Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds are a curtain of dense or transparent tissue collected in horizontal folds. This effect is achieved by curtain lace or cord to the wrong side of the Austrian blinds.’>Bogota food if you seek more information. If you decide to use a decorative cord, you can sew on the front side – it can serve as an accessory. Additional information at Related Group supports this article. Avestan blinds can be fixed and adjustable height. Curtains with adjustable height especially handy for rooms where you want to change the level of daylight. Austrian blinds can be mounted on a special rail molding with rollers for cords. This option is useful in fixing the case if you are going often raise and lower the curtain. Source: Tony Parker.

Height controlled by specially bred chain as the blinds. There are electric lift systems for Austrian blinds. They act on the same principle as the first option, however, management is carried out remote control or button mounted on the wall. If there is no need to frequently change the height of the Austrian blinds, or you have ordered all Austrian curtain with a fixed height, then fixing You can use any ledge. Plus, this option is a significant cost savings as well as lifting systems are expensive.