CARPEDIEM GmbH Creates Field Completely From

CARPEDIEM GmbH is the maxim ‘The customer comes to us!’ Seligenstadt September 2010. The CARPEDIEM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH as the first sales company of in Germany the field completely abolishes. According to Director Daniel Shahin, they were just the one-to-one in the living rooms of people, to later disputes, disputes over content of the consultations and to liability issues lead. To offer here, no weak points, there will be no interviews in the living room of the customers more CARPEDIEM GmbH. Rather, consumers on customer events would have to participate, which some inform about the philosophy and the product, and subsequently visit a further customer workshop, where they themselves can feed with information. It applies the CARPEDIEM GmbH from now the motto of the customer comes to us! Who has to offer something good, who has to offer something extraordinary, something, what the customer not to everyone Corner gets, the not necessary has to run behind the customers, to visit him at home,”Daniel included Shahin, Managing Director of CARPEDIEM GmbH the new consulting practice together.

Field is always a race afterwards and not about customer service, even though other distributors to make it try. It recognizes that Shahin and CARPEDIEM GmbH Daniel experience at two points: a the legislature protects consumers with the right of withdrawal only when the so-called doorstep selling, so already assumes that those consumers is being mugged and therefore to protect. On the other hand, it turns out according to the CARPEDIEM GmbH in all possible sectors, that specialists practically never find a consumer in whose apartment. So no notary, not a lawyer, not a really good doctor, but also not a tax advisor makes sales, so the experience of CARPEDIEM GmbH. supported the abolition of the sales force through the measure that all customer workshops are recorded by CARPEDIEM GmbH now is. So never again there in the wake of discussions about, what or what was not the content of the talks, Daniel highlight Shahin.