Christmas Eve

We believe that in virtually any more or less big city there is a restaurant or tavern serving only dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Invite a guest there. He will be able to see how skillfully cooked his favorite dumplings or far from their native nook. And with your hand it will be a kind of tribute to the Ukrainian color and tradition. Speaking of food, extraordinary love of Ukrainians to good food – a perfect occasion to present a gift, for example, clay plates, cups, or even the whole service. In parting, you can give the guest, for example, a music cd with songs of your people. Each time you listen to it will be back memories of the trip and your country. Another case – You have come to visit the Ukrainian.

Then, national souvenirs, along with kind words, and maybe even a bottle of liquor and domestic production, is all that is necessary to earn the respect and leave good impression of themselves and their people in the shower host. From my own experience, you can add that most Ukrainians still respect their national vodka and alcoholic beverages from abroad, only carefully preserved as an expensive souvenir. The female of any of the Slavic peoples – is needlewomen by birth. If you want to strike the spot of his friends from the Ukraine, give them embroidery (embroidered national dress) or a towel (Embroidered towel), of course, if you do it all yourself – a gift to be appreciated a hundred times more expensive. Having a personal view on the order of things, especially want to appeal to Ukrainian traditions in the celebrations. And suddenly you will have to go away at Christmas or on Ukrainian wedding? For example, on Christmas night in Ukraine do not make presents, as in Europe or the U.S., but we can not forget about the crowds on the streets of carols on Christmas Eve, which necessarily have to put something in the bag. If we turn to the Ukrainian wedding traditions, the beginning of the celebration is not bestowing gifts to newlyweds and receiving of gifts from them all the guests. Most often this golden baked buns in the form of cones as a symbol of respect for the visitors. So take your time – give your gift to the new family you will get to later, but it would be – it's up to you! And next time let's talk about something else brotherly people – Belarusians