Angel Miguel

But, the gift, worries us the future, or constrange us passed. Therefore the basic virtue is the aptitude to live the current moment fully: That your proper being in the action, as the mother is in the son: either this your word regarding the virtue! ' ' (BARRENECHEA, of Angel Miguel. Nietzsche and Freedom P. 118-119). It is perceived in this way that the action of this new man is sedimented in the pure will, is for this reason we can in thesis affirm that the characteristics of this new man in Nietzsche can very be well delineated through the energy, of the intellect and the pride, but to these situations it agrees that well they are harmonized cultivated for the one beyond the man who if is similar as a great gardener. Nietzsche is a great transforming human being, considers for the men a ticket that must be reached to reach it of a new time, Beyond – the Man.

When impersonateing the ways for this necessary free evolution and adentra dancing in a return the integrant actions of the dionisaco spirit, thus the superior man can surpass any moral conviction, has seen that this exceeds any type and way of conviction, its spirit not this more in the past, but so present that esva to any Christian Metaphysical rule. In way clearly, the freedom in Nietzsche alone is reached in the pure acceptance of that it exists. The freedom in this way is something singular to each body, the indication properly said becomes in it you what really you are thus each individual starts to indicate its proper way, its proper norm taking care of the borders of its nature repeats what really it is. (NIETZSCHE, W. Freidrich. Dawn P. 17-23). For deductive ways, we can think that Nietzsche when treating in its philosophy the question of the freedom hidden for detrs of the origin of the tragedy of the perpetual return and the mouth of its proper Zaratustra clearly demonstrates in way the question of the moral as I propagate of domination of the forts on the weak ones, for this disdains all the question of this release of where the authentic value of the morality he is its badly that in the truth it is a great one well, therefore, it demystifies all the question that is forgotten for the philosophical tradition in prominence to the proper socrtico moralismo and later to the crucificado one.