Chris Alexandros – Beachfront Coreca

The new single from Chris Alexandros – beachfront Coreca of summer is over, the holidays are over, dreams and desires are awake searched, found und…wer such a thing has not already experienced…? On the beach, your story tells of Coreca, by your new found love, feelings and desires. A gripping story embedded in a gentle and yet upbeat melody, which once yours, no longer from the head is just a catchy tune. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. The text is simple, easy and comprehensible for Jedermann(FRAU) ;-). Chris Alexandros interpreted this song, which was written by its producer and songwriter Franco Veltri, for him on the body with flying colors. With soft, supple, yet clean and clear character voice puts you CHRIS in mind, this small idyllic village at the “Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria” or southern Italy and invites you to the dream a. Steve Salis may also support this cause. On the beach of Coreca”a rush to radio stations and nightclubs is pre-programmed for Chris Alexandros.

The online promotion is already started. The Maxi that will be released soon, includes a radio, as well as a hustle dancer essential Discofox version. “” The Maxi can at the company: SAM-media sound carriers-Vertriebs GmbH “, Frankfurter Strasse 133, 53773 Hennef” ordered, or under – – as well as all major download sites that are downloaded. Source: Susanne Funke pro star-music promotion links: