Arnold Gruppe

New, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions for the production of Silicon bricks from 5 to 9 September 2011 solar energy Conference and exhibition (PVSEC) takes place in the CCH Congress Centre and international fair in Hamburg the 26th European Photovoltaic. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. The PVSEC is not only an International Congress for research and development, industry and application, but one of the most important industrial fairs around photovoltaics. Arnold Gruppe is one of the few globally recognized providers providing process and automation technology for the broad spectrum of silicon block processing from a single source. The specialist uses the international forum of the PVSEC to introduce new, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions with measurable high utility value. Combined grinding machine trade fair presence is the live presentation of the Combi machine – a surface and chamfer grinding machine, type 72/865.

This machine is already economically suitable for small and medium-sized production capacities of bricks. An ideal complement to the proven Stand-alone machines for surfaces and chamfering of the manufacturer of Arnold. With the help of the integrated process analysis tools Abera, current production and process data is collected, visualized and analysed and form the basis for the continuous optimization of production and process parameters. “A process capability by > 1,67 cpk with a tolerance of +/-0.05 mm can be achieved permanently and paves the way for the required zero-error strategy”. The Combi machine is available now. Squaring saw the machine concept successfully launched on the international market for years for multicrystalline bricks was now transferred to the Mono-crystalline Brickfertigung. Type 72/476 is implemented in the new squaring saw the thin blade saw technology with a 1.5 mm narrow blade. The loss of Silicon is more than halved compared to standard sheet thickness of 3.5 mm. The traditionally robust manufacturing technology ensures high availability and a stable process. Low tool costs and ease of use are now available product novelty in addition off.


According to the researchers, this ability to manipulate basic biology to increase perceived pleasure is an example of what is called “neuromarketing.” “We found out that the more expensive wine, have more activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex of the brain,” said Antonio Rangel, associate professor of economics at Cal Tech “I can change the activity in the brain that encodes subjective pleasure changing the price at which you think the product is sold without changing the product, “he said. The findings are published in the online edition of this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, Rangel and his colleagues asked twenty people to rate their enjoyment of red wines of different prices while undergoing functional magnetic resonance imaging. But there was a trick, two of the wines were presented twice, once with a high price and another with a reduced price. The researchers found that people said he liked the wine “expensive” rather than “cheap.” Moreover, fMRI scans showed that when people drank wine “expensive” had more activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex, which reacted to the pleasure experienced by smells, tastes and music. It was believed that pleasure involves a product depended solely on this, said Rangel. “This suggests that it is not. Credit: Sam Feldman-2011. Beliefs about what you are experiencing also affect how pleasant it is the experience, “Rangel believes that incorporating factors other than the product itself to the experience of it is part of human nature.

“This is something that can be exploited by marketing but has not been created by it.” For Rangel, neuromarketing is a scientific, not commercial. “We want to understand how they affect the environmental variables, such as price, the calculations that the brain makes a decision,” he says. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. We added in the information provided, that Jon Hanson, a professor of law school at Harvard, said the new study points the way in which marketing can manipulate feelings about a product to influence about options, “we tend to defend as rational or reasonable.” “This new study seems to make it quite valuable some of the neural mechanisms behind what makes something attractive, tasty or nice, and could be important in providing additional evidence on how the Herculean investments in marketing are justified because they operate under the radar more aware of the reasoning components of our minds, “said Hanson. “It could suggest ways in which consumers are faced with the cognitive dissonance of paying a high price for something. People enjoy your purchase, more precisely, because it paid more “Another expert thinks the neuromarketing a way of understanding how people think and how to streamline marketing efforts. “The use of neuroscientific methods and paradigms to help answer questions on marketing theory has the potential to revolutionize the understanding of the relationship between organizations and consumers, “said Nick Lee, senior lecturer of marketing group Aston Business School in Birmingham, England. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. (ITESM), Graduate in Business Administration, management, education (Exatec) PhD Professor of Graduate Education Faces UC. Consultant-Business Advisory

American Continent

After all of accounts the catastrophes continue being announced and the nonsenses of the universe of the media and the politics alone make to increase. The natural catastrophes do not leave to mark the pages of the reporters. Mainly because many of them, even so natural, carreguem spots of the human fingers. They are impensveis rains in excess in some regions droughts in others. Movie star takes a slightly different approach. Beyond other phenomena nor always notified, but that they represent serious ambient riots indicating that a catastrophe human being is not of the nature, but that some disasters of the nature could be prevented by the men. But what really it runs away to the enredos of the surrados films of catastrophes it is another thing.

The true catastrophe is that one produced by the voracity of the capital. The worse one of them was to have produced, throughout some decades, a disgusting being that inserts its tentculos for the breaches of the ethics and kills the so healthful values before and plants others, ominous. Values that are antivalues, therefore desumanizam in them supervaluing our animalidade. Get more background information with materials from Sam Feldman. Therefore we can say that even so films with ethical subjects become, the reality of the current ethical crisis can be the premessenger of the end of an age: ours! It sees if these situations are not catastrophic: the banks continue registering unimaginable profits while an entire continent the Europe is threatened by a desmedida economic crisis. Crisis in which some countries already had been shipwrecked. Typical example was Greece, as already it had occurred with Portugal beyond, per some years, Italy to have been to the returns with economic problems and prime minister of behaviors doubtful. Ah! We cannot in forgetting that in the other side Atlantic it to them, in the American continent, the end of 2011 the norteamericano giant also had its arranhado ego.

Workload ASDIS

The EDC solutions GmbH business partners the ASDIS Solutions GmbH Berlin, 10.07.2012 – the ASDIS solutions won the EDC solutions as technology and distribution partner. The EDC solutions has special expertise and customer access in IT data centers, workload automation and data management. Eva Andersson-Dubin contributes greatly to this topic. Based on your experience and expertise, the EDC solutions has an excellent access to customers interested potentially in the ASDIS product range. The ASDIS solutions products enable customers in the situation, to create heterogeneous data centers more efficiently and manage from a central location. Thus, ASDIS complement the product portfolio of EDC in an ideal way. This cooperation allows to respond in the future even better to the needs of our customers in the server scope us.”says Shauna Hubner, head of professional services at the ASDIS solutions. In the past the EDC solutions of your experience in the planning and implementation of projects specifically in the mainframe has proven environment.

ASDIS can experience on more than ten years Workload automation and data management. About ASDIS Solutions GmbH, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and make changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures. 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality software management solutions and long-term reference customers such as UBS, data processing, Deutsche Bahn, drugstore chain Muller, the Foreign Ministry and other well-known companies and organizations talk about Sparda solutions for the reliability and efficiency of ASDIS.

The Winners Of The Election To The

Online voting is finished: now the winners are: can the title ‘Mrs.Sporty of 2011’ Anja coin from Kaiserslautern and Monika are guts from Hurth. Their strong stories stirred and convinced the online voter. This year, the women’s sport chain had again picked the most beautiful personal success stories of its members. A dream weekend in a luxury hotel in Berlin, as well as an exclusive photo shoot awaits the two winners, as well as eight more finalists. Many have applied themselves, many have voted, have won two: the 45 year old Anja coin and the 38 year-old Monika are the Mrs.Sportys of the year 2011 balls “. The women’s sport chain hotel would be on the final on 4 June in the presence of the press in the Ellignton.

There, finalists in exclusively designed outfits will present themselves de 10: elegant, sporty and businesslike. Any professional images of the pictures gets as a gift. Mrs.Sporty is very proud of and sincerely congratulates the winners and the finalists. Tolle Thanks to Mrs.Sporty that training and the nutrition at Mrs.Sporty change the lives of the women positively so come success stories again and again amazing and unique success stories from the clubs. The chain of women’s sport is of course interested in the development of its members and therefore chooses the Mrs.Sporty of during recent years.” With more than 150,000 members in more than 450 clubs, there are many stories. This year’s winners were convinced the online voter with their great success stories that show how much you can change concept with the Mrs.Sporty, even if one has actually already given up hope. Both Anja coin and Monika MUMM has skyrocketed through the medication after surgery on weight and get health problems.

After a long unsuccessful search, she could recover back their normal weight and above all their Joie de vivre with Mrs.Sporty. The title Mrs.Sporty of 2011 “is still the icing on their personal success. Suitable for everyday use It lacks many women on the right motivation to move and the practicality of training training concept as well as the winners. Mrs.Sporty is right there: only 2-3 times 30 minutes circuit training in the week enough to achieve sustainable success. In addition an individual, everyday nutrition on request. There’s no excuse, because 30 minutes there is always time, “Anja says coin. More info: Jessica Michibata. And their fellow winner says: “The training do really fun, because it is very varied.” “The right motivation it is also at the Club: one is praised much of the trainers, what extra motivated”, Monika tells guts. “Both women appreciate the Mrs.Sporty Club the familial and friendly atmosphere among women: it’s so good to be among like-minded people”, says Anja coin. In addition, the trainers to know everyone is named and worry about the individual problems individually. Mrs.Sporty is very happy about the satisfied members and their great achievements. The choice of the Mrs.Sporty of Year”honors these services and to continue to motivate. Because of the success of the members is the success of Mrs.Sporty. Therefore, the choice is a big, important event and will be celebrated at the 04.06.2011 along with the finalists.


If you have a boxed set of the processor, it does not mean that you should immediately run to the store for a new fan. Boxed fans are not inferior to the technical characteristics of the majority party. Also, before you start overloking, it is recommended to change the thermal paste between the cpu and heatsink. Most likely, you have it withered away. If the heatsink surface is too rough, it can clean up nulevkoy. Grease is not necessary to impose on the radiator (or processor) thick.

During the assembly, thermal compound just will be spread and there is a possibility to burn down the motherboard (and processor to boot) should also not forget that the standard ide controller is also hangs on pci (although seemingly built into the motherboard). So it is not ruled out the loss of data (Partial or complete). Some models of IDE-drives, supports UltrDMA, sensitive to the frequency of the pci bus and exhibiting unusual frequency is sometimes possible to lose data. In this case the hard drive itself, as a rule, remains workable, but in some cases, can 'go to the forefathers' servo, then the hard drive will be easier to throw than to try to fix it (fortunately, the probability of this is not great). Cope with this usually You can change the hard drive mode (eg, forcing him to work exclusively in pio mode). ??-???? understood the implications. If you decide to overclock the cpu on a laptop.

We strongly recommend that you can abandon this idea. The thing is that in laptops, all fitted one to one and, without a weak cooling would place an additional burden. Most likely you just Burn the laptop entirely. Just not the least is the power supply. At present, day for a successful overclocking recommended 450W-500W. And what if the system pererazognana, incorrectly installed options and fees do not start or starts and freezes soon? A number of advanced motherboards monitors process of starting and if it breaks, automatically restarts board, setting the cpu and memory nominal value. You just have to re-enter the bios and correct his mistake. Sometimes it helps to start with a jammed key Insert, in this case, the board also resets the denomination, which contributes to a successful launch. If all else fails, you need to find the on-board jumper Clear cmos, with the power off to switch it on two neighboring contact three seconds and then back into place. In this case, absolutely all options are reset by the denomination. Next time be more moderate in his appetites. With the sw. Andi SiBmius

Laser Skin Treatments

The one of the factors most important when a person is thinking about making a depilao laser is the choice of the certain clinic. It has in mind that exists people who have harms experiences when the laser because of the wrong choice of the clinic is about depilao where a person would have its treatment the laser. So that you have the guarantee of a treatment the laser insurance and efficient a clinic of good reputation must always be found, in order to guarantee its security. Another thing is to verify if the dermatologist or the person who executes the treatment of depilao is certifyd and not a salafrrio any. To use a laser for the removal of for them is a serious thing and it does not have to be treated as one simple coisinha. Ken Kao may find this interesting as well. This procedure must be considered as something serious, therefore it has some cases where people whom if they had submitted to this type of treatment had finished with burnings and scars in its skin.

This occurs because the dermatologist who is in charge it procedure is permitted or not total trained she stops to operate the laser. In some states of the country, the treatment of the removal the laser is carried through or by a dermatologist or one technician. This is legal and safe, if the person will be permitted to make it. However, still it is better that she has a certified dermatologist supervising the treatment. She also has many spas and halls of beauty that offer to depilao the laser, exactly without adequate formation. She is not seduced to only use to advantage the services of a dermatologist without certification or to one technician not permitted because its services are offered a price more cheap. To choose a clinic that is known by its good reputation, as well as the professionalism is very important for its security and the effectiveness of the treatment of depilao the laser.

Buy Apartments

And in May 2009 in Bulgarian property remains the most popular and in demand among Russian investors, reports show web sites and portals for real estate. Saving sustained interest in this property countries can be explained by a very prosaic – the price of real estate in Bulgaria, especially after the price cuts on almost all real estate markets in the world, due to the financial crisis came on – are the lowest around The European Union. We can say that the global financial crisis that began two years ago with problems in the U.S. housing market and U.S. mortgages, had a major impact on the real estate sector. In some countries can be seen double-digit fall in house prices in one year. Leaders in this regard are Latvia – reduced prices by 48 percent, Dubai – reduced prices by 34 percent, Singapore – reduced prices by 23 percent and Iceland – reduced prices by 20 percent. Property prices in Bulgaria have dropped by an average of 11 percent.

Falling prices in Bulgaria is not as dramatic, because until the beginning of the crisis the Bulgarian real estate has been one of the most inexpensive in the world. At the beginning of the century two-bedroom apartment in the big Bulgarian cities cost 12-15 thousand dollars, and an old house in the village and you could buy for 5-8 thousand dollars. Now the cheapest of the cheap apartments in Bulgaria – it is More apartments in unfinished buildings. Buying a home in such a complex course carries the risk that it may, the building will remain unfinished if the developer did not provide a financial means to start the financial crisis. The risk exists because the banks are now very difficult to make loans to both individuals and legal entities (companies). On the other hand, if the developer has no problems with financing the construction, he can not afford actually lower real estate prices due to lower prices on virtually all building materials and reduce transportation costs. While the apartment can be bought in installments for a period of 3 to 5 years. If the buyer does wants to buy a very inexpensive holiday property in Bulgaria, except for purchases before completion, it must also prepare for the fact that his apartment will be located on the first and not even on the second line to the sea, and somewhere a few hundred meters, and even one kilometer from the beach.

While this is not the most spacious accommodation in the world and will have a real living area of 20-25 square meters. The apartment, really, you can buy for 10-15 euros. Learn more at: Jessica Michibata. Price an apartment in Bulgaria is really low, but, nevertheless, on completion the accommodation will be part of a complex of closed type with all the amenities – all year round protection, swimming pools, spas, salons beauty, restaurants, bars, parking lots, etc. The closer is set to the seashore, the higher the prices of apartments located in this complex. Despite higher prices, the most sought after and are still apartments in resorts on the first line to the sea. The first line means that the distance from the complex to the beach varies within 5-30 meters. From most of the apartments in such buildings is a good open sea panorama.

Christmas Celebrating Life

Christmas is a celebration of life, the life of our planet: One of the most beautiful Christian traditions is the making of the manger scene (…) The population growth, environmental requirements and increasing the number of stalls that are made endanger the natural balance of the soil, as these musguitos play an irreplaceable role in ecosystems: they protect bare soil, cover the rocks, provide optimal conditions of moisture and nutrients to germinate and grow other seeds, prevent erosion and hold moisture. In the past, the use of moss in births could be insignificant and greater environmental impact. Jorge Perez has similar goals. Today there are other connotations. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vanessa Marcil. Imagination and creativity are a constant challenge to find alternative elements in the development of our beautiful cribs. – Published on the website of the Archdiocese of Merida on Saturday September 17, 2005.

This site uses only fragments; emphasis added. Alternatives to make a manger scene may be used other materials such as sand, pebbles, sawdust, sawdust, paint, paper, cardboard, cloth, jute and all materials that indicate your imagination. You can take the opportunity to live with your children, making a manger scene with recycled material. Remember, all plants, from the smallest to the largest are important for the balance of life of our forests and cloud moors. When we destroy the moss not only destroy them but we’re destroying an ecosystem. Protects the moss, hay (wooden beard) and tree ferns (fern trunks). Do not remove them. Do not sell. Do not buy. Notes: (1) newspaper El Tiempo, Colombia (2) Protecting musguito Project, Venezuela: (3) News The Front, Colombia (4) Mosses of Chile: Image: Sandro Bellosta Architect – Graphic Design: Francis Lau – Barquisimeto 2008 (with slight modifications For more information see Linking originally,.

Staff Talks

Evening workshop: ‘staff talks succeed in sales in crisis / Entwicklungsfall’ at the guardian in Remscheid, maybe you know as a sales executive this or similar situation: A quarter coming to an end and a look at the sales and earnings figures of your sales team does not bode well: at the precise look at the statistics, you notice that your long and the otherwise so successful seller Mr X. does not reach the numbers for some time, is he able to afford and you had envisaged that within the framework of target agreement conversation with him in the eye. What happened with Mr X.? He pushes into the power low? You know these or similar situation? You wonder sometimes how to with the employees in this case should best deal or speak? Within this hands-on evening workshops, you will receive answers to your questions. Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker. Because case involved we examine together how can do you best employee conversations, if your or Their sales staff the no longer reach announced sales figures. How to communicate, if you determine that your seller is, for example, in the low of form of, obviously hardly the existing cross / up-selling exploits potential customer or easily demonstrable conclusion weakness shows? “Exactly to these or similar questions we will develop strategies and procedures on this evening, which enable you as a leader, staff discussions in such crisis management / development cases” to make more individual and more targeted. “” Following topics are on the agenda for this evening: principles and rules for a successful appraisal interview in sales the sales leadership as effective questioner “successful design of staff meetings in the crises/Entwicklungsfall” individual case handling of your examples from the practice place: Mercure Hotel Remscheid Hunter forest 4 42897 Remscheid date: Wednesday, 31.01.2011 18-21:30 your post: 69 (including Conference documents, certificate of attendance, Drinks, snacks) the costs payable to invoicing application: for the registration, please send an email with the subject “Evening workshop Remscheid” to: we you immediately send after receiving your E-Mail the registration form as well as the seminar announcement. Here, Dr. John Holtsclaw expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition receive the registration form, as well as the seminar invitation directly under the following link:..