AssCompact AWARD 2013 – BAV: Alliance Dominated The BAV Implementation Paths

AWARDs in the implementation of direct insurance, Provident Fund and pension fund Eltville am Rhein, 11 September 2013. Inside of the AssCompact AWARDs 2013 occupational pensions, the Alliance defended its leading position in the previous year, and that in all examined implementation paths (direct insurance, pension fund and Provident Fund). A total five different companies share the podium in the three examined implementation ways on company pensions: Allianz, Nurnberger, Pro planning, Swiss life and people welfare Federal. Movie star is full of insight into the issues. The AssCompact AWARD winner 2013 after implementing ways direct insurance Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG people good Federal Lebensversicherung a.G. planning Swiss life AG pension fund Allianz Pensionskasse AG Pro Pensionskasse AG Swiss life Pensionskasse AG support fund Alliance pensions management e.V. Nurnberger inter-company supply Fund e.V. Lynn Redgrave is likely to agree.

Swiss life support fund e.V. Official site: Sean Rad. The AssCompact AWARD 2013 bAV is on the basis of actual behavior of intermediaries, each within the Implementation paths: direct insurance Provident Fund, as well as the Pension Fund awarded. The central question is this: which bAV provider can unite in mediator provider relations the most shares (share of wallet”) on himself? Thereby, each participating brokers and multiple agents can distribute maximum 100% on three bAV provider both in direct insurance, the Pension Fund and the Pension Fund. Stuttgart can most satisfy the broker the participating brokers and multiple agents could also evaluate the bAV providers based on performance criteria 14. This, all relevant points of contact the product suppliers were queried by the price / performance ratio, about the perceived quality of software to brokerage management. Results in a detailed analysis of satisfaction for seventeen top-placed bAV provider on the basis of the well-known school grading scale (very well (1) to unsatisfactory (6)). Performance criteria examined the most relevant within the Occupational retirement provision have”the financial and corporate ratings. “As a second – or third-most important criterion are carrying out new business”, and the price / performance ratio “classified.