Miguel Manzano has a repertoire of 42 compositions created for the flute with the Sackbut and dulcian bagpipe in a concert that takes place in the theatre of the Junta de Castilla y Leon. Dulzaineros of Palencia, Tamborinos very Gentile, of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) and the Folk Band pipe, Zamora interpret these new topics, whose creation has emerged from an initiative of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, within the project of cultural revival which affect the cross-border regions called Iberian territories. Compositions are presented in a double format, on the one hand in three notebooks, one for each instrument, in which the scores are collected and, on the other hand, the recordings made with new creations and scores of songs and popular singers. He explained Manzano that the aim of these papers is manifold. On the one hand it seeks to renewing the Repertoire of the old instruments, which is very anchored in the last pieces learned from past traditional musicians. The pieces now are inspired, he said, in the styles and traditional genres, hence titles like diana, parade, dance raced wheel, green or charrada, beans in addition to round, dawn or repaseado, that correspond to the border with Portugal Portuguese tradition.

The second objective, said, is to encourage new instrumentalists and tips for piano beginners to learn to play reading music and not only of memory. Parts, he added, have been made with the intention of being useful in schools of traditional instruments and also for conservatories, if finally traditional instruments come to regular teachings, informs Reuters. With these pieces, musicians, who often play in group, can have a repertoire that can toggle the unisonales passages with fragments to two or three easy video voces.partitura. Miguel Manzano defended the need to further expand the repertoire for traditional instruments. This is a way, he said, compatible with others like fusion music or music root. Manzano made an appeal to the Board to disseminate as much as possible this work (piano radio stations), developed during the past three years. Has no sense to keep it stored in a drawer “, noted musicologist.