Calorina North America

In my case, I feel the adrenaline flowing in the same way through my body the first time I came to translate for someone in front of an audience attentive, thoughtful, where every word that left my mark their lives in one way or another. I remember an opportunity where I felt so incompetent, that nothing that I know English, not my knowledge of accents or other linguistic tool that was in my favor, help me out of that desperate time. He played for someone Calorina North America. Since the geographical origin hampered her situation. Adding to why this speaker is not modulated clear enough for me and the difficulties of the audio (item no less) in the massive events. I was in the midst of a vast lake without life jackets and not knowing how to swim very well.

Thank God, the situation turned in my favor, since the topic was on how to seek God in silence and in private. The fifteen minutes I was standing next to this person became eternal for me. However, much of that time is spent in silence and my speech was limited at the beginning and end. Some recommendations that I have found helpful in this process of learning how to play are: Read fairly and thoughtfully in L1 and L2 on the subject in question. Be aware of chucks or phrases in both languages, this year as a permanent mental lexicon, with all kinds of texts. Prepare a bank thematic lexicon or glossary I allows us to perform in different contexts in which I move as an interpreter.