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Written By: - Jan• 16•14

What does matter in literature or art in general?, privileging the easy success on the cultivation of the technique?. The million dollar question. What unfair it seems!, but today we see bad singers arrive at the top and selling thousands of albums while others study with effort, and not lacking in talent, in serious academies. The same thing happens with actors and dancers. Questions that arose as a result of articles that I read about the code da Vinci. Sight impressed with the amount of people who read it, but the opinion they have on those who know is almost unanimous: the book is evil and of little literary value.

Then why did so successful?, is something that neither I understand with so many classical writers that they do not sell nor thousandth of this book. I wonder if it is the responsibility of the media or it is an unstoppable wave that grows. That was what happened to me, so many people that I didn’t have another alternative read it. The mass overcame me. Was it the theme or the constant questioning of the truths absolute your secret?. A phenomenon that escapes my common sense.

But there it is!, a writer who reached the glory without reaching you or your heels to Cervantes or Tolstoy, or any national prize of literature of a country hiding out there. Please I’m confused, someone could give their opinion?

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