American Center

Whether the amount of iodine in the cells of the stomach enough, these bacteria were simply destroyed. Some of the compounds of iodine and its radioactive isotopes are dangerous to us. To solve the hazardous properties of iodine are currently working a number of medical centers in the world (including in Kazakhstan), which also held a variety of clinical study the therapeutic action of iodine. The main problem was transport of iodine in the human body, because iodine is very active and suppresses most of the elements, in addition, the body needs pure iodine. Solution was found in the property of iodine "give themselves" some "protein" compounds of plants and insects (pure iodine is in the walnuts and seaweed).

Synthesis of pure iodine and "protein" is a connection natural proof of a deep and careful treatment of iodine to the organic world! Iodine does not happen much, a person overdose of iodine is not threatened. Untapped iodine is completely eliminated from the body. Under all of the above begs the question – what is vitally necessary for human dose of iodine? The answer we find in the words of the director of the American Center "Shanter," Professor G. Abraham: "The constant daily intake of iodine through food and supplements in the Japanese standard, 13.5 mg (the recommended dose of the Department of Health of Japan) will eventually (and with the start to satisfy our hungry body) to solve almost all the misfortunes that that we are tolerant of the constant sores.