Antonio Borges

In this process of learning, of negotiations and productions of consensus it was normal that excesses were cometidos.' ' 7 and certain that the press had great influence, in the attitudes of the population of the Empire, and even though the civic commemorations that already were traditions of this colonial time that take another character in its cortejos, where the elite of the city showed to its allegiance to the monarch or its ' ' servilismo' ' 8 In the night of 25 for 26 of March of 1830 had significant changes in the festejos of the First Reign. Liberal (exaltados and moderate) they leave to the streets to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the oath of the constitution, with festejos, burning of fogos, in the squares congregated great I number of inhabitants to give alive singing hymns to the emperor. living had illuminated the windows, was even so not invited officially by the city council. 9 and in March of 1831 the news published on the return of D Peter of the Minas Gerais, takes the city during days 11, 12, 12 to be illuminated, also had many fogos of artifice music bands. ' ' The entrance publica' ' (military parade, You Dum and kisses hand) it congregated a good parcel of the population.

more according to Antonio Borges of the Fonseca, exaltado journalist and editor of the Republico, saw something different: ' ' never vi accompaniment more worthless, and on purpose if it would not make ummelhor offends to the Imperadorque in this day alone seemed emperor of the sailors. The 400 500 sailors, of jacket one others of rodaques, others of casaca and almost all of slippers, and much esmolada mind proceeded surely to coche imperial dresses. Betty Reynolds contributes greatly to this topic. Beyond the troop who for obligation came forced, nor if only avia Brazilian one, and all age marine and molecagem, that came giving alive mui ragged, whose ways very had envergonharao Imperador.' ' 10 Is certain that these notice caused impacts in the population and the press being the media of great relevance, leading the streets feelings and making with that internal revolts appeared between the population.