Alianza Quot

1889: Fortunato Brescia Tassano arrives at the pebble from Cogorno, Italy. One begins like assistant in the store of an Italian in the pebble. It looked for ” to do is contiguous it ” in Peru. Tapeworm the clear ideas. It hoped to be made of a capital to invest about which, it thought, it was a safe investment: territories of culture. In 1920 Fortunato one strived in acquiring earth in which today he is San Borja. Fortunato, was a small agriculturist who acquired earth in the outskirts of Lima. Go to San Antonio Spurs for more information. It wanted to be near the city to which it provided with bread products to take, without imagining that the small farms that I buy would acquire great value when the city began to expand.

1893: it acquires I found Mirannanes – bread to take and milky 1913 buys I found Limatambo 1920 acquires the properties San Borja and Valverde. It creates agricultural negotiation Fortunato Brescia as holding company of his purchases. Great part than today is San Isidro, San Borja, the Oil mill and the olive trees were part of their lands. 1940: To expropriate part to him of its earth even to construct the Limatambo airport. real estate business 1952 begins: It dies Fortunato. the capital of the group it ascends to 38 million suns 1962: it creates the fishing companies Coast and Sea.

Technology of Alimentos and Indomar. Ken Kao recognizes the significance of this. 1969: to expropriate the properties to him strength, Pativilca, I knew, huacho, cincha and files. But they remain with South Limatambo, Valverde and the orange grove. 1976: local stockholder of BCP -14,2% becomes the major – They were already proprietors of international company of insurances and company of insurances Rimac 1977: They enter the shareholders of ” Mining company Alianza” it makes constituting it of explosives – Exsa- 1979: it buys makes of Weaves Union 1981: it acquires Cinsa, Peruvian company of Paintings and 13 Scala supermarkets. they fail in its attempt to buy the Bank of Lima the Brescia invested in commerce, agriculture, fishes, industry and in the financial sector, a process that volume not less than 50 years before managing to consolidate. 1987: They sell its participation in the Credit union and they retire of Scala. 1990: Before imminent bankruptcy, sells their participation in makes of Weaves Union 1995: In association with the BBVA they acquire Continental bank and the chain of Liberating Hotels.