Economic Powers

Who does not remember the Treat one to Quito, which said in lines managed that the great economic powers would have to diminish the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere, not signed for U.S.A.? In this game, each time new evidences appear to justify geopolitical actions of the involved actors, the financial injection, the infiltration of companies multinationals and until the military occupation in strategical ranks they are only some between the many actions. We saw has some time the North American military invasion to as the bigger producer of oil of the world, Iraq. The justification was to fight the terrorism and to destroy the weapons of destruction in mass that Sadam hidden Hussein possua in the bilges of its palaces. While these benditas weapons do not appear, they take by account of the great wells of oil of the country, becoming each more powerful time economically. Currently in the Amaznia the geopolitical question is dealt still with little emphasis. Perhaps for the little knowledge of the society or still for the little interest of our representatives. Many of the public politics directed to the equacionamento of the ambient problems promoted by the state, ONGs and for the organized civil society in the country are accomplished in good part of the times for international agencies of financing, with the World Bank and the Inter-American Bank of Development.

Such agencies, beyond the financial support, have acted as intelligence auxiliary of the government in the elaboration of programs and projects. In this context, as to reach the longed for national sovereignty and the guarantee of the interests of society s it lacks to the State capital autonomy to equate its proper problems ambient partners? In this bulge, Brazil and other developing countries are vulnerable and the international capital finishes influencing directly and indirectly in the economy, the politics, the transformations of great areas ambient and entire ecosystems and still in the elaboration of the laws of patents where the wronged greaters are the millenarian populations that live in inhospitable areas, as in the Amaznia. By the way, this question on patents is very ample and would have of being argued in another occasion. Of this form, the sovereignty is the grace of great groups economic politicians and who hide its true intentions to control the Amaznia for backwards of subjects of ambient interest. The ambient concerns finish if coating with a character of mere spreading and no action in fact. Being evident that it is very important and necessary the maintenance of sovereign State as way to guarantee the management on the natural resources you renewed as waters and the biological diversity. It is good we open the eyes, therefore after Iraq it can come to the Amaznia with the argument of that the populations that live here are destroying the e, of this form, invadiz it excuse to protect biodiversity consequently the whole world.

Pontifical Catholic University

However, countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia, that are happening through political internal conflicts and that present/display major propensity to the macroeconomic instability, will be seen more affected. Finally, it indicates, is the case of Mexico, that always one was different positively from the other Latin American countries, of being directly related to the attention of the demand of the United States, and therefore, in this occasion will undergo considerable impacts. It is added to us, that all the subcontinent watches towards the north with fear, having tried to predict to what extent one will be affected by the earthquake. Mainly, because, traditionally, when the United States has sneezed, Latin America has caught a cold. Nevertheless, in this occasion, the professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, David Tuesta Cardinal red, thinks that he will be different. Unlike scenes of previous crises, in this occasion, to Latin America only will give him small cold, and nonpneumonia, like before, although will depend on the supports developed by each one of the countries during last the five years – it explains. For example, it will be important to see how much fiscal saving has generated during this period, how it has been the management of the national debt, how much they have managed to diversify its exports. Countries like Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia seem to have handled better in this scope; whereas Venezuela and Argentina can it have done less.

Since it has pointed professor Kon, the control of the inflation will be a key factor to bear of the best possible way the crisis. And some Latin American countries do not seem preparations to the past fight it, in accordance with the declarations realised by the chief of a main directorate of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, month of July, when it noticed that the inflation was being uncontrolled in some emergent countries of the region. According to this organism, Chile could finish the year with a rate of 7.5%; Argentina already reaches the number of inter-annual 9.1%; whereas Brazil is placed in 5,6%, and Peru, in 5.4%.

Holding Company AvtoKrAZ

Story of a famous domestic automobile brands KrAZ began rather timidly and uncertainly, and today Holding Company AvtoKrAZ known for more than sixty countries around the world range of techniques is more two dozen basic models and over a hundred versions. This side cars and trailers, and tractors, and timber. What makes the car brand KrAZ collectable and popular? Of course, reliability, ease of operation, availability for inspection and maintenance. Heavy trucks, to recognize any of the road, checked the case and time, have long been a symbol of power, and spares JAMZ and KrAZ can easily found in most reputable auto service businesses. Not surprisingly, the army and many other countries interested in high tech engineering capabilities KrAZ: either extreme temperatures or lack of roads is not become an obstacle for the performance of military tasks – from moving missiles and radio systems to transport personnel. Overcome the taiga snowpack or polutorametrovy ford, real hard to climb the slope, go through the desert sands or the swamps, these cars really are in nature, but because of artificial barriers to the landfill, they just work their magic, earning rave applause. For example, a "theater" was awarded the honor of an army truck KrAZ – 6322, alone of all the participants would not stop at the ledge height of more than half a meter. The name of this KrAZ-hero – Soldiers, and that's the philosophy of his unpretentious diligence: wheel 6×6 with 12 tons capacity allows it to on-board rover to move off-road desyatitonnye trailers on the road with a solid Coated – three times more cargo, and in airport – aircraft weighing up to 100 tons! The success – the latest technological solutions, which allow to cope with the challenges prohibitive for many heavy-duty vehicles, and already It's no secret: where there has not managed KrAZ chances of success are practically no other trucks. "Soldier" has already proven its competitiveness in the business, and military of Angola, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia and Yemen appreciated his fighting Quality appreciated.

The Advantage Of Cast Flanges

In the market of components to lines of recent times do not cease the debate which is better and cheaper than casting or forging billets. Wants to share specific views on this result. NGOs Engineering Tehnolgii prepared for use in pipeline transportation systems, chemical, oil, gas pipelines, as well as for setting up, restoration of objects to petrochemical plants. An impressive field of application flanges, fasteners, hits the concentric and the rest of our products is predetermined by the different types of steels used for creating parts: 09G2S, 40X, 35, 15H5M, 14H17N2, 20HN3A, 25H2M1F, 12X18H10T, 06HN28MDT, 10H17N13M2T. Land use data types steel is in an infinite range: operating areas – from water to areas of highest aggressiveness. operating temperatures from -150 to 1000 Co instructions centrifugal electroslag casting provide first-class quality of cast steel by refining it in the electroslag melting process, the application of additional technological means to extract the directional solidification of casting. all the features of these matters, while not inferior to forged, but surpass them by the properties of ductility, toughness with a similar figure of merit.

Our production is based on ispolzovaniiii electroslag methods developed in the Institute of Electric. Paton. Omsk master added to and changed partially in-service units are created in the 70 years preceding century. The result is a modern, productive installation of electronic subsystem regulirovaniyaiya.produktsiya company

News Discoveries

In addition to all of the above, the results of observations – these people have exacerbated what we call intuition. "Do not go to the store, it is still open" – casual, not looking up from his computer game. In reply to question "How do you know?" – just phlegmatic shrug. Such cases of "guessing" of some small events can become quite a regular occurrence. Apparently one of the consequences of mutation is a worsening sensitivity up to psychic level. So we can assume that in our time abilities of psychics have been very, very many, though not aware of this because of the materialistic education and natural skepticism. Therefore there is good husbandry for a living to those involved in "the disclosure of super-powers" by collecting a variety of seminars, courses. All the laurels of what the average person for several days gained the ability to sensorics, gets the great teacher, master, owning a unique technique.

While in fact they are just open people's eyes to what they already are. So it is more appropriate to create not courses on "how to activate the ability, and school" how to use them in everyday life. " Based on the latest discoveries of modern physics about the existence of physical vacuum, which implies a unified theory energy-information field that gives a scientific interpretation of the fact that earlier belonged to the category of mysticism, the idea that we are all slowly becoming psychics not so crazy as it might seem. If you far from the news of science, I think you will be very interesting unbelievable news that worldwide are already developing and research on obtaining energy from the vacuum, yielding new results and discoveries.

Wedding Photos

The bride and groom should not be photographed together before the wedding. But at the wedding should be photographed only with – would be inseparable.

During the wedding, you need to sit in the pew, rather than on different chairs, as is often happens. This, too, in order to not be separated. When young bless the parents need to stand together on a rug, a pair of all decisions will be taken together. During the wedding the young need to try to stick together, no to assume that someone had passed between them. Then their union is strong.

Coins that are put into glasses bride and groom during a party, then you have to put the house under the tablecloth – will always be in the house hobnob money. You can not leave young unfinished wine by the glass – to quarrels and tears. If you give cutlery items, knives, forks, then the donor has to pay a coin – save from contention in the family. Who first crossed the threshold of the house – to be home owner. If you drag the bride over the threshold of the house on his hands – to the welfare and happiness. If you run through the cat among the young – will not be a peaceful life. The abundance of relatives at the wedding – the well-being. Do not invite all relatives – a disorder in the family.

North America

Do not believe me? You can verify this yourself at any time to go only to the potato field and all. And in California history, too, has ended, but not as the beetles have decided that he fainted, and all is well all you have not touched. So, as reconciled with Don Esteban doney Lucia history is silent, but still made it up. Don Ignacio is forced to go to another monastery. Don Llonso is no longer considered so holy, as previously thought, because, if even just to protect a cheater, then I believe you will never be alone, that the three young workers gaspenda Don Esteban some time after the departure of Don Ignacio had children somehow very similar to Don Ignacio.

So now Don Esteban Dona Lucia is always accompanied by a confession to Don Alonso and gives her time for a confession, which is enough only to a request from Dona Lucia: "Holy Father, forgive my sins" – and the answer Don Alonso: "I forgive my daughter." Here are some istoriyaproizoshla in America sometime in the very spot where now there is Hollywood, and maybe somewhere near him. I do not know it. Since then, Colorado beetles flee, dropping the "faint" and potatoes eat recklessly. Well, if it is not, as with so-happy to eat eggplant, and even tomatoes. Raven Yale, when he realized how he summed up the people that helped beetles, flew to the sky and became the constellation Corvus. And to the sky and not see more bugs, then located in the southern hemisphere – there is not no sign of North America or Europe or North Asia. This was it.

And I advise you to remember this tale, as in life you have not once stolkneshsya and "Don Ignacio "and" Don Alonso ". Hypocritical and bad people in the world a lot, lot more and they do not have to be called "donami." So anyone who wants to take away you have your blood, and is the "Don Ignacio", and those who will to protect him and help him is the "Don Alonso". So be smart, courageous and farsighted, "Don Esteban." That's it. Good luck to you, my druzhochek.

Calorina North America

In my case, I feel the adrenaline flowing in the same way through my body the first time I came to translate for someone in front of an audience attentive, thoughtful, where every word that left my mark their lives in one way or another. I remember an opportunity where I felt so incompetent, that nothing that I know English, not my knowledge of accents or other linguistic tool that was in my favor, help me out of that desperate time. He played for someone Calorina North America. Since the geographical origin hampered her situation. Adding to why this speaker is not modulated clear enough for me and the difficulties of the audio (item no less) in the massive events. I was in the midst of a vast lake without life jackets and not knowing how to swim very well.

Thank God, the situation turned in my favor, since the topic was on how to seek God in silence and in private. The fifteen minutes I was standing next to this person became eternal for me. However, much of that time is spent in silence and my speech was limited at the beginning and end. Some recommendations that I have found helpful in this process of learning how to play are: Read fairly and thoughtfully in L1 and L2 on the subject in question. Be aware of chucks or phrases in both languages, this year as a permanent mental lexicon, with all kinds of texts. Prepare a bank thematic lexicon or glossary I allows us to perform in different contexts in which I move as an interpreter.

American Pronunciation

If you want to sound more American-style, it's time to get acquainted with the rules of pronunciation of American English. These rules, of course, very much, but the education and training even the most basic of them raise your pronunciation to a new level. Many people believe that the interpretation given it a pushover for the people who know the language, and often they do not see the difference when you want to translate the text into German and English. So what is this Rules? Note: some of the following rules are used not only in American English. Many people are wrong and against the rules of standard English, so I decided to include in the list and the other rules. 1.

'T' becomes 'D' 'T' sounds like 'D', when placed between two vowels. For example: 'bitter' is pronounced as 'bidder', 'water' as a 'wader'. 2. Of Even though the word 'of' is spelled with 'F', pronounced it all the same with 'V'. This is an exception.

For example: 'it's made of wood' pronounced like 'it's made ov wood'. 3. 'S' or 'Z' Even if the word ends in a voiceless consonants (F, K, P, T, except the 'S'), 'S' is pronounced as voiceless' S ', but if a word ends in' ch ',' dg ',' s', 'sh', 'z', a vowel or voiced consonants, it is pronounced as more long, the vowel 'z' ('zzz'). For example: 'He looks' is pronounced with the voiceless 's' (because of the location at the end of the 'K'), but the 'judges' is pronounced with a voiced 'z', as 'judgezzz'. 'Trees' ends in a vowel (before the end of the plural 's'), so pronounce this word should be as 'treezzz'. 4. Many end-ed in past tense verbs ending in '-ed', but '-ed' is pronounced differently, depending on the end. If a word ends in a voiceless consonants, '-ed' is pronounced as 'T'. If a word ends in voiced consonants, pronounced 'D'. If a word ends in 'T' or 'D', '-ed' is pronounced like a regular 'ed'. For example: 'I walked' is pronounced 'I walk-t' (for 'K' on the end), 'I moved' is pronounced 'I mov-d' (because of the voiced consonant 'V'). 'I voted' pronounced 'I voted', as ends in 'T'. 5. -Ng endings in English, there are 3 nasal sound and 'ng' – one of them. 'Ng' – a combination of letters 'N' and 'G', but 'G' is not pronounced. For example: 'he is walking' is pronounced as 'he is walkin'. 'G' is not pronounced! This is just Some of the basic rules of English and American English pronunciation. Besides these, there are many other, but the study and practical application of the above rules no doubt smooth out your accent.

American Center

Whether the amount of iodine in the cells of the stomach enough, these bacteria were simply destroyed. Some of the compounds of iodine and its radioactive isotopes are dangerous to us. To solve the hazardous properties of iodine are currently working a number of medical centers in the world (including in Kazakhstan), which also held a variety of clinical study the therapeutic action of iodine. The main problem was transport of iodine in the human body, because iodine is very active and suppresses most of the elements, in addition, the body needs pure iodine. Solution was found in the property of iodine "give themselves" some "protein" compounds of plants and insects (pure iodine is in the walnuts and seaweed).

Synthesis of pure iodine and "protein" is a connection natural proof of a deep and careful treatment of iodine to the organic world! Iodine does not happen much, a person overdose of iodine is not threatened. Untapped iodine is completely eliminated from the body. Under all of the above begs the question – what is vitally necessary for human dose of iodine? The answer we find in the words of the director of the American Center "Shanter," Professor G. Abraham: "The constant daily intake of iodine through food and supplements in the Japanese standard, 13.5 mg (the recommended dose of the Department of Health of Japan) will eventually (and with the start to satisfy our hungry body) to solve almost all the misfortunes that that we are tolerant of the constant sores.