Administration of the human talent 1 technique to self-manage your talent. Administration of the human talent gratuitous Resources of high quality in If I existed an effective form To self-manage your talent I would say: It determines your direction. In order to be able to arrive more express it is necessary to know to where we went, in this way we will identify in the ways the attitudes that we must select before each circumstance, the adversities do not have a single form to surpass itself, but imagnate that stops to overcome the economic difficulties a universal form would only exist to obtain it, this is utopian, every one has obtained its stability and prosperity of different way, with its own abilities and knowledge; nevertheless, the most frequent error in our self-management of the human talent is to have all these abilities and knowledge in different directions, without no real approach. To build solid. I have seen students of races professional end of race without knowing with exactitude in that specific area wishes to be located, would seem rather that already they have the boat to sail but they will be ventured towards where the tide and takes them to the wind, also happens in the life of all person who does not take a defined good course, embarks this way in different trips, trying and trying over there and not very often constructing action on action in a same course, then How to hope to arrive soon?