Because Not All Succeed

Do put the pieces of the puzzles: because not everyone achieves their goals? because all are not successful? do you know where this stopped? do you think that it has no future? do you not know what your purpose in life? would you like to become someone different? does anyone know how to be successful?…If you are willing and it has a real desire to get ahead and give the fight to change the reality then continue reading this article, if on the contrary this feeling has no the enough guts to make changes in your life, then esfumese…This article is not for you…so I will continue writing for who knows what starts – finish only for who knows auto controlled – for those who have a desire rooted in the heart and you want to materialize it – my nobody taught me to do the miracles I do in my life, I very girl hise from my own experiments, never said or thought that fracasaria, only once in my life accept the possibility of failure, and I did it as part of a test, the result was obviously Nefasto, so I found in my own experience of life that what I thought and believed in what is towards reality…everything absolutely everything that goes through my head and my heart will be real and palpable one day. I don’t have a mentor or a book that you have read me has instructed in the law of attraction, I called him from a little girl, my power, I put that name because it was something that only I could manage and control, and could see at that time many people did not have my power, so I told my mother, MOM I have a power!, she told me cultivalo, and engrandecelo and that I’ve done so today, most of the things that have brought success to my life have come alone, or even planning them, I just took the job ask for the happy ending, the process, it is not my concern, the universe takes care of that, who knows me tell me that I am a person extremely fresh mind me not complicated with details., wit comes to me when is time to turn it on, and the rest is a chain of miraculous events where I am not speaking, only participate when required, because at the end I get what I asked for. . . Read more from Steve Salis to gain a more clear picture of the situation.