Alfonso, in which he will have to more or less consist of one ten people, being included Mr. Bonifcio and Mrs.! _ The commission agent said future son-in-law? _ Is! Since my infancy, it and my father has been many friends. All the afternoons, it left with Maristela and, the pharmacy, us we left for the ice cream parlor. While they took beers, us we took ices cream and in the serious one or the trick, they had made right one namoro that it lasts fifteen years more than! _ Curious At the time current, who would say that still arrumaes of marriages can happen, still in infancy! _ I must remember that it was a spontaneous arrumao, based in the ternura that we felt one for the other and remains. Time for another one, I am surprised, asking me exactly if it is love or a fraternal ternura, and I always get the same reply: The time will only say! if still we are immature pra the marriage, why to worry about the feelings that join in them? Better, then, to tan the life inside of the standards of the moral and the good customs, until people if decide to give a more serious step, that is the natural one! Interested in the subject, Sandrinha intervined: _ Commission agent, if this namoro comes of so long dates, wants to say that Mr.

never became involved with none another woman! _ I must answer frankly or use a subterfuge? I study in the capital, I go to the beach, the cinema, to the soccer, normal routine. If to say that not, I will be lying and if to say that yes, I can consider one braggart, depraved and cynical. Then, what to say? _ Desculpe, if I was indiscreet. I was same a silly one! _ Does not have importance, in its real direction.