With the death of Jesus the sacrifice if became more spiritual and it is not more necessary to offer sacrifice of animals. In the system of the world of minds s is the esportistas doctors, writers, singers, actors, and etc. These are those rich ones that they gain money on of the poor persons who live dreaming in taking the life that they lead, millions fight pra to be artists, and the ones who obtain to live of the art are very little, millions of football players do not only live of the soccer. The insanes do not have talent some and place in head that one day it goes to be famous, the ones that study pra this is ties excellent, worse he is that one does not study and nor it only works and it lives dreaming. many adolescent boys and girls are dreaming in being famous of some form and he does not search if to prepare for the future, and when this future arrives they are total unprepared for face it. The insanity has taken account of our young adolescent that lives in a world of fancies, attending programmings that introduces in its minds only fteis things, things that do not go to bring benefit some in the future, loses the precious time of its youth with useless things and when it arrives in you make adult its minds are empty and they do not obtain a job that gives a good wage to it. What I benefit brings to be attending you inside vary people of a house the entire day without making nothing? Or to be attending to a program during three hours pra to see who goes to kiss who? if this are optimum that Brazil has, I nor want to see worse.