Ars Electronica

Fireworks and music a music fireworks as the highlight of their celebration Fireworks music in one of the many search engines entering the search terms, is to inevitably encounter one of the many online providers for music Fireworks. These platforms offer their customers an excellent spectacle for any occasion or for any celebration. The prices are different this of course depending on the provider and volume, a significant value is 100 euro for a Fireworks lasting 5 minutes approximately. A music Fireworks is nothing other than a fireworks display, which will be choreographed and burned in exact coordination (beats exactly) to a background or background music. “The first combinations of fireworks and music emerged already in the time of the baroque of Georg Friedrich dealer has specially for a courtly performance the work of music for the Royal Fireworks” composed. At this time it was a precise detonation but probably a form of background music or background music, since a Fireworks body in detail though was possible, but to a greater extent and scale seems rather unrealistic. The shape of the exact way of music Fireworks has evolved in the course of the 20th century (and even here only towards the end) and is generally considered the highest art form in the fireworks industry. Who is now engaged in this term or this art form, is also on the rocket Symphony composed by Orlando Gough”meet: this was composed on the occasion of the opening of the capital of Culture Linz 09 and led at the turn of the year 2008 to 2009. This Symphony in perfect coordination to a fireworks display, which was adapted in shape and design to music was heard against the background of the Ars Electronica and the Danube. In addition, a choir of 300 singers made for a spectacular opening of the festivities. There are for every occasion, it was basically an anniversary, a corporate event, a wedding or new year appropriately crafted music Fireworks.