Angelina Jolie

The actress wants still more children a pregnancy. Many couples look forward to. Finally a common child, a happy family. A family already has the couple. A fairly large even. The speech is of Angelina Jolie and her boyfriend Brad Pitt. At san-antonio-spurs you will find additional information. The family counts now have four children, soon comes, however, the couple expected twins in the near future.

Angelina spoke recently about more kids plans, but she also admitted, when she learned that she was pregnant with twins, she was shocked. “We didn’t expect with twins. You can then write to our family on six children. This was not planned, but we love Yes the challenge “, as Angelina Jolie in an interview with entertainment weekly. Important is Angelina Jolie, feel cannot be ruled out after the birth of the twins but the other children are involved. Even her love life should have become exciting through the pregnancy.

Angelina to EW: “we have a great sex life. Through the Pregnancy is simply much more creative. It’s fun and as a woman, it is just so round and full. “We wish you many more pregnancies Angelina Jolie.