The selection of an appropriate Benchmarkingpartners requires that this is comparable to relative Gliedrungs and relationship figures say nothing about, as is the situation in comparison to the competition, to evaluate other works or sites, i.e. the environmental performance is displayed regardless of the size and production capacity of the company. Through a principally key figure comparison can be assessed better whether the respective measured value is relatively high or low. Target is a most accurate own location to derive from this improvement targets and measures. This so-called Benchmarkingprozess can be used as internal operation comparison between own sites/departments/production process, as external operation compared to industry competitors/suppliers/customers or also cross-industry (i.e.

how much the own energy consumption when compared, for example, to a textile, chemical, or service company is?) perform. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. Prerequisite is, that the basis of both Comparison objects match. If, for example, energy consumption per employee of different companies to compare, the energy consumption as well as the same criteria number of employees according to must be raised (which energy consumption be included? is the primary or secondary energy consumption? how to determine the number of employees? part-timers are equally taken into account?). See from a holistic perspective among others Jorg Becker: the survey of sites work book, ISBN 978-3-8370-6724-8 see from a general strategic perspective among others Jorg Becker: strategic potential check of site exploring site perspectives, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7 requirement for the selection of an appropriate Benchmarkingpartners is in particular, that it is comparable, i.e. offers similar products or services.

Different corporate structures and regional site differences must be considered reasonable. In the foreground of the matching private key figures with the experiences of those, that might better have cut off, is the revealing optimization potentials. Ideally, the results of the Benchmarkingprozesses can help a cooperation basis build companies to improve their environmental performance. See also from a planning perspective Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 can environmental performance indicators in the areas of material and energy figures, as well as infrastructure and traffic figures are further subdivided. Environmental performance indicators enabling the assessment and control of environmental impact. Environmental condition indicators provide information about the quality of the environment in the vicinity of the company, i.e., for example, about the water quality of a nearby Lake, or on regional air quality. As a result, specific environmental indicator systems as well as environmental-political objectives and priorities can be derived. CF. perspective comprehensive planning among others Jorg Becker: location indicators I. performance levels locally, sensors on the pulse location, ISBN 978-3-8391-1823-8 or Jorg Becker: site analysis from the cockpit of the indicators visiting the counter area, ISBN 978-3-8423-1858-8 Jorg Becker