Chocolate is sweet and tasty but also a very sensitive product. At high temperatures, ensure that’s why something when storing the German favorite candy. Some chocolate manufacturers make it easy for themselves in the summer they simply take a break and keep their products from the heat. But so not the desire for a fine piece is done Yes chocolate from the world, finally you can enjoy something sweet even on hot days. If you watch a bit on the proper storage and carefully handled the delicate chocolate, the pleasure even in the height of summer is no problem.

What melts there? Chocolate is made from a large part of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is separated in the production of cocoa powder presses and later added to the chocolate mixture. She is also part of the so called cocoa mass. Cocoa butter consists of various fatty acids and has a melting point of about 33 Celsius. Therefore it melts so nice and easy on the palate. The higher the percentage of cocoa butter the chocolate is the temperature more vulnerable.

Once melted the chocolate, it is unfit for human consumption but not equal. When it cools, it can be eaten normally again. However fat crystals can settle the fluctuations in temperature on the surface. The chocolate then loses its shine and has a whitish coating, but does not affect the taste. The same thing can happen with sugar crystals. For example, if a very cold chocolate in a heat is brought. Then, condensation, in which only dissolve the sugar particles and later remain visible on the surface is formed. Cool pleasure the most obvious way of storing chocolate in the summer is in the refrigerator. Here, it is actually too cold for the delicacy. The ideal temperature is 12 to 20 degrees for chocolate. If the environment is too cold, the candy is very hard and difficult to bite, on the other hand, the full flavor of chocolate unfolds only from a certain temperature.