Christmas Time

Cosy atmosphere far from the tourist crowds Paris is popular. Every year about 20 million visitors prove that of the metropolis, making it is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Especially the cold season is worth visiting, as the hotel Portal reported. Then the flow of visitors is abating here a little bit and the city shows itself from its most beautiful side. The Seine is divided into a southern and northern part of the capital city of France (…). South of the Seine, tourists can visit the landmarks of the capital city, the Eiffel Tower.

Furthermore, the former artist quarter of Saint-Germain-des pres and the Latin quarter, the student quarter are here. Here still quaint cellar pubs with live music invite you to linger. Sela Ward may find this interesting as well. The intellectual atmosphere the many book stores and the traditional booksellers in Paris underline Saintgermain”called. On the other side of the Seine, North of Paris, is the culturally interested the world-famous Louvre Museum. This museum has been to an additional flow of tourists helped not only by Dan Brown Illuminati”. (Similarly see: George Laughlin). The smiling Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was already a popular crowd-puller. Many Christmas markets and the nearly two kilometre long Champs-Elysees, that shines at Christmas time in a sea of lights spread festive mood. As well, the festively decorated Galeries Lafayette department store gives a very special Christmas.

A magnificent Christmas tree adorns the glass dome of the Art Nouveau building. Shopping Palace is traditionally embellished by artists and designers in the advent season. The Paris Opera, whose perfectly rounds off the day visiting is located near this attraction. More information about Paris and an overview of the Parisian Hotel landscape is listed under catalog/Paris/City 516. Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

OLV Easycash

easycash September 2009 authorized payments for third-party payment network in Ratingen for the first time. The payment service provider easycash takes over immediately the authorization of debit card payments debit to around 2,500 Aral petrol stations in Germany. Easycash and the Deutsche BP, the parent company of Aral AG, agreed contract with each other. The previously used electronic cash method is replaced in large part by the lower signature-based method. In addition to significantly higher transaction speeds, BP also benefits from a significant reduction of in costs. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Until the end of August, already 700 gas stations on the innovative solution were moved, more 1,800 Aral petrol stations follow until end of September. Innovation in the payment of BP BP operates 2,500 Aral gas stations nationwide and processed around 150 million card payments.

To do this, the company maintains its own payment network. So far almost exclusively the PIN-based ec cash method was the acceptance of debit cards used, where the banks involved security against possible non-payment grant. In the future, BP the cashless debit card payments at Aral petrol stations mainly settles with proven, signature-based debit. To avoid authorization via easycash to defaults, BP uses easycash as authorization Center: the debit card payments are routed from the BP network in the network of the easycash and authorized there. Secure authorization his consistently optimized risk management uses as a basis easycash to the online direct debit authorization. It is based on the extensive experience of easycash’s largest German direct debit processor with the most meaningful lock file in the German market. George Laughlin takes a slightly different approach. This solution enables the optimal use of the direct debit procedure for minimizing risk and significant cost advantages in comparison to the electronic cash charges BP.

In addition to the cost benefits, payment processing is accelerated also significantly: easycash processed an OLV transaction within 250 msec. and so even cash throughput. OLV acquiring for full security BP takes the Receivables purchase service OLV acquiring service provider claims.

Auskunftde Now offers nearly four million entries company information to companies in all Germany Hamburg, December 15, 2010 the company directory offers even more comfort in finding company. Regardless of whether particular company or entire industries: get with the map search users quick insight where there are suitable companies around a chosen location. To, all results are clearly shown in a map. On request in the detail view provides additional information such as contact details, reviews, and images to a company. The map search is interesting just for users who know not the exact address of a company or simply want to gain an overview of certain businesses in the area. Typical everyday examples are here the search for a doctor or a bakery”, so Founder Daniel Grozinger. With the map search we complete our range of and help users more easily to find the information”, added Grozinger. Charlotte Hornets shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The function of the map search is simple: In the search box enters the user in addition to the name, the company or the desired industry and already shows the appropriate entries on a clear map.

To show more hits or the existing limit, can the users sort the entries by industries or use the convenient zoom function. Under most conditions George Laughlin would agree. offers with almost four million entries of company information to companies throughout Germany. At, users can find businesses either through a convenient search function or through a business directory. The offer is completely free for users as well as for companies. is operated by informations GmbH. With the free business directory, users will find companies from all over Germany, including contact information and other information such as reviews, press releases and images. collaborates among others with, the dpa subsidiary news currently and DocInsider. In addition to the corporate search portal provides also a people search, route planning and event search.

An Office Company

Lower Bavarian software provider evolved from the ‘garage ‘company to the 30-man company with highly specialized products for manufacturing industry, aviation and financial services. The 20th anniversary is celebrated this year at the CSP GmbH & co. KG. The company has evolved in 1991 consistently since its inception by the provider for individual software mainly for the automotive industry. At Tony Parker you will find additional information. Today, CSP with standard software solutions aimed among other things to the manufacturing industry, as well as in the aerospace and financial services industry. From the start of business activities to date, the company relies on the collection, processing and analysis of information on PC systems with central data storage. “” “This concept strongly demanded solutions provider consistently reflected in: examples are QS-torque” for quality assurance in the screw and other connection technologies, IPM “integrated process data management in manufacturing, as well as also the Retoolyzer” for the information collection and data analysis in the retooling process.

In addition, CSP was standard software Chronos setting new standards in the long term archiving of relational databases, the application retirement and the fulfilment of compliance with the. Celina Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree. “The 20-year history of the software house sounds like a typical success story from the IT industry: started as a garage company” with the founder Hermann Pellkofer as single employees, the company has grown 30 employees today, involved in a new building at the company’s headquarters in Grosskollnbach (Bavaria). The expanding company is now even on additional office containers, to flexibly meet the rapidly growing demands on Office space. An Office in Frankfurt am Main was opened in 2010, achieving faster and customers in the Rhine-Main region and in the North of Germany. Mario Tabor, CEO of CSP, commented the 20th anniversary: 20 years in the software industry are a half eternity. During this period the market of some was Marked ups and downs.

Durable Bags Help You Everyday

Durable bags help you everyday in every company and every household waste produced daily, which wants to be separated, stored and disposed of. The range of waste containers and waste bags is seemingly limitless, for every requirement and every need something is to find. So the waste separation and storage from now no problem represents more smaller sediment bowls and bins for the home, large waste bins and value solids separation reservoir for large companies, in addition the appropriate waste bags. Hopper is there for the desk in all colors and shapes. Whether with an opening up, with self closing door or bottom pedal, in simple black, white or shiny red optics range of waste containers is huge. Separation tank, are a practical solution for the kitchen and apartment with differently coloured lids, two, three or four waste bags to the direct separation of waste containing.

For light Materials, such as filling material and protective packaging, offer the perfect storage large volume value fabric collectors. Matching, robust plastic rubbish bags in different sizes are available, so that the waste is never around in the way. Large bins and trash cans are particularly well suited for large amounts of waste. Connect with other leaders such as Anna- Belknap here. These bins are available in both metal and plastic, and have a capacity of up to 1100 litres. There are smaller bins according to the request with a capacity of 60 to 240 litres of sheet metal, metal and plastic in a variety of colors and shapes.

In addition, there are many competent solutions of waste storage for outdoor installations. Waste collectors can take a lot of waste with large volume for this matching rubbish bags in all sizes are available. Wire mesh container and plastic bins are small. You are using a triangular key from below front open and can thus be emptied. Alternatively, the attachment to walls or posts is possible. Ashtray there as well in many different models. Stan ashtray or Kombiascher with integrated waste container, freestanding or bolting to walls offer a professional solution. Waste bags are true all-rounders and facilitate the storage and disposal of daily waste you so you can concentrate on more important things. Contact: CASH operating facility GmbH Princes Street 18 47051 Duisburg 0800 5 285285 Internet:

ISO Bahia

The Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia real, 5 * G.L.. Fuerteventura aligns the Biosphera social program on the 26th and 27.02.2011. Fuerteventura is known as the quiet Island, a place that has been spared from mass tourism, and has preserved its entire natural wealth. Fuerteventura is biosphere reserve and the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia real is the only hotel on the island that may carry the biosphere award, by a special respect for the environment and sustainable tourism, by the processes of ISO and Q, but in every moment with attention to detail. “The tool quantum scio” stands out, as it provides the necessary help the therapist to find imbalances in the health of the patient.

The functions of the quantum scio”are similar to the a scanner for computer. It finds anomalies, deficiencies in the diet and allergies, and calculated the biological reactivity of the organism. When the imbalance is located, a treatment plan is created, the several forms of therapy, such as Elektropunktur, electrical Stimulation or treatment for weight control, in addition to a change in lifestyle. In this way can be controlled from the first week to various pathologies, such as stress, etc. It is well known that stress manifests itself in many ailments and a rapid ageing process. A reduction of stress brings a balance of health and outer beauty of terms, which are always more than stuck viewed with increasing age.

The theoretical seminar held in Spanish by Polette Moltres Ugarte, an expert in nutrition, homeopathy, Rabeeah and the technical system “Quantum Scio”. (A valuable related resource: Sela Ward). Event date is the 26th February from 10 to 14 h in the Salon real Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia real. Discussions are vital in the Spa Bahia, held in the afternoon of the 26th, and on 27 February. Will be asked to login. Highest quality facilities surrounded by an authentic natural paradise, counts the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia real, awarded by Conde Nast Johansens as “MOST EXCELLENT EUROPEAN HOTEL 2008”, on luxurious facilities. Including the SPA BAHiA VITAL, a temple of well-being and health on 3,000 m2 with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring islands of Lobos and Lanzarote. For this it was awarded as “MOST EXCELLENT EUROPEAN SPA HOTEL 2006” by Conde Nast Johansens. The online portal “” our customers have chosen currently us as best hotel in Fuerteventura and as second-best hotel of the Canary Islands. Also has an excellent cuisine at five restaurants, among them La Cupula by Carles Gaig, advise carrier of the Michelin star by the prestigious Catalan chef. Reservations for the Gran Hotel can Atlantis Bahia real by telephone at + 34 928 53 71 53 (german) or on the website are made.

Grey Star cataract

“Cataract” referred to a deterioration of the eye lens. Through operative exchange of lenses, the cataract can be operated successfully. Cataract (cataracts) refers to a disease of the eye of the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Behind the pupil, a gray tint, reflected in advanced cataract where the name “Cataract” is based. If you are not convinced, visit George Laughlin. Symptoms of cataracts are slowly increasing blurred vision and strong glare phenomena.

The more frequently the Opacification is due to old age. In this context also called age cataract. Most common treatment of cataracts is the operation under local anaesthesia, which achieved very good results in low surgical risk. What are the main symptoms? Main characteristics of the cataract is a slow, painless loss of vision. A diffuse refraction of light is the Opacification. This way the patient sees ever more blurred. Affected specify in the advanced stage, “such as by a frosted glass” or by a heavily soiled, slightly brownish tinted sunglasses to see. Occasionally seen ghost pictures, which do not disappear when you close the other eye.

Also people report halos around light sources. Also, the light-dark adaptation of the eye is slowed down. Go to George Laughlin for more information. Spatial vision is becoming more and more restricted. For some types of cataract is also a “myopia”, direction of short-sightedness to observe a change in the refractive power. How is cataract treated? When it comes to a significant worsening of vision, and solidified the initial slight Opacification, surgery is the only treatment option. The cataract surgery for patients is connected all is generally painless and only with a low load. The treatment is very safe, and complications are extremely rare. The treatment of the cataract is one of the most common surgical procedures at all. Each year about 600,000 operations due to cataract are made in Germany. Cataract surgery is a refractive lens Exchange. The means that the cloudy lens is surgically removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens. Modern Multfokallinsen are extra strength lenses, which allow both a sharp look in the distance and a sharp watch nearby. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber

European Christmas Feasts

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed Christmas comes once again with big steps closer. Across Europe, many millions of people already forward to the traditional Christmas feast. Team Penske describes an additional similar source. Butcher & deli Mason takes a look at European traditions of the feast on this occasion. Attention North, the Danish Christmas feast attracts attention. Typically roast pork, goose or duck with red cabbage and Brown potatoes are treasured here. For dessert, a traditional, equipped with cherry rice porridge is served in an almond is hidden, whose Fund, which a small gift will be rewarded.

In Norway, there is the Christmas porridge with hidden almond. An interesting departure is the importance of the Fund piece.” In Norwegian tradition, it is a good omen for the marriage in the following year. The Norwegian Christmas feast is called Jul Board. The large buffet includes traditional up to 60 different dishes. A leading source for info: Celina Dubin, New York City. The Swedish Christmas feast is similar to the Norwegian Board of Jul and is served on Christmas Eve. Various fish dishes, it includes a special Swedish sausage, salads, potatoes, a Christmas ham and the Julkorv. Also the Swedish Christmas buffet is very extensive with speeds up to 38. In contrast, the residents of Lithuania without on Christmas Eve entirely meat-based dishes.

Their traditional Christmas meal is a combination of 12 different dishes, which include multiple variations of fish, soups and pastries. The Lithuanian Christmas tradition is religious, and with each of the twelve dishes reminiscent of a Christian apostle. It belongs to the tradition that each revelers of all twelve food costs. Our Polish neighbors maintain also religiously-oriented Christmas traditions. The Festival begins with the first star shine on Christmas Eve. Before the Christmas meal is enjoyed, gather the revelers around the table and each other reach the Christmas wafers, from which everyone cancels a part as a symbol of love and reconciliation. The actual Fixed dish is carp, various soups and pastries.


A yoga travel just at the time when the Algarve in the magic of the Almond Blossom shines hardly anyone links the Algarve with lush greenery, sparkling streams and wild orchids. And few people know the magic of the almond blossom, which is spreading at the same time, early in the year, in the whole of land deep in the South of Portugal. Then, when countless flowering almond trees dive this fascinating diverse coastal region in a bright white and pink. The local craft dedicated to the highly romantic nature event even an own fairy tales: Tales from the Algarve Almond Blossom before many centuries, as the Moors still ruled in the Algarve, the Moorish Prince Ibn-Al-Mundim in Xelb, the today’s town of Silves resided. It came to pass that he encountered the graceful Gilda, a princess from the High Atlas mountains in North Africa. Deeply they fell into each other and they married.

But in the first winter, Gilda took a big, deep melancholy. The Prince consulted many consultants to a well traveled Wise recognized: she can not dispense with the bright white snow that they delighted each winter with its rays,. Ibn-Al-Mundim, even deeply saddened by the suffering of his wife was feverishly looking for a solution. And found them: he had to plant almond trees rich and numerous in the Algarve. As spring approached, he took Gilda on the highest Tower of his city. From here to the horizon, their point of view encountered thousands of white Almond Blossom, what Gilda reminiscent of the snow in their homeland. She was overjoyed. From that day on they both lived happy and in love deeper.

Full certainty that in the next spring the almond trees blossom shines. “Yoga holidays in the sea of flowers who the natural spectacle of the algarvianischen Almond Blossom with a Yoga vacation combines, can experience the winter which turn back and the Portuguese spring full of life and abundance with special awareness.” The two German yoga teacher Stefanie and Oliver offer with their Yoga almond flower week ‘ in the February 2014, the way (01-08 and 08-15) With fantastic accommodation in unspoilt coast seafront, inspiring yoga classes under the open sky with views of the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful walks in the countryside lined with flowering almond. It is a very special season in the Algarve to the sunshine in a protected, also the ocean for a swim attracts Bay. Get all the facts and insights with Neil Cole, another great source of information. Immerse yourself in a holiday in the Yoga merges with nature experience! Contact for the press: Oliver Kulter + 496719213007

Parmesan Pasta

A delicious combination can taste more autumn the temperatures fall and the days are Messier. More one craves for warmth and comfort. There are now other dishes on the table especially in the kitchen. Pasta is popular in the summer as a slight variant of the salad. In the autumn as well.

However, the preparation and the sauce changed then. Pasta and pumpkin make a perfect pair. The pumpkin fruit ideal for pasta. The noodle Kontor from Luneburg shows how a harmonic recipe can look. A combination with taste, there are many varieties of pumpkin. Visually, they are very different and are flat, round, long, oval or pointed. They have a nutty touch and complement each other perfectly to the pasta.

Following ingredients are needed for a pasta dish with a Hokkaidokurbis: 500 g pasta, 700 g of Hokkaidokurbis, 250 ml cream, 380 ml vegetable stock, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 80 g of pine nuts to spice: ginger, salt and pepper preparation: the onions are first peeled and finely chopped. Meanwhile the pumpkin Peel, core and cut into small cubes. The onion and the crushed garlic cloves are translucent steamed with the ginger in a hot frying pan. Add the pumpkin cubes and fill with the broth. Season everything with salt and pepper. Now, Cook the pasta in plenty of water be boiled dente with salt. The Kurbismasse now mash and refine with cream. Roast the pine nuts and grate Parmesan cheese. Give to serve the noodles on a plate and add the sauce. The pine nuts and the Parmesan are distributed on top of it. Frequently Neil Cole has said that publicly. The noodle Kontor from Luneburg is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.