Bell Spitz Hall

In addition to unforgettable songs need to matching artists as additional qualifications bring, that their music is handmade. Offering such a down-to-Earth, the u35 generation is primarily addressed. “Wrede: for this target group of young adults, there is little affordable events where admission is less than 40 euro, especially given a such concentrated collection of popular bands”. Also a possible good price / performance ratio are offered to visitors. That starts at the concert tickets”, emphasizes the graduate economist, goes beyond free parking and ranges down to low food costs – as far as we can control itself.” Interesting: The classic rock night “variations take place in major cities. The explanation provides Willi Wrede: cities are culturally saturated. The so-called surface structure areas in turn be considered rare by the major agencies.

Therefore we bring”music among people. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. “The encouragement to about three dozen versions of classic rock night” This year confirms the initiators of correctness of their concept. In addition”, the former head of the magazine metal reveals hammer as well as producer of the RTL rock show MOSH” many towns and communities around us are come to who want to have also an event to”. “A good example of the effectiveness of the widths the classic rock night” the Baden was open air 2008 Urach in bath, which recorded approximately 6,000 visitors. Nobody had expected initially”Wrede, even we not confess! It was great, to see how the classic rock night bringing together so many like-minded people the music direction and enjoy an unforgettable live all together!” Reprint free of charge; Classic rock night 2009 30.04 Schmallenberg (PLZ: 57392), City Hall (Smokie, sweet, Rubettes, rattles) 02: 05 Emden (PLZ: 26721), North Hall (Smokie, sweet, Slade, Rubettes) 08.05 Wurzburg (postal code: 97070), post halls (sweet, Smokie, Slade, rattles) 09: 05 Hamm (PLZ: 59063), Central halls (Smokie, Slade, rattles, sweet) 16.05 Krefeld (postal code: 47798), Bell Spitz Hall (Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Smokie, Rubettes) 23: 05 Ratshausen (PLZ: 72365), open air – Allmend ground (Slade, sweet, Smokie, mud, Lords) 24.05 Nierstein (PLZ: 55278), open air community Park (Smokie, sweet, Slade) 29.05 Passau (PLZ: 94036), three country Hall (sweet, Smokie, Slade, Rubettes) 30.05. Baden (PLZ: 72574), open air – Zittelstatt (M. M.’s Eartband, sweet, rattles, Glenn Hughes) 05.06. Bad Worishofen (PLZ: 86825), arena (sweet, Slade, Smokie, Rubettes) 06.06.

Rainau book (PLZ: 73492), at the Schutzenhaus (Rubettes, Smokie, sweet, Slade) 04.07. Mossingen (postal code: 72116), festival grounds (saga, UFO, bad company, Slade, PA) 18: 07 vineyard (PLZ: 88250), Ermlandhof (Smokie, M. M.’s Earthband, rattles, sweet, middle of the road) 24.07. Hotensleben (PLZ: 39393), border monument (M. M.’s Earthband, sweet, Slade, Rubettes) 13.08. Taufkirchen (PLZ:) 84416), biker – tent (sweet, Slade) 19.09. Olpe (postal code: 57462), open air (sweet, Rubettes) 14.11 Neumarkt (PLZ: 92318), Jura halls (sweet, Slade, Smokie, rattles) maps of 28.–up to 38.–euro (plus fees) on tour agency ticket offices: Rome entertainment & Consulting GmbH, Tel. 07123.88 99 19 links:,,,, public relations:, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88/9