Balearic Islands Castro

Canaries striker managed to equal winning that game goal before the Granada. The Balearic Islands had more chances, but pardoned before the Betis goal. Statistics of the Betis 1 0 Mallorca. A new goal of the Canary Ruben Castro – the second in what goes League – and that has meant the triumph against Real Mallorca, has given the other three points to Real Betis and thereby chaining two consecutive wins in his return to the first division in a match in which debuted at the Paraguayan Roque Santa Cruz League. He didn’t much showiness shock, perhaps because the players accused the strong heat, but uncertainty in the marker made to retain the excitement until the last moment. The Mallorca had more occasions, in its suit to Kickback and the limit of the offside before the hesitant dnsa of a Betis that started with ambition but that little by little is was diluted – perhaps also by the heat-, where chaste meta had to look at launches of Alfaro (m.17 and m.22) to avoid the both of the Balearic Islands. Betis, with only intermittent flashes in his game, could, already in the decline for the first time, tip the balance in their favor.

When it was closer to this it was at the minute 43 in Ruben Castro backlash, with release to a pole and the rejects, by two times, Jorge Molina carried in the spherical sill Aouate that plugged what could hollow. In the second part, the changes – entered Jonathan Pereira, Vadillo and the Paraguayan Roque Santa Cruz – gave another physiognomy to the Betis game. Alfaro could overtake Mallorca, but not ended, while Betis Ruben Castro and Pereira, on clear occasions, they did that Aouate out the best in his team. After forgiving Nsue (m.67), came the goal for Betis, and again the betico pichichi Ruben Castro, from nearby and by low, put what would be the final 1-0. Technical sheet 1 Real Betis: chaste, girl, gold, Amaya, Nacho; Iriney, Benat, Salva Sevilla (Vadillo, m.69) Jefferson Montero (Jonathan Pereira, m.59), Jorge Molina (Santa Cruz, m.74) and Ruben Castro. 0 Real Mallorca: Aoute, Zuiverloon, Chico, Ramis, pineapple; Victor, Caceres, Tejero (Kevin Garcia, m.66), fear Hemed (Chori Castro, m. 59); NSUE and Alfaro Tissone (m.85) goal: 1-0. m.84, Ruben castro.

Referee: Carlos de Cerro Grande (c.madrileno). He showed card Amaya (m.11), Caceres (m.32), Victor (m.44), Salva Sevilla (m.54), pineapple (m.79), and Chico (m.81). Incidences: Match played at the Benito Villamarin, hot morning and some 35,000 spectators. Field of play in very good condition. In the balcony had a representation of the family of the extinct President Benito Villamarin and also Vice-President of Mallorca, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, received in both cases with a standing ovation. Before the match it was saved a minute of silence for benthic fans who died in the season. Entry was not allowed to the radio stations, by the arrangement of the LPF charge a canon. Source of the news: another goal by Ruben Castro gives three points to Betis before the Mallorca