Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour City Description: see section 3. 2 stage: Port Marcquarie to Armidale: should you not only on your Australia route Want to see coastal landscapes, but also the hinterland, we advise you to make this trip in this area. Combipix advises you to inner land especially to the previously described route (route Hunter Valley) or the not so impressive route from port Marquarie. The danger falls are an impressive tourist destination, if it is the right time of the year there. Under most conditions Sela Ward would agree. Should you visit this place at a time, in which Australians have turned to the waterfall “the rooster”, this not worth. Ask in tourism information from Sydney or port Marcquarie, whether the danger if water falls lead to your travel time.

The city of Armidale is a University City, which has also not own major attractions also for tourists. 3rd stage: Armidale to Coffs Harbour: from Armidale encourages Combipix you make the drive to Glen Innes, perhaps to compete as new proud Sapphire on owner friends left at home. Information on the mines and The tourist information of the place for you provides tourist facilities. After Glen Innes it should pull back the coast. If you have reached the coastal highway, it is worth just RTG to drive south to visit Coffs Harbour. Make sure the botanical gardens, the pedestrian street (Street Mall) and see the beach town park Beach in Coffs Harbour.

Water animal lover come in the animal park fully at your expense. 4 stage: Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay. At this stage, the Highway No. 1 will adopt for a period of time from the coast. If you have not so much time for the coastal tour available to Brisbane, Combipix advises you to pass to Byron Bay, to have Gold Coast then later at the more time available. Byron Bay is a life artist surfer town, that is the epitome, to change greatly by the increasingly emerging mass tourism.