For the profit of the goals and objectives in our lives, congruence between which tenth, we thought and we do he is essential. When what you say it does not agree and so beams you lose energy, you lose credibility. When what you ask to him to the Universe with your words this misty reason why you really think about your interior, the things that you wish to not arrived you. The coherence between which you say with your words, you think about your mind and beams in the real world when you act, only become a ray of powerful light that transfers a prism and ignites the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, when the three aim and they are aligned towards a same place, towards a same objective. In an opportunity it was with a friend, and it asks to him that it thought about the women and quickly responded to me: The women? All is brujas” , this friend no matter how hard he tries to have a pair and he makes many affirmations positive would cost to him much to have a harmonic relation and heals with which in his unconscious one he thinks that she is a sorceress! you imagine! , also I have listened in infinity of very near friendly opportunities requesting to the universe the love to him of their lives, but they cause when them, show ” abiertamente; the men are dogs, or are animal ” , thus very textually, then As the Universe is going to conspire to the profit of the love with similar unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and its heart? Also it happens to the money and the financial success, often the person who does not manage to rise over which we would denominate survival level, is so that in their interior the thoughts about the money are opposed and contradictory with its deep beliefs and values but. That to do then? Like obtaining congruence in mind, words and action? Definitively with the car-observation.

Faculty that we have the human beings to act like quiet witnesses of our thoughts, action and words. It begins to observe your thoughts with respect to a vitally important subject for you. antalos in a newspaper, mainly those subtle ones, those that are constantly bombing your psique and that of as much run, run nor at least it give account to you of which they exist, but are undermining your capacity for the profit of your goals, those thoughts that, the comparison is worth, are like a conditioned air noisy, you are accustomed to the noise and you think that it does not exist, but the noise this there, interfering in your dream. The autoobservacin allows us to put brake to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping in our mind and allows that we maintain the boat directed to good port. The car-observation allows us to take measures and action to heal the internal and external contradictions. The car observation you can practice it through the meditation. But better even, obsrvate constantly, escchate when you speak, observe your thoughts, it observes your actions, and it needs if really there is congruence between which you ask to him to the universe and what beams and you say. #/topic.php?