American Continent

After all of accounts the catastrophes continue being announced and the nonsenses of the universe of the media and the politics alone make to increase. The natural catastrophes do not leave to mark the pages of the reporters. Mainly because many of them, even so natural, carreguem spots of the human fingers. They are impensveis rains in excess in some regions droughts in others. Movie star takes a slightly different approach. Beyond other phenomena nor always notified, but that they represent serious ambient riots indicating that a catastrophe human being is not of the nature, but that some disasters of the nature could be prevented by the men. But what really it runs away to the enredos of the surrados films of catastrophes it is another thing.

The true catastrophe is that one produced by the voracity of the capital. The worse one of them was to have produced, throughout some decades, a disgusting being that inserts its tentculos for the breaches of the ethics and kills the so healthful values before and plants others, ominous. Values that are antivalues, therefore desumanizam in them supervaluing our animalidade. Get more background information with materials from Sam Feldman. Therefore we can say that even so films with ethical subjects become, the reality of the current ethical crisis can be the premessenger of the end of an age: ours! It sees if these situations are not catastrophic: the banks continue registering unimaginable profits while an entire continent the Europe is threatened by a desmedida economic crisis. Crisis in which some countries already had been shipwrecked. Typical example was Greece, as already it had occurred with Portugal beyond, per some years, Italy to have been to the returns with economic problems and prime minister of behaviors doubtful. Ah! We cannot in forgetting that in the other side Atlantic it to them, in the American continent, the end of 2011 the norteamericano giant also had its arranhado ego.