Carlos Hernandez

When the clock gives the four in the morning, tamborileros and flautistas disguised of ” charivari” they start up with night lights put in the head. The night of Tuesday is spent mainly to ” Guggemuusige” , that fills the city with their unexpected cacophonies. In the city of Basel we found one of most important of Europe, the masks and colouristic disguises do one of the best visual spectacles next to the famous exhibition of lights. Madeira (Portugal) Under the motto ” Seas and Ocanos” it is celebrated in Funchal, the capital of this most famous island of all the Portuguese carnivals. The full city of lights, half-naked pens, bodies and much music that, to the rate of samba and other many salseras cadences, it prevents to stop dancing a single moment. The algid moment is the night of Saturday, when it is called on to leave to the allegorical courtship, with his queens, marine sirens and other creatures. Nize (France) During eleven days the capital of the Blue Coast lives carnival like a great exquisite spectacle, with an atmosphere in the street much more calmed and calm that in other carnivals.

Their battles of flowers and cavalcades are true works of art, where each detail of the choreography and clothes is a waste of elegance and ” to savoir faire” French. This year twenty floats accompanied by more than thousand musicians and dancers recreate the passion by the environment through motto ” The King of the Azul” Planet;. Carlos Hernandez is vagamundos enthusiastic, always arranged to make the knapsack and to send themselves to the adventure. Return in house, it enjoys like a boy relating to us experiences and mysterious histories people and places.

Assessorship Director

The Director will take the demonstration for the patio of fbrica.’ ‘ Of: Head of Production Stops: Master ‘ ‘ In the friday, to the 17 hours, the Director, for the first time in 78 years, goes to appear in the refectory of the plant to film Halley, the famous scientist and its team naked. Everybody must be there of helmet, therefore it goes to be presented a show on the security in rain. The Director will take the band for the patio of fbrica.’ ‘ Of: Master Stops: Employees ‘ ‘ Everybody naked, without exception, must be with the security in the patio of the plant in the next friday, to the 17 hours, therefore the big shot (the Director) and the Sr.Halley, famous guitarist, will be there for showing to the film ‘ rare; ‘ Dancing in chuva’ ‘. In case that he starts to rain exactly, he is for going for the refectory of helmet in the same hour. The show will be there, what it occurs to each 78 anos.’ ‘ ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR ALL: ‘ ‘ In the friday the head of the Direction goes to make 78 years, and liberated generality pra party, to the 17 hours in the refectory. It goes to be there, pay for the big shot, Bill Halley and its comets. Everybody must be naked and of helmet, because the band is much insane person and the rock goes to even roll untied in the patio, exactly with chuva.’ ‘ My solution: ‘ ‘ The managing president convokes all the employees for meeting in the patio of the company, friday, 17 hours. If it will be raining, the meeting will be in refeitrio.


Perpassados for the cold sword of the capitalism. Reduced mere the parts of reproduction and the famous and tipsy consumers. Mutilated so that let us fit in this system Space for the integral man does not exist. We live the time of the reducionismo. The time of ‘ ‘ it makes of conta’ ‘ of the extenuante search of the personal accomplishment. Let us rebel us, exactly in dragging, mutilated; as shipwrecked.

Let us free an shout: they help them! We are here! They stop! They listen to them! We are here! Twisting us in pitiful state of shortage. Drowned in the of great volume ocean of quiet quiet laws. Shipwrecks! In a sea of order and clutter. They stop! We are here! We demand respect. They look at! We do not have face We do not have to look at we do not have word we are mutilated. Mutilated reliable Mutilated and infuriated. Mutilated and one orphan ‘ ‘ State lastimvel’ ‘.

Who goes to occupy the space of the lastimvel, denying State of the respect and the decency? Presumption guard of the right? We live moments difficult We live difficult and decisive moments in the consisting institutions. Transformed into kitchens of that if they smear eating vsceras of needy victims of the blackout. Revolting men of stomach who if feed of men Cannibals! Men of ‘ ‘ urnas’ ‘ morturias Sedentos cannibals of blood and meat without rotten life Infuriate! to drink? Lgrimas, is clearly! Tears of defenseless victims Predators of the silence of the sick children in ‘ ‘ filas’ ‘ of the poverty. Cannibals! Devoradores of old skin and bone of Old of lost looks Of vacillating hands Of weak shoulders Forgotten faces. Men of the morturias ballot boxes, regents of the spectacle ‘ ‘ forecourt of the heads voadoras’ ‘. Usurpers of rights of the passive victims of the ignorance! Anxiety Advances Tires ….. Mutilated cannibal also I am! Predator-of-me-mesmo.At when I will attend absorbed, incrivelmente other people’s and distracted, to the escabroso spectacle of famous corja of corrupt mutiladores of already human specters as I? Until when I will say ‘ ‘ sim’ ‘ to the vile game of the morturia corruption that if makes gift to the funeral of the democratic values; singing and dancing, to the embriagador sound of a ballot box that only confirms? Yes, mutilated and mutilador I am! Until when Until when my full mouth of food and the difficult breath for the inebriante drink, spilled on the table of ‘ ‘ supper farta’ ‘ , it will make to silence the shout and to stifle soluo of the world it are there? I will be a coward cannibal? Comensal careless in a particular world? Mine? Only mine? My lap? Until when Until when my smile the truth will disfarar bothers that me? My easy yellow smile It will ignore the dismal smile of the dead-livings creature? Until when the racket of the party, with its alucinante sound, it will protect me of the hungry ones that they teimam in populating my nightmares? Insistent what beat to the door of mine, uneasy and desventurada, conscience? Compassion. Compassion Until when I will mumble displicentemente the old phrase: HAPPY NEW YEAR, in the old one world of mine I? Until when! It says me? Until when! Happy old year! How let us learn something with it!

Angel Miguel

But, the gift, worries us the future, or constrange us passed. Therefore the basic virtue is the aptitude to live the current moment fully: That your proper being in the action, as the mother is in the son: either this your word regarding the virtue! ' ' (BARRENECHEA, of Angel Miguel. Nietzsche and Freedom P. 118-119). It is perceived in this way that the action of this new man is sedimented in the pure will, is for this reason we can in thesis affirm that the characteristics of this new man in Nietzsche can very be well delineated through the energy, of the intellect and the pride, but to these situations it agrees that well they are harmonized cultivated for the one beyond the man who if is similar as a great gardener. Nietzsche is a great transforming human being, considers for the men a ticket that must be reached to reach it of a new time, Beyond – the Man.

When impersonateing the ways for this necessary free evolution and adentra dancing in a return the integrant actions of the dionisaco spirit, thus the superior man can surpass any moral conviction, has seen that this exceeds any type and way of conviction, its spirit not this more in the past, but so present that esva to any Christian Metaphysical rule. In way clearly, the freedom in Nietzsche alone is reached in the pure acceptance of that it exists. The freedom in this way is something singular to each body, the indication properly said becomes in it you what really you are thus each individual starts to indicate its proper way, its proper norm taking care of the borders of its nature repeats what really it is. (NIETZSCHE, W. Freidrich. Dawn P. 17-23). For deductive ways, we can think that Nietzsche when treating in its philosophy the question of the freedom hidden for detrs of the origin of the tragedy of the perpetual return and the mouth of its proper Zaratustra clearly demonstrates in way the question of the moral as I propagate of domination of the forts on the weak ones, for this disdains all the question of this release of where the authentic value of the morality he is its badly that in the truth it is a great one well, therefore, it demystifies all the question that is forgotten for the philosophical tradition in prominence to the proper socrtico moralismo and later to the crucificado one.


For the profit of the goals and objectives in our lives, congruence between which tenth, we thought and we do he is essential. When what you say it does not agree and so beams you lose energy, you lose credibility. When what you ask to him to the Universe with your words this misty reason why you really think about your interior, the things that you wish to not arrived you. The coherence between which you say with your words, you think about your mind and beams in the real world when you act, only become a ray of powerful light that transfers a prism and ignites the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, when the three aim and they are aligned towards a same place, towards a same objective. In an opportunity it was with a friend, and it asks to him that it thought about the women and quickly responded to me: The women? All is brujas” , this friend no matter how hard he tries to have a pair and he makes many affirmations positive would cost to him much to have a harmonic relation and heals with which in his unconscious one he thinks that she is a sorceress! you imagine! , also I have listened in infinity of very near friendly opportunities requesting to the universe the love to him of their lives, but they cause when them, show ” abiertamente; the men are dogs, or are animal ” , thus very textually, then As the Universe is going to conspire to the profit of the love with similar unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and its heart? Also it happens to the money and the financial success, often the person who does not manage to rise over which we would denominate survival level, is so that in their interior the thoughts about the money are opposed and contradictory with its deep beliefs and values but. That to do then? Like obtaining congruence in mind, words and action? Definitively with the car-observation.

Faculty that we have the human beings to act like quiet witnesses of our thoughts, action and words. It begins to observe your thoughts with respect to a vitally important subject for you. antalos in a newspaper, mainly those subtle ones, those that are constantly bombing your psique and that of as much run, run nor at least it give account to you of which they exist, but are undermining your capacity for the profit of your goals, those thoughts that, the comparison is worth, are like a conditioned air noisy, you are accustomed to the noise and you think that it does not exist, but the noise this there, interfering in your dream. The autoobservacin allows us to put brake to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping in our mind and allows that we maintain the boat directed to good port. The car-observation allows us to take measures and action to heal the internal and external contradictions. The car observation you can practice it through the meditation. But better even, obsrvate constantly, escchate when you speak, observe your thoughts, it observes your actions, and it needs if really there is congruence between which you ask to him to the universe and what beams and you say. #/topic.php?

Decorate Small Departments

Curtains for you! You do not have to live with blinds standard. Year a dramatic touch and obtains more comfortable atmospheres with the curtains. It takes into account the tricks that can do with the curtains so that its space is seen greater. It even hangs them outside the window or where there are no windows.

It hangs them of ground to ceiling to create the height perception, or to cause that they hang of a cornice that hides the twig that maintains the curtain. 2. To see clearly. Tables or chairs I am transparent and all the glass surfaces give the opening impression, at the same time acting as that you need. 3. Clear things. Year light it arrives, down and everything around to create interest and the space sensation. ” I am addict car-confessing to lmparas” , it says to the designer Rum Marvin, expert in small spaces and author of small space, great style.

” They are the most surprising form to make feel a warm and cosy home. The use of several lamps within a space creates a warm brilliance in habitacin”. And its trick more important: One does not forget to put everything in a regulator. ” When you have you visit of friendly can change an atmosphere by means of the regulation of the lights, doing it more cosy. Also, it will maintain dancing his seen around the room, giving the illusion of which more the space is grande.” 4. To maintain the balance. Unless you are trying to make a declaration dramatic, with an immense sofa in the room, its small space, probably she feels better with smaller and modern furniture. It is balance question. The departments that really are seen greater with the furniture in them they are those in which the furniture and the space appropriate and are fit to you: ” If you are great, the furniture also must be it, ” Marvin says.

The Trajectory

The trajectory of Zulma Lobato in the world of the chimento, began in a cable channel of the news. By his bad image and terrible performance in the song one became pearlite of almost all the dedicated programs to collect the peculiarities of tele. The last week, the journalist of spectacles Susana Roccasalvo in its channel program 26, summoned to Lobato to living of its program, in which also was Mitch, another mediatic personage, who at all the moment tried to Zulma of man; the answer of this one went to attack it blows in front of the cameras. After showing the hidden camera to him, that did Saturday the past to him in Passion of Saturday, the bailantero Ricky Wonder began to strike the actors who participated in this joke. Ricky struck the participants of the camera hides when they dealed with ” gatos” to his ” Rikytas”. Neither the conductor Hernn Cairo nor his companion, Marcela Baths, could think what he was happening live, by America. Although no longer it is in the air the program Dancing by Sueo (today it absents of the screen), the chimenteros cycles must adapt to the course change of ShowMatch, that now that turns 20 years and has bet to humor.

Thus, with renovation winds, Guido Suller reappeared, that in the program ” The Professionals of Siempre” he presented/displayed his supposed son of 20 years, whom knew through Facebook. Supposed paternity that was verified false, the past Saturday to the night in program 70.20.10, lead by Chiche Gelblung. In this televising cycle, Guido Suller confirmed that although it finished verifying that was not its biological son, in it would adopt the future it and take care of like so. Entr to I Vote to you and dull by your they fan!


If not yet you have no plan for September, you do not lose the Merc, supervisory celebration of Barcelona. This celebration, that dismisses of explosive form the summer and gives the welcome to the autumn, goes back to 1871 and takes place every year the 24 of September. The Merc is a festival of festivales. Almost the 600 activities that take place throughout four days distribute in several sections: Barcelona Musical Acci: more than 100 concerts in a ten of scenes of ciudadBarcelona Arts de Carrer: art in calleLa Festa of the Tradici: castellers, giants and cabezudosLa Festa to the Cel: an aerial festival acrobatics, globes, ultralight the Festa of the Foc: Piromusical, Correfoc There is something for all the pleasures: music, dances, educative exhibitions, activities, factories, spectacles of all type, and the religious ceremonies that give sense to the celebrations. The Correfoc, one of the most showy events, is a frequent cultural manifestation between the Mediterranean towns in which a group of disguised people of demons they run at dusk by the streets, dancing and jumping between fireworks. Thousands of people approach to enjoy this unfolding pyrotechnics that full of powder and noise the streets of the Beautiful Ciutat, protecting itself with handkerchiefs of the sparks that loosen the devils. Another one of the popular manifestations is castellers, human towers that reach vertiginous heights and whose top rises a boy.

These towers require a great coordination and preparation of equipment and are a surprising spectacle. In order to facilitate the attendance to the events nocturnes, the meter will work during all night during the days that last the celebrations. If you want to enjoy one of the most popular festivales, you can recommend all type of hotels in Barcelona: for example, the Abba Boulevard Hotel ***, with double rooms by 75, or or the hotel Rooms Las Ramblas, from 65 by room.

Infantile Celebrations

The infantile celebrations in Mexico and anywhere of the world require novel and original elements in their organization, animation, shows, who will be the step to follow in the following generations of parents. The celebration of your son approaches, you become crazy with the preparations, but mainly with the search of that special element that does that your son, and by their position your guests, never forget this celebration. A celebration of Giant Soap Bubbles is without a doubt a shining idea! A fundamental element of any infantile celebration, is birthday, communion, baptism, and all those events that we wished to celebrate are the spectacle, the unforgettable moment with which our small ones will amuse yque it will mark in his east memory so special day. The Bubble Art is a tendency ligature to the circus arts that a great welcome in countries like the United States, Spain, England has had and in Latin America in countries like Argentina. The Fabrika de Burbujas introduces east novel spectacle in Mexico and ally to Sorpresitas one young Mexican company dedicated to the heading of the organization of infantile events offers to the Mexican parents the possibility of enchanting to their guests of all the ages in a fantastic soap world.

To be within a great soap bubble? To create bubbles with our own body? Bubbles with smoke? Bubbles within other bubbles? these artists teach to us as to create them and as they themselves notice &quot to it; people in charge do not become of which the papas invade the zone of burbujas" then when passing of the show the parents seize of the original elements that these artists have created to produce bubbles of all the sizes. And if it is not possible that these artists go to your celebration, here we presented/displayed some ideas to you to realise your own formula for bubbles. Mixture: 10 Parts of water 1 Part of liquid soap, the used one to wash 1/2 frets is ideal Part of Glycerin, that you can obtain in any pharmacy. If you let the mixture rest by one night it will have better results, and the ideal climate is that one that presents/displays major humidity. The burbujeros you can create them with wire, a hook of clothes that no longer serve to which you can give the wildest forms him, with an old coslope of kitchen and everything what your creativity suggests to you. It finds more ideas in Infantile Celebrations in Mexico Sorpresitas. Original author and source of the article.

American Colony

Practical the budgetary one had the same principle to hinder the creation of taxes without the assent it people, the ideas had appeared in England and had served of base to a fight against the proper English, in 1.765 if it unchained a fight that culminated with its independence, therefore the American Colony was not conformed with the taxation imposed for the Parliament. Brazil With the coming of King D. Joo VI, Brazil initiated a process of organization of its finances, the opening of the Ports brought the necessity of bigger disciplinamento in the collection of the customs Tributes, in 1808 he was created the Public State treasury (Treasure) and the Regimen of Accounting. In 1824 they appear to the first requirements in the direction of the Elaboration of even so the Brazilian parliament of the first republic did not admit officially that the Executive sent the appropriation bill to it, the President of the Republic influenced the legislative committees of finances through the leader of the majority strange devices the budgetary substance, and yes from introduces in its text the budgetary principle of the exclusiveness and forbids the concession of limitless credits, that generating of were raised dficits budgetary, from the Constitution of 1934 there. It returns the ability for the elaboration from the budget to the Executive and in 1937 it established a department to elaborate and to fiscalize the execution of the Government. The Democratization of the Country came with the Constitution of 1946, when the budget came back to be of the mixing type, where the executive elaborated the project of budget law and directed for the quarrel and voting in the legislative houses. In 1967 the Charter locked up the first phase of the regimen that derived from movement and 1964, giving relevance to the budget and removing the prerogatives of Legislative how much the initiative of laws or emendations that create or increase expenditures.