

Home Services In Cologne

Which craftsmen are searched frequently? Who deletes my apartment? 100 sqm wall area, color will be. Until the 5th of may in Cologne.” “Or: who performs my move?” So or something like it looks, the Cologne request after a craftsman on MyHammer. Right now in the spring, it’s fun to embellish your own four walls. For those who don’t feel free to create paint, this means to hire a master painter. Find a handyman in the Internet, which is according to the study “Craft auctions on the Internet” by Michael Gapes, Humboldt University of Berlin, to the trend. More and more people are looking for hard-working helpers in the World Wide Web. MyHammer as biggest provider is popular also with the Cologne and is commonly used. Over 5,000 Cologne tradesmen and service providers are looking for interesting jobs on the portal and 20,000 Cologne contracting authority find support for their projects. If you would like to know more about George Laughlin, then click here.

As a craftsman from the close quickly and easily can be found for technical problems! In the “” “Comparison of different categories reflected the preferences of the Cathedral City residents: while painters, painters” and removals and transports “are the most popular categories and include almost as many orders, followed in third place by garden and landscaping”. The requests for supply and installation of rolling lawns, as well as the construction of fences are popular in this season. “” Slightly further back in the popularity scale: carpenters, wood, carpenters ‘and EDP, telecommunications”. With the fifth place in the popularity test cuts EDP, telecommunications”as largest Cologne from services category. Because you can find easily and quickly on MyHammer not only the craftsmen, but also the service providers. Search the Web for craftsmen? Easy and quick to.

Managing Director

Investor protection: Pure honorary consulting effectively protects against profit-driven false advice who knows this situation actually not: the Bank Adviser recommends his clients enthusiastically and with seemingly good arguments a cash investment. But can the customer of also in good conscience to trust that the featured product is really good and his need to especially? Our experience shows: many customers are given the complexity of investment products through the right choice first basically very insecure. “, explains Ulf Niklas, Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann on the corner of roses in Berlin-Grunewald. The result will followed in the far vast majority of cases therefore the recommendation of the consultant. What should – be not wrong per se but could. The problem lies behind the scenes.”Stephanie Lehmann, also Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann explains. A commercial bank’s client advisors are under very high profit pressure.” In the Frame up bi-weekly sales performance conversations must justify his previously obtained earnings the customer advisor.

The customer Advisor behind its agreed objectives lie back, what the normally given deliberately ambitious targets, so get the simple need to sell hochprovisionierte products. Exactly this fatal mechanism reset then the customer needs to the income needs of the Bank”, explains Ulf Niklas. “And that may not be easy.” Outlined where especially closed-end funds, shares and certificates with up to 10% would be sold internal concealed provisioning particularly fond – at the expense of the customer performance. There are examples of this mechanism in many places. You may find Georgia Groome to be a useful source of information. They are also often the starting point for the eligibility of financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann. A certificate with thirteen runtime was sold a year customer. The premature sale is due to the low value paper rate most Secondary market only with high loss possible. That know the customer first will, of course, if would like to materialize the projected income and sell prematurely”Stephanie Lehmann runs.

One could speak there hardly more of demand-oriented investor advice. Another customer for fear of new, compelling recommendations of his bank Advisor transfer fresh money secretly to another account. Ulf Niklas explains: the latter example shows a problem of another, yet very underrated from our experience and assessment in the public discussion so far. Many customers simply not dare, their bank consultants clear no ‘ to say, to close accounts, products critically and ultimately refusing to question or to request alternatives according to your own requirements. They are simply uncomfortable.” Precisely for this reason they offer regularly free information events its clients and all interested parties – with great resonance and great success. We explain the content the counseling sessions and are mainly for the individual questions about the available. “, explains Stephanie Lehmann. In addition we offer also, to accompany the customers at the next consultation. This offer become used especially by older customers.

Underlays Once

Oil paintings of artist: a little titanium white, a pinch of black. Protective layer: 200 ml of polyurethane varnish (4 layers) sandpaper (grade 240), lint-free cotton cloth, household paint brush 40 mm, two plates for mixtures thin plastic bag, brush 70 mm, round sable brush, brush 40 mm varnished Underlays Once you have the area prepared, sanded and dust-free, domestic use brush to apply a coat of eggshell and allow to dry 24 hours. Sand lightly and remove dust with a damp cloth. Apply a second coat of eggshell paint and let dry for two days. Then sand the surface and remove dust layer of enamel colors Put oil in a bowl, add linseed oil and varnish driers, and stir well. Finally add the white spirit (slowly) and mix well to obtain a transparent glaze, but not too much fluid (a creamy consistency). Apply an even layer to the surface with a paint brush home.

Let dry 12 hours. Make a ball with the plastic bag and, holding her hand, pressed against wet glaze to create irregular patterns across the surface. Mix gently drawing from a brush. With a clean cloth wrapped on his forefinger, removing areas enamel semi wet to become visible parts of the base layer. Let dry 12 hours. Addition of the grain. Mix the oils in a bowl and stir well. To achieve a natural look, do not use pure white.

Keep up the sable brush and place it at an angle of 90 from the surface. From this position, always working to trace the grain back and twisting, from time to time, the brush strokes to create the casual forms of water features marble. Let dry two to three days. Layers of protection. Apply at least four coats of varnish, let dry 12 hours between coats, sanding and gently clean every time. With this sophisticated work can be achieved by painting an effect that mimics the veining of the marble on a wooden surface.