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Baba Yaga

Written By: - May• 11•17

PRINCE Yes, on a white horse. Imagine: you're sitting at home reading log. Suddenly the doorbell, looks, and on the landing – a horse, all white, and her prince. On the crown, expressive eyes, the best hair color and long fingers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through. Dismount from his horse – and even the light bulb does not touch the crown falls to the knee and needs your love and marriage right here and now. Attention, the question: do you still believe in genies? As well as Baba Yaga and the growing of cabbages chest? We live in a politically organized world.

Princes few, and they have already snapped up. The remaining stiff and unsympathetic. And even if the prince – just a synonym for the ideal young man, still relax. The Perfect Man also there – even Brad Pitt is probably snoring or sleep, for example, puts dirty socks in the corner. But in your university studies of at least 100 class guys within a kilometer from you – a dozen more suitable typed. Pay account, choose a couple of interesting chat. Now let the prince to wait.

IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS NO MEN bachelorette party. Do you gossip with girlfriends, you go to clubs, drinking tea with a neighbor, watching movies with my parents and buy cosmetics from younger sister. Of the opposite sex in your environment are four: father, cousin and Vin Diesel poster. In fact, they may be much higher. If you learn and communicate with one girl, try this option – to sally rear "enemy." There are also things that are popular with young people – and it's not just football, television, and hard music.

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