Bored Pets

So I gave myself the task of investigating a number of recommendations to encourage playfulness and hyperactive that almost all pets (dogs and cats) are in: Start with a little exercise. If your cat is destroying his collection of Ming vases and your dog is eating the couch, a little exercise can burn that excess energy The amount of exercise is variable and depends on the pace of life, but a walk of 20 minutes each days does not sit too bad (or that or the walk walked) and then can gradually increase. This is not to get exhausted, but to exhaust a bit of excess energy. Increase family. Not always and not all pets want company, but sometimes a friend can help share the moments of solitude and transform them into moments of play.

This will help minimize boredom destructive behavior. Note: you need to properly screen new friend, to avoid problems of rivalry and Pin worse TV. The TV can be a real entertainment for some quadrupeds solitary. Tune to a channel that you might like to consider, test and see if that helps. Obviously not leave her eight hours, but with the sleep function, you can have your film transfer an hour or two. Place a video or film. It begins to be in some sites specializing in pet films specifically designed for them. They entertain a lot watching birds, cats, colors, etc..

. . If you have a special, perhaps a video with themes of nature can serve. Roque has said. Music can be good for boredom. There are even dogs that howl artistic talents to accompany the singer. In addition, we can help you relax or play by gender you choose. Calling home. Some people call their home from work and leave a message for the dog to hear his voice, should have this kind of device. Avoiding being call and call and bother or wake, occasionally it can help keep her alert. Look at the birds. Depending on the house if the cat can not leave, do not be a bad idea to put a bird feeder birds for the dog and / or cat to see and be entertained. Observe fish. The same can be done with an aquarium or fish tank. Although a boring pet often means trouble, sometimes some leisure time can lead to surprising creativity. In appropriate circumstances, it is amazing what a pet may be able to do, says Miran Millan, Ph.D. in veterinary medicine in New Hampshire. She reminds us of the case of an entrepreneur Siamese cat, in his spare time, took gold chains jewelry box of its owner and aligned on their dinner table, or the playful cat that took out the dirty socks from the basket to make paths in the corridor, in addition to then try to put them together in pairs. Of course not all pets are so inspired.