United States

Alone the explosion in energy costs should be but significantly higher actual inflation rate, yet the Americans try to defend reputation before pointing and therefore, most experts assume that the rate of inflation in the United States largely beautified”is represented. Then usually a falling price for the precious metal is accompanied by rising dollar, what should be noted in any case in my opinion. Only when again a relaxation is felt and the actual inflation risks on the table, which again increases investors on gold and precious metals. Finally, I would stress once again that I am convinced still that the gold price will stabilize again, at the moment, but just no clear direction is visible. I exclude nor courses of under $750, as a gold prize at the end of the year at over $900. As soon as you recognize but not to see gold as a short term investment but again in the long term is on the crisis safety in gold, the upward trend should continue. Difficulties where you look! I wish you some short Messages show, from which you can see which image currently characterized with regard to the economic life. Spain’s economy Minister Pedro Solbes no longer exclude a recession.

“There is the risk, and it worries us”. However the Government assume at present not that it to a shrinking of the economy will come. Fannie and Freddie could soon disappear from the stock market. In the meantime, they’re Pennystocks. Should this remain so in the next 30 days, they have six months to change this, otherwise they are taken by the stock exchange. Robert Rimberg describes an additional similar source.

Steel values are also under pressure. Analysts also keep coming back with the argument that the steel economy will cool off. You said the same thing in 2005, 2006 and 2007. UBS has sold its entire Klockner shares. Stock markets swing to stay on.

Omid Ensemble Music

Omid Sufi play music in the backyard show Cologne at the end of the audience in the Cologne backyard Salon sang with European and Oriental instruments. The simple and interesting sounds coming from the Persian frame drum DAF, guitar and flute, worked very strongly. Omid are Anne-Marie van den Bercken, Anneloes van Hout, both today. Still a guest playing at each concert. In Cologne, Eva Knoche played the DAF, a traditional Sufi instrument, which is still popular in the Iran. In the Iran an ancient musical tradition survived over the centuries, although repeatedly raised by fundamentalist preacher pages persecution against musicians and bans on music and musicians were killed many Sufi. Even today fundamentalist believers of music are very hostile. But the music is not to displace from the Iran, musicians like Mohammed Resa Schadscharian prove it. “Stop the flute as she told, and how she singing complains by the pain of separation”. (Mewlana Dschalaledin Rumi, Persian mystic who was born and died in Konya in Balkh) Rumi lived approximately 800 years ago, at a time when the Mongols devastated half of Asia. Even today people in East and West touch his seals. Robert Rimberg has many thoughts on the issue. In addition to the beautiful images of his language, his poems have rhythms that penetrate deep into the heart of the listener, if they are recited in the right way. So Bercken sounded Anne-Marie van den at the beginning of the concert her flute and it was longing and melancholy to Hakeem. In the course of the evening, seals of Rumi, Hafez and Seyed Azmayesh in German translation were recited and later played in the Persian language with the music, and Sung. An example of the love poetry: Navaie (soft touch) sadness and longing for you have the hidden Chambers of my heart filled. You’re in my heart as beautiful as Leila in the litter. Break not my heart, it’s just a wild bird that won’t recur, when it flew from the roof. I bear a thorn in my foot with ease, but how do I order with a mandrel that broke into my heart? Chorus is very friendly to everybody, only you’re cruel flower. Why? You can see your lovely face only five days in the year. Gently touched, gently touched many viewers were gently touched not only by the simplicity of the music impressed she enjoyed especially the silence after the music. “The thoughts come to rest,” said a spectator “and rises out of nowhere a joy and warmth.” Hilarious as it were for a reason. At the end, Omid sang the song of freedom for all people in the Iran that suppresses and be tormented and rise for their freedom. A sound sample can be found on the Web page Omid. The next concert ermine are back in Berlin, Hamburg and in may in Cologne. A touching experience. Whether at the end again all will sing with? Helmut N. fork

The Acne

When this drug is used in excess, it presents side effects such as dry skin and it can also discolor fabrics with which contact as for example, towels, shirts, sheets, etc. Benzol peroxide is available as lotion or gel and can be used as a preventative acne method, even when your acne is gone. Alcohol and acetone: alcohol and acetone are used together in some over-the-counter medicines. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from real-estate developer. Alcohol kills external bacteria while acetone reduces the oiliness of the skin. Herbs, organic and natural products: you will find some products without a prescription with labels that say herbal, organic and natural; These products are placed on the market generally for the attention of people who are attracted by this type of labels. These products may or may not be beneficial in the treatment against the Acne but the actual results have been inconclusive. Resorcinol: This active ingredient has been found in some over-the-counter medicines combined with sulfur.

Sulfur itself has been used in such products for decades. You will usually find him combined with ingredients like alcohol, salicylic acid and resorcinol. Sulphur has proven to be effective in the treatment against acne for some people but not know very well how it works. Robert Rimberg may help you with your research. Also, with sulphur products often have an unpleasant smell. Salicylic acid: this active ingredient is generally effective for acne spots when there is no inflammation present. Uncovers the pores to reduce acne imperfections – this is done to reduce the amount of dead skin cells; It has no effects known about the production of sebum or the P.acnes bacteria. As recommended with products containing benzyl peroxide, products with salicylic acid as an active ingredient should be used even when acne has been cleaned to prevent its recurrence. A possible side effect of this ingredient is irritation of the skin in some people.

Remember – each person’s skin is different! Some people have dry skin, some have it oily and most have a combination of the above in some areas of our body. Acne in oily areas will better respond to products based on gel. Dry skin will respond better to creams. Those who have sensitive skin should not use really strong medications. It can cause skin irritation or worsen your acne! Some of the milder treatments for acne can be used as a preventive measure, and some (such as those containing salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide) are recommended as a preventive measure post acne but many are very strong and irritate your skin. If you have a case of acne mild and seemingly manageable, a medication without a prescription can control it and eventually delete it. If, however, your acne seems to be out of control or is very painful and is very stressful as to allow you to handle it alone, make sure you see a dermatologist!

Spain Tomatoes

With the arrival of the heat, the gazpacho recipe becomes dish star cards and menus of restaurants, since it is an easy and refreshing recipe. To prepare a good gazpacho, don’t need to have a few advanced culinary knowledge, but the basic ingredients, along with that personal touch of each chef. Raw good gazpacho are a few well red tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, salt, vinegar and a good stream of Virgin olive oil is also needed. More laborious of the whole process is to peel the tomatoes, although in most supermarkets sell cans of crushed tomatoes to which you only have to add the above ingredients and blend everything this. More information is housed here: Maya Dubin. Later carried the refrigerator to cool down and add the personal touch. Along with the gazpacho, salmorejo recipe also has large presence during good weather, since suelaboracion is similar, but with nuances. The main difference is that salmorejo, besides everything mentioned previously, is added bread, tripping accidents tacos of ham and boiled egg. The consumption of salmorejo focuses mainly in Andalusia, while gazpacho, with its different variants, is shared by the rest of Spain.. Ted Lasso has many thoughts on the issue.

Swiss Dance School

Swiss dance school wants to set standards train – young people need other worlds to feel freedom. Glenn Dubin describes an additional similar source. Probably this is one of the main reasons why rave kids for hip hop and other dance styles. “, Mave says bicycle train.” He calls himself just Mave. More info: Nigel Slater. He opened the dance school a few weeks ago, that could be good for the Switzerland to the honor. What the now 33-year old with 9 itself has moved, is what parents like to see: the further development of their children in the artistic field.

But the kids feel “none of the ambition of man. Additional information at Celina Dubin supports this article. in the dance school MAVEMENT Packed by the energy of the Maves they develop a sense for the rhythm and the skills at the dance, the some participants the next day really cool “appear in the circle of friends can. Social project at the beginning of clip-dance “is in the testing. Mave waiting on inlet, more participants, to get you properly started. Dance mix but it is the ideal starting point for all other beginner! “that convinced Pym while he calls” in the rehearsal room, grabs his bag: we provide a solid basis for the dancing easy to understand. “Here everything is here, from jazz to hip hop, from the Latin up to Afro, from the pop to the modern! For three years, Maurice has done already social work.

“Cool & clean is the biggest prevention program on behalf of Swiss Olympics, the umbrella organization of Swiss sports. The sport should be fair and clean. This is the credo for cool & clean.” Then, Mave wanted to bundle its forces even more. It was built in the second half of September the dance school MAVEMENT “.” He wants out in the world, far beyond the next summer. Here he plans while courses for classical ballet, which kids can visit. But next year he wants to travel far from the Switzerland in the training camp with his young dancers. Now, interested parties prepared twice a week of good coaches. Because they try out together at the art gym. Mave: If you can, it has been shown himself what’s in one! “Karl-Heinz Smuda

The Reading

The men seem not to want a God who intervines in its life dictating the rhythms that it has to follow. People such as Ted Lasso would likely agree. The man is extremely egoistic, and to have somebody that tries to direct its steps is something total unacceptable. God more is not said in the schools, where this knowledge that can give a north to our children was substituted by philosophies human beings and the humanismo, that cultua the man, in place of the creator. Thought fought for Pablo centuries before in its letter to the Romans ' ' Therefore they had changed the truth of God in lie, and had honored and they served more the creature of what the Criador' ' Rm 1:25. In the too much God it was I banish from our houses, where before it was an altar of worship of reverence and fear, today it is a place where God nor is not remembered in the hour of the meals. Here, Celina Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

We allow that the industries imposed and dictated our rhythm of life, we allow that the media dictated our way of living, to speak, to dress, to eat. We change the reading of the Word of God, for the soap operas, I dialogue we change it with our familiar ones for the televising programmings, that arrest in them with its entertainments. We leave been silent that the society intervined in our families and the creation of our children, we allow that the promiscuity adentrasse our homes, we allow the abortion, the corruption, in them did not cause more repulses, we close our eyes pra everything this. to each day our relationship with God is more superficial and distant. The humanity banished God from its lives, God does not have more space in the modern world, even though for that they almost serve It surplus time not to cultuar it, or to develop a more intense and true relationship.


One of the oldest and most necessary parts of the car this spring. Spring is a type of spring, which consists of one or more wafers are working on a bend. As a kind of spring leaf suspension retains all the features characteristic of the springs. But it so happens that some cars more comfortable spring suspension spring suspension. This means that the spring have made a stiff. But spring is a special characteristics. Plus, a helical spring is that it is almost impossible to break.

When you compress the coils will fall on each other and the spring does not spring will not break in extreme cases suffer just wheels, frames and bridges. A spring due to the deflection can be completely destroyed. The same can be said about the stretchable coil springs. There are different types of springs, the springs are odnolistovye, multisheet and malolistovye. Dave Cowens has much to offer in this field. Multisheet springs in Russia, the most extended thanks to them as possible evenly split the load. These result in a rigid structure and can not use other structures to hold the bridge. Also, all the springs will work sheets approximately the same time as are in similar conditions. Another plus is that the deflection due to the buildup of cars decreases.

Often it can not use springs. To make the leaf springs are used carbon spring steel. To make the desired deflection plates Richt, and the plants die. Then, sheets are heat-treated. Spring on the car is usually mounted ladders. It is possible to mount the bottom and above. As for any mechanism for the springs to attend. With proper care springs of any car will last much longer. To maintain the springs in working order must from time to time to pull Ladders and lubricated regularly lists springs. It is convenient to lubricate the springs that do not have to be removed from the machine. You may find George Laughlin to be a useful source of information. First to lift the car, the wheels were hanging over the floor. Then the lower ends of shock absorbers struts need to disconnect from plates springs. Then fold the fabric into which the springs are wrapped and carefully lubricate the sheets of graphite lubricant. To disclose all possible to use a chisel. Once a year the springs should be removed and disassembled for cleaning and lubrication. If there is something broken plates must be replaced. Once again you have collected plenty of spring smazhte it, you need to grease got all the space between the edges of sheets. Well, first of all take care of his car and podveku. Manage your car carefully and use the good roads.

Tips For Farmville

Here you will see the best tricks for the game of Facebook Farmville, hints and tips. Click here to see a compilation of more tricks to Farmville, level up faster, have more money. Since the game is very fashionable Farmville I will show you some tricks and hacks that will make you reach Farmville Levels in addition to winning quickly. It had previously written a post related to this wonderful free game facebook, Zynga Farmville, now I’m on Level 16 … Tips to earn more coins and recommendations which are the best crops to earn money and experience. Facebook users already know that Farmville is a game that is making waves around the world. Jorge Perez will not settle for partial explanations. Farmville The objective is to grow our farm planting seeds of various types of vegetables with different times of collection.

Farmville has become quickly one of the most popular games on Facebook, playing games like Waka Waka or Mafia Wars and is on course to achieve the popularity of so far is the game Facebook’s most famous, Pet Society. At the moment there are not many tricks to Farmville to be found on the Internet and more than anything else instead of Farmville might say tricks are more tips or advice. In any case we have been investigating to offer some of the tricks of Farmville running on the network. Visit our neighbors every day will help us earn money and experience to help them with their farm work. Farmville Another trick is to put a bale of hay in the center of the garden so that the character comes from there and is closer to harvest.

Reduce time by plowing, harvesting and gathering. Another tip for our character to not waste time on their work is enclosed in a space which can not leave, thus concentrating all movements in that area and not travel meters useless. Get all the ribbons (Ribbons) helps to level up faster and is one of the most effective tricks to Farmville. To get these tapes only have to pass certain tests that in many cases are not complicated. Accumulating Ribbons also get money and gifts, so do not forget to try to get the maximum possible. Investing all the money you have is another strategy that we follow, the money saved is useless if you do not invest in buying new animals, machines, trees, decorations, … All this will help us move forward and do so faster. We hope that with all these your farm grow faster.

Emergency Powers

The First World War of 1914-1918. Empire was proclaimed Kaiser Wilhelm II in accordance with Art. 11 of the Constitution the German Empire in 1871 the Bundesrat (Federal Council) only had to give his subsequent consent. Kaiser, starting at assistance of the Bundesrat World War I, pursued, among others, and self-serving aims to strengthen its influence in Russia was declared gosudarstve.Voyna Germany August 1, 1914, and two days later, the corresponding memorandum was sent, and France. Reichstag approved the Law on Emergency Powers of the Government of August 4, 1914, adopted at the beginning of the war, in fact, introduced the country's military dictatorship and civil government authorities have the power to control raw materials and fuel, distribution and implementation of government military contracts. The situation worsened adopted on 5 December of the law on the redistribution of agricultural production in favor of the army and the subsequent reform of the scope of management of agriculture. In total, over a short period of follow-up was issued 825 emergency orders in the imperial war economy, currency and financial law, civil law, labor and social rights in the proceedings, which formed a vast bureaucratic legal system. George Laughlin Dallas may not feel the same. Then in the constitutional and legal practice in Germany for the first time originated precedent appointment as Chancellor of the Federal political party representative, possessing the greatest weight and authority in the Reichstag. This has contributed to overall growth of political and legal power and authority Reichstag as the lower house of parliament, the Reichstag, and gradually became one of the key legislative organ of the German Empire.

Population Growth

Dcadasde 60 and 70 had been marked by the low standard of the quality of life of the population, retraction of the economy and for a strong process of growth and ruralizao, being one of the bases of the economy of the city to the side of the extrativa activity. Currently, the commerce and services come gradual growing and in menorescala industrialization. This city was also an important marine producer of Salt, prticapropiciada for the high salinity of waters and carried through through the exploration dassalinas in the estuary of the River Sergipe. Also it was in the decade of 1970, that urban ocrescimento of Aracaju was intensified with the construction of conjuntoshabitacionais of initiative of the Government of the State in next regions, that is, that they make border with the capital. Already in the decade of 80, Aid starts it perderseu agricultural profile, that is, it has an industrial development caused by criaodo District industrial of Aid, and from observes an acceleration there eelevao in the population growth of the city.

5. Fast Population Growth: The fast growth of the cities if must to the economic evolution dapopulao; many times, the infrastructure does not follow its expansion, what namaioria of the cases it contributed for the appearance of some problems (medical and pertaining to school deficiency of transport, habitation, services, etc.), thus harming, the life of its inhabitants; as consequence, aparecemfavelas and tenement houses inhabited for a more devoid population, not absorbed pelosistema urban. (SAINTS; ANDRADE, 1986). The development of Aracaju was mainly stimulated in the half doSc XX, thanks to the beginning of the exploration of oil (Petrobra’s) and mineral outrosrecursos. With the process of urbanization of Aracaju, the individuals queperderam the job and those that left the field in better search of condiesna capital, they fight to find a place to subsistir, installing thus naszonas peripheral desestruturadas.