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Written By: - Mar• 15•16

In the solar system there is no planet called Backpack. But this is – not a reason to be alarmed. Somewhere in the more civilized part of the universe, if a good look, for sure will be found a thriving civilization, the proud name yourself … one of the hundreds of synonyms and Translations Translations or a simple German word for a backpack (Rucksack – Backpack). They live broad-shouldered slender creatures, during the long evolution have made a clear choice in favor of the Backpack Carry all the necessary items and things. Thus, the backpack. Backpack, duffel bag, travel bag, Sidorov, rukzak, backpack, gorbovik, wallet, ponyaga, pocket, kitty, purse, Kalita, culture, scrip, sack, Gingerbread …

Call it what want, just to be comfortable. Inhabitants of the planet backpack a few thousand years perfecting their torturers device for carrying various cargoes and even children. Now they know that nature has created her shoulders and back is per bag. That's why it's so diverse selection of backpacks on this beautiful planet. Judge for yourself. Backpacks are for all occasions: – expedition backpack designed for carrying big loads on long routes, has a system of equal distribution of weight on the back and optimize the center of gravity, volume – 60 liters – camping backpack or hiking trekking is suitable for two or three days, the volume – up to 80 liters, equipped with additional outdoor fixtures for the equipment – assault backpack, the name speaks for itself – a backpack use during the storm peaks, it is placed only the most necessary, volume – up to 60 liters, equipped with all kinds of accessories for mounting attachments: ice axes, trekking poles, helmets, ropes, carabiners – sports bag, have a small amount – up to 30 liters, the main requirements for these backpacks – minimum weight, easy to carry and ventilation back and shoulders – snowboard and ski bag, a small amount – up to 30 liters, the main purpose – to carry what is needed when riding on trails and off piste, ski and snowboard attachment, the ability to penetrate into the backpack without taking your skis, snowboards, equipped with special pockets for avalanche rescue equipment – bicycle backpack, it surely must be inserted from the retro-reflective materials, or – small flashlights beacons; often supplied with special bright apron, which protects the rider from wind and spray and makes quite noticeable on the road – veloshtany; variety of cycling backpack, attached to the trunk; volume – from 30 to 100 liters a strap to the case of carrying the bike over his shoulder for short distances – a special backpacks, used in various extreme competitions, races, orienteering, outdoor lot pockets and fasteners, which allow us to find retrieve your items, equipped with drinking systems – a plastic container for liquids with elastic tube – urban backpack, the most common type of backpack, usually in urban backpack a lot of pockets and pockets, several internal divisions, suspension system and no belt, volume – up to 30 liters – rollersky backpack, has spetskrepleniem for Rollick – children backpack, lightweight construction for young travelers, children's school backpacks – convenient design, low weight, soft straps – backpack child in most cases – frame, adjustable suspension under any growth canopy of the rain and sun.

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