American English

Considering the modern English, can be identified in it are three types: received pronunciation or bbc English – language media, a standard adopted in Britain, conservative – conservative type of language that is spoken in parliament and talking members of the royal family and – the language spoken by the youth, it is called an advanced English. The third type of language – advanced – being language of youth, to actively changing. It constantly made words from other languages and cultural elements of other countries. Advanced english undergoes a greater degree than other types of language tend to simplify. Changing lexicon of British English. Appear the names of new phenomena that arise in life, and the name of the old, existing ones modified. If we talk about the phonetics of British English, it should be noted that this part of it has changed more than all the other parts.

Differences in dialects is their phonetics. For example, the word "love – love sounds differently in different dialects of English: the British dialect – "Love", on the Scottish – "Luv", and the Irish – "showers". And such examples are countless. In American English, there are three main dialects that are used in communicating the inhabitants of North America (northern dialect), South America (southern dialect), and Central America (central dialect). Each of these dialects is divided into subdialekty. Southern dialect is very different from the others, he seems to be the basis, the essence of pronunciation, adopted in American English. To the classical British English the closest northern dialect. He talked residents of the east coast.

It was here in the years of emigration have moved people from the uk. If we talk about the United Kingdom, here we also have different dialects specific to a particular area. So isolated Irish, Welsh, Scottish, southeast and southwest, central and northern dialects. Closest to the classical English language, which meets in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. These countries are fairly isolated geographically from other countries. That is why English language in them has not changed much – the impact on him of languages and cultures of other countries was limited. The main differences of dialect in these countries is not in itself phonetics, as in the melody of language. Words are pronounced smoother interdental th-sound is replaced by an ordinary, etc. In addition, the Irish dialect, which is based on lay Celtic language, more musical, euphony. It contains schwa between the consonants (which refers to pronunciation). The rhythm of the Australian dialect is slower, it can not stormy intonations. As far as American English, we can say that in America, formed a completely new language. Here the British English language has changed completely. Innovations were introduced in phonetics, vocabulary and even grammar, the most stable part of the language. Today, American English is called a simplified version of British English. Already at the beginning of xx century English – the language of international communication. And even then the question was raised about improving the teaching of language, which would include the production of certain characteristics and capabilities that would enable the most effective learning language.