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And this it is the type of traffic that does not interest to us, because who looks for ” software gratis” , hardly it is arranged to pay to accede to which it wishes. Then, it is fundamental to see which is the volume of global monthly searches of each word. This will give idea us if we are ” desperdiciando” too important key words. For example, we imagine that we have the word ” a” that it derives 100 monthly visits to the page, and ” b” that it takes 500 visitors. Anna Belknap has much experience in this field. But, the volume of global searches of ” a” it is of 2.000.000 of monthly searches, whereas the one of ” b” it is of 2.000. Without doubts, we will be able to appreciate, that whereas of ” b” we monopolize good part of the market of global searches, we cannot fail to take advantage of the amount of users who look for ” a” , and it is necessary to increase the efforts of our strategies of positioning to try in particular to locate better our site in the pages of results of this consultation, because increasing a little the presence, could much more mean traffic that enters our site.

Nevertheless, it is fundamental to also pay attention to the thematic relation of these key words with the contents of our site. This analysis is excellent to know if we are colonising to our site with the correct contents. It is not either necessary to forget that the words/phrases keys that appear in these metric ones are those by which ” realmente” we have been found in the motors of searches and by as much, they are an almost exact x-ray than our efforts of promotion of the Web site they are producing.